The Facts on World Religions

The Facts on World Religions

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The Facts On series has sold more than 1.9 million copies and continues to provide information, facts, and foundational truths to help Christians understand their faith and their world.

With their extensive knowledge of comparative religion, the Facts On creators explore and compare the basic teachings and practices of the world’s four major belief systems—

  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity

The authors also discuss some less–widespread religions. Readers will discover that Christianity stands alone in the integrity of its divine revelation—the Bible—and in its consistency with history, the natural world, and human experience.

Rerelease with new cover and minor updates.

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ISBN-13: 9780736939126
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 04/01/2009
Series: The Facts On Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 201 KB

About the Author

John Ankerberg, host of the award-winning John Ankerberg Show, has three earned degrees: an MA in church history and the philosophy of Christian thought, an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a DMin from Luther Rice Seminary. He has coauthored the 2-million-selling Facts On series of apologetic books, as well as Taking a Stand for the Bible and Israel Under Fire.

Table of Contents

A World of Religions5
Section IChristianity
1.What are the central beliefs of Christianity?8
2.How did Christianity originate?10
3.Is the founder of Christianity who he claimed to be?13
4.Are the Christian scriptures reliable?16
Section IIIslam
5.What are the central beliefs of Islam?20
6.How did Islam originate?22
7.Is the founder of Islam who he claimed to be?22
8.Are the Muslim scriptures reliable?25
Section IIIHinduism
9.What are the central beliefs of Hinduism?30
10.How did Hinduism originate?31
11.Are the "founders" of Hinduism who they claim to be?32
12.Are the Hindu scriptures reliable?35
Section IVBuddhism
13.What are the central beliefs of Buddhism?40
14.How did Buddhism originate?41
15.Is the founder of Buddhism who he claimed to be?42
16.Are the Buddhist scriptures reliable?44
Section VIssues in Comparative Religion
17.Is all religion good?48
18.Is only one religion fully true?56
19.Are Christians being intolerant or truthful for claiming Christ is the only way?57
20.Conclusion: "Truth or Consequences"?59

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