Expiration Date

Expiration Date

by Eric Wilson


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Your Days Are Numbered…And Clay Ryker Knows It.

Clay Ryker is a man with a dark past and an uncertain future. A failure in both business and marriage, he has come home after a decade away, hoping for a fresh start in the small Pacific Northwest town where he grew up.

But Clay harbors a terrible secret, one that even those closest to him don’t know. When increasingly sinister notes appear in the folds of his morning paper, Clay realizes that the truth is not so secret after all. Then people around him start dying and, with a serial killer on the loose, he discovers a terrible gift: he can foresee the timing of a person’s death–his or her expiration date.

As his newfound ability proves both a blessing and a curse, Clay’s foreknowledge could cost more than he can bear to lose. Working with ex-cop and investigator Vince Turney, Clay has no choice but to face up to the truth of his past. Will he find the courage to overcome an unspeakable evil, one that he himself may have empowered?

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ISBN-13: 9781578567454
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/17/2005
Series: Senses
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 5.54(w) x 8.19(h) x 1.13(d)

About the Author

Eric Wilson is the author of Dark to Mortal Eyes. A bible college graduate, he has a firm understanding of Scripture and doctrine, which he uses as a backdrop for the tough issues in his novels. Eric and his wife live with their two pre-teen daughters in Nashville, Tennessee.

