False Dandelions

False Dandelions

by Randolph Randy Camp


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Set in rural Virginia, 'FALSE DANDELIONS' is a contemporary Southern crime fiction novel filled with romance, small town secrets, broken dreams and murder as locals from Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, including a young disabled Iraq war veteran, stop a misguided band of Washington, DC criminals from setting up shop in their quiet town. When Lamar returned home from Iraq they gave him a hero's welcome but he actually never felt like a true hero until he pulled off his greatest mission ever. A mission that will make this disabled vet a local legend, and a mission that will literally blow you away. Jesse is a rising star but when his mother's body was found in the murky waters of the Rappahannock, he trades his prized guitar for a shotgun. Ever since Turtle was little, he was always somebody's errand boy. Now, twenty years later, he decides to break the mold and that is just the beginning of many mistakes Turtle will make. Randolph Randy Camp's 'FALSE DANDELIONS' is about the lives and dreams of underdogs. When you're stuck in a nowhere place, physically or mentally, you dream of leaving. When you've been a nobody and strive to become somebody, sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don't. Once again, this prolific award-winning writer paints a straight forward picture of contemporary Southern life and reminds us that, regardless of your income or race, there's a touch of Jesse in all of us and there's a little Turtle in all of us. If you like Southern noir fiction then Randolph Randy Camp's 'FALSE DANDELIONS' is an absolute must-read!

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ISBN-13: 9781478273721
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/10/2012
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Outside of writing, Randolph Randy Camp has a compassionate heart to help the under-served youths. Randy is a somewhat quiet, humble man but his heart and spirit is big and very giving, especially to homeless teens and the youths from broken homes. Randy often says, "we gotta help the next generation." Mr.Camp have helped many kids over the years, and he'd repeatedly said "If you are doing something positive then I will help you." During Randy's years in Los Angeles, he became involved with the I HAVE A DREAM FOUNDATION which tells kids in sometimes gang-infested neighborhoods "If you finish high school we will pay for your college or vocational school." The kids in the 'IHAD' programs are called 'dreamers' ,and these dreamers are provided with year-round academic, social, cultural and recreational activities throughout their elementary, middle and high school years. Randy was very enthusiastic about running the 26.2-mile Los Angeles Marathons to help raise funds for the kids in the IHAD programs. Randy was absolutely thrilled by the amount of support and funds he'd received from his friends and coworkers who'd sponsored him not only in the 2003 LA Marathon but also supported and sponsored his efforts the following year in the 2004 Los Angeles Marathon. Randy has often said that besides creating characters and writing, the volunteer work and efforts done to help the youths (dreamers) in the I HAVE A DREAM FOUNDATION was one of his proudest achievements. Two of Randolph Randy Camp's favorite quotes are 'Don't let others define you -- You define yourself!' and 'Don't be afraid to dream BIG!' Currently, Randy resides in Des Moines, Iowa. Randy has five daughters, Christina, Natasha, Melinda, Randie, Ranielle and one son Joshua.

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