Famous Quotations and Revelations: Collector of Quotes

Famous Quotations and Revelations: Collector of Quotes

by G. Julian Walker


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Famous Quotations and Revelations is about wisdom coming from the movies.

The author believes that there is a moral and a comment that goes with all movies, some are redundant, some are novel. This wisdom come in two parts: Serious Wisdom and Funny Wisdom. The latter being the most entertaining. The first part of the book: Famous Quotations are quotes by famous people and famous movies, mostly from the "Old World." People like John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable,etc. Although they are saying the words and I am quoting them; the scriptwriters are the real authors. However, scriptwriters are not as popular as the actors. Naturally, a disclaimer is necessary, since the actors do not necessarily believe in what they are saying in these movies.

The message is sometimes so universally appealing, that the quote may spark an interest in the movie. Thus, required viewing may be homework for the public. However, I assure you it is a "labor of love." Famous Revelations, the second part of the book, consist of quotes from less successful actors, as well as philosophers, authors and just plain old bystanders. The idea is that wisdom is not necessarily a product of the rich and famous. This idea is more of a democratic spirit. Hooray for the home team !

Some of these quotes are quite unusual and the actors in the movies may be as obscure as the actors. Here again, there is an interest created in obscure movies and actors. My dear friends, in my opinion the older you get -- the more obscure are your interests, until you get to be an obscurity yourself, like me.

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