Eyewitness to Crucifixion: The Romans, the Cross, and the Sacrifice of Jesus

Eyewitness to Crucifixion: The Romans, the Cross, and the Sacrifice of Jesus

by Stephen M. Miller


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Stephen M. Miller’s journalistic approach to Bible knowledge is fascinating—and has sold over two million copies of his books! Now Miller has set his sights on crucifixion, gathering firsthand testimony from ancient witnesses to discover, What does it really mean that Jesus was executed on a Roman cross? You’ll examine the historical context for your faith as seen through first-century eyes—and draw closer to Jesus in gratefulness, godly sorrow, and awe.

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ISBN-13: 9781640700017
Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing
Publication date: 02/04/2020
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Stephen M. Miller is a seminary-educated, former news journalist who writes easy-reading books about the Bible and Christianity. He’s also a best-selling author, with more than two million copies of his books sold, and the award-winning writer of The Bible: A History. Stephen lives near Kansas City with his wife, Linda, and they have two married children. Find Stephen online at StephenMillerBooks.com.

Table of Contents

Timeline: In the days of crucifixion 8

Preface: You can thank YouTube for this book 11

Timeline: What they said about crucifixion 14

Introduction 17

Part 1 What Romans Said about Crucifixion

Chapter 1 "Worst torture of all" Seneca 31

Chapter 2 "I am a citizen of Rome" Cicero 45

Chapter 3 "Good. We don't have to hang you on a cross" Horace 55

Chapter 4 "Every day, Roman soldiers caught 500 Jews or more" Josephus 59

Chapter 5 "The cross … It's my family tomb" Plautus 71

Chapter 6 Rx for fever: "Take a piece of nail off of a cross" Pliny 77

Chapter 7 "Fixings of witchcraft … flesh still stuck to the nails" Apuleius 83

Chapter 8 "Each criminal … has to carry his own cross" Plutarch 87

Chapter 9 "Sixteen men chained together" Chariton 93

Chapter 10 "Christians have a complete cross" Tertullian 99

Chapter 11 "They were nailed to the cross upside down" Eusebius 103

Chapter 12 "We see the sign of the cross naturally occurring in our world" Marcus Minucius Felix 107

Chapter 13 "Sailors crucified their commanding officer" Livy 109

Chapter 14 "His arms stretched out on a cross" Lactantius 113

Chapter 15 "The soldier … saw that one of the crosses had lost its corpse" Phaedrus 115

Chapter 16 "Laureolus, hanging on a cross, spilled his guts to a Scottish bear" Martial 119

Chapter 17 "Six thousand surrendered. Crassus crucified them all" Appian 121

Chapter 18 "He ordered the man crucified on a cross … painted white" Suetonius 125

Part 2 What Romans Said about Jesus's Crucifixion

Chapter 19 "A wise man called Jesus appeared" Josephus 131

Chapter 20 "They got their name from Christus" Tacitus 147

Chapter 21 The cross: "A perfect altar for these degenerates" Marcus Minucius Felix 153

Part 3 What the Bible Says about Jesus's Crucifixion

Chapter 22 From the trial to the cross to the grave 157

Chapter 23 When Christians started teaching that Jesus died on a cross 179

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