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4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
diana45 More than 1 year ago
Like I always say, I love all of Eric's work. This was probably one of my favorite books from him. It was as always very well written, very interesting, and amazing in general. Highly recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
There were times the story read at a steady pace and at other times was a fast read. Eric Wilson's prose is what kept me interested in finding out what is next. I loved the ending to the story. I do hope there will a sequel. The mystery behind the treasure was left unanswered. There was no closer to the treasure. I enjoyed the book. I look forward to reading Wilson's other books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Expiration Date is Eric Wilson¿s sophomore release. It continues his Sense Series, in which Dark to Mortal Eyes was the first. Clay Ryker returns to Junction City, Oregon trying to start over from a broken marriage, a failed business, and piling debt, only to find himself haunted by the memory of an accident 12 years ago. As he enters town, a young mystic tells him he as a gift, one that he will soon feel. Clay doesn¿t understand what she means, but before the night is over, he knew. As he brushed hands with his mother, hot numbers fire against his skin and are engrained in his mind. What are these numbers? 122521. What do they mean? What kind of gift is this? More numbers come. Clay soon receives a job at the Glenview Monument Company. He soon realizes that these numbers are death dates, Expiration Dates, if you will, of these people. Are these numbers set in stone, or are they preventable? It seems to Clay that they are set in stone. As these numbers become more frequent and the dates loom in the near future, Clay feels inept to stop any of them. Taunted by his past and his failure in life, Clay contemplates his own Expiration Date. Soon, old friends from Dark to Mortal Eyes come into the story. Sarge begins piecing together these Expiration Dates and comes to term with his own past loss. Josie finds that the treasure her grandfather left her could be more than just money. In the mix of Clay¿s story, is the mystery of Engine 418 and its past. The legend of Rasputin and the Romanov¿s play out in this small town. Aided by the unseen, good and evil fight against each other for Clay, for the town of Junction City, and for the future of Mother Russia. It all ends with an unexpected twist. All is not as it seems to be. And more story is left to be revealed. I enjoyed this book greatly. I loved to see the characters from Dark to Mortal Eyes again. This story jumped into the action from the first page and it didn¿t let up till the last. Often, as Christians, we only see the effects of the spirit realm. Eric takes it a bit deeper and allows the reader to experience it first hand. There are Angels and demons working just beyond the veil of our eyes. If we paid more attention to what is happening in the spiritual realm, and headed the call to prayer, things around us would change, lives would be saved, and hearts turned to Christ.
Guest More than 1 year ago
first became aware of Eric Wilson through a link on another novelist¿s website. I clicked over there and was instantly fascinated with the 411 on Eric¿s novels. I saw that he was developing a series based on the five senses. The first one, Dark To Mortal Eyes, was based on sight. Expiration Date was based on touch. Though both intrigued me, Expiration date really snagged me with it¿s tagline. Your number is up and Clay Ryker knows it. How could you not want to know more?! It seems this Clay Ryker is a tortured soul (a favorite concept of mine in any book) with lots of problems. His business, finances and marriage are in shambles. He has to move back home with this folks to a town and a life he thought he was rid of (I could instantly relate to this). To top it all off, he holds on to a dark secret from his past. On the way there, he comes across a woman named Henna who imparts to him a `gift¿. Clay soon learns he now has the ability to know the date of people¿s death with just a touch. As if he didn¿t have enough problems! Meanwhile, there are those within the town who are plotting against Ryker for past sins. Geesh! Eric won¿t give the boy a break. I must admit when I opened the novel to the first page, I was worried. The first few pages are some history about Russia. I won¿t go into the details. You¿ll have to read it for yourself. The reason I was worried about this is I¿m not typically into historical novels. I quickly learned that this was background for a present day story and Wilson weaves this history throughout the novel making it¿s inclusion in the opening pages understandable. I thought it was interesting that I was reading this novel when I was. There¿s been a discussion on the ACFW forums about dialect and such in fiction. The pros and cons and how to pull it off. There are Russian speaking people in this story and Eric gives just enough for you to get the idea of who is and who isn¿t of this people group. I never had to stop and read again any dialogue. Well, done Eric. One thing I wanted to make mention of that I think is really interesting. I¿ve read an interview with Eric where he spoke of some being offended by certain content in this story. See, Eric¿s a Christian and his novels are published by the Christian division of Random House, Waterbrook Press. From the interview I got the feeling Eric committed a couple of no-nos. One, a character uses a slang term at one point which is commonly used in place of a certain profane word. The other, and I imagine, more controversial issue was the inclusion of a gay couple. Holy gasp, Batman!!! I can feel the oxygen leaving your room as I type this! What Eric has experienced, and we¿ve corresponded through email about, is something a lot of Christian authors is experiencing. People seem to indicate they want real stories with real characters. Novelists in the CBA want to provide that, but when they do, there¿s a backlash. Ted Dekker has experience this with his novel, Showdown. It¿s said to be too violent. Never mind the fact that the antagonist in that novel is so evil the antichrist could probably take lessons. Eric¿s use of a slang term and the presentation of a gay couple (though nothing sexual is ever present) is simply being real and I applaud him and Dekker and any other novelist that paints the darkness in true colors and then shines the Light of Christ so bright that darkness is dispelled. Evil men are violent. People even good ones, even Christian ones, sometimes cuss. Homosexuality in all it¿s forms is real. As Christian authors we have, I believe, an obligation to show the darkness for what it is, while maintaining a Christian testimony. I believe Eric has done so with this work of his. There is so much to this novel. And as the body count goes up and the threats become more and more personal this story won¿t let you go. One of the things that got me to read it and kept on reading it was Clay¿s `gift¿. From the first look at the ba
Guest More than 1 year ago
'You want to hear the truth? I know the day you're gonna die.' These words, spoken by the hero of Eric Wilson's sizzling sophomore novel, sets the stage for the entire novel. Clay Ryker can sense your 'Expiration Date' with the touch of a finger. When people start dropping like flies, Clay suspects a sinister plot. Earth's tension between Heaven and Hell. Filled with bone chilling suspense, and mind bogling twists, Expiration Date is sure to ride. I spent many an endless night reading 'just one more chapter.' The pages resonate with wisdome, laughter, and sheer anticipation of 'what happens next?' I was able to put the book down with not only satisfaction, but also a sense of some master plan. It showed that sometimes things transpire that are beyond our control, but we must have faith, and above all trust in one who is higher than ourselves. Eric pulled off a terrific story that is at parts sad, hilarious, and down right creepy with out all the preachiness so common among religious fiction. If you enjoy a multilayered story with an air of mystery that delves into the abyss of the human soul, Expiration Date is a worthy choice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What if by touching someone you could know when they would die? In EXPIRATION DATE, Clay Ryker suddenly finds himself in just that position, and he¿s not sure if it¿s a blessing or a curse. In this second book of Eric Wilson¿s unofficial Senses series, he deftly spins a tale of intrigue while presenting the story of a man whose life is flipping out of control. Having read Eric¿s previous ¿sight¿ book, DARK TO MORTAL EYES, I wasn¿t sure if he¿d be able to produce a ¿touch¿ novel of the same quality. He did. Although starting a bit slower than EYES, I wasn¿t disappointed. And I love the way Eric intersperses history and lore (this time about Russia and the Romanovs) into his stories, right along with the supernatural element we¿re starting to expect in a Wilson thriller. Many of the threads introduced in DARK TO MORTAL EYES are woven through EXPIRATION DATE, as are some of my favorite characters (Josee & Sgt. Turney, for example). By the time I was halfway through the book I started having fun ¿Eureka!¿ moments as pieces of the puzzle missing from EYES fell into place in this novel. However, Eric leaves much room for the continuation of the saga in future stories. So if you haven¿t read DARK TO MORTAL EYES, I¿d suggest picking it up too as you¿ll have a richer experience if you read the books in order, but EXPIRATION DATE can also stand alone. Excellent book! I can¿t wait for the next one.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Clay Ryker left town with a basketball scholarship to the University of Wyoming. Afterward he stayed in state and opened up a successful business and married. In the past year his life collapsed starting with his business and followed by his marriage. --- Twenty-nine years old Clay crawls home to live with his parents in Junction City, Oregon. As a teen Clay witnessed bad eerie things that he shared with no one. Now he touches people and knows their EXPIRATION DATE, when they will die. He begins receiving ugly notes and soon people begin dying just as he predicted. Clay realizes his past has come back and this time he cannot flee as he must face a malevolence residing in a 1917 Russian Rasputin train on display. The human representative of the malicious Consortium wants him dead as a sacrifice to hell. --- EXPIRATION DATE is an intriguing horror tale filled with twists that spin the reader from comfort zones into wondering what next. Clay is a fine character struggling with failure and with the return of the evil he first experienced as a teen. Fans will wonder just who are or perhaps what the Consortium is as Eric Wilson slowly provides insight into this group and their current agents of evil Asgoth and Monde. The Good vs. Evil war is cleverly handled as the Good is far from perfect and in some ways bad.--- Harriet Klausner