Fangio: A Very Nice Cat

Fangio: A Very Nice Cat

by Joshua Allen

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The main character of Fangio is the Traveler, a twenty-eight-year-old Belgian Canadian woman who leaves on a trip throughout the USA after the death of her best friends father. A dramatic event at her home front forces her to interrupt her trip after six months and fly back to Belgium for just one week. After she returns to the States, suddenly her hometown and its surroundings are startled by a series of killings, not connected to each other at first sight. As a die-hard Stephen king addict, the Traveler is accompanied by his books that inspire and assist her when she has to make decisions. The first half of the book sets all the characters, drags the reader into the world of the Traveler and her entourage. The second half of the book contains the mystery and the action. As I am writing the synopsis myself, it is very hard to boast and use marketing terms in order to make you feel like reading my book. All I can say is that it was written with heart and soul, without the intention even ever to publish. And there must be a reason that since 1997 I didnt write again, until three weeks ago when I was in Romania and I started my second thriller: In Romania, all Bulgarians Are from Texas.

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ISBN-13: 9781504997225
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/27/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 162
File size: 205 KB

About the Author

“Fangio: A Very Nice Cat” was written in 1997. One stormy night, I started writing Fangio as an only option to handle my anger and sadness at that time. It stayed in my drawer since. Over the years, some friends read a copy of the manuscript and told me to publish it. I never found time. Mainly because I recently built two stray dog shelters in Romania, I decided to try to publish it, and any eventual revenues of my book would be spent on my Laika Global Rescue shelter project. My life was defined by three careers: I am a former pilot who, in a strange twist of life, became a video game and software developer, but I also am a lifetime animal activist, so my book is highly autobiographic. Except for the killings, of course ;) At the time I wrote this story, I was a die-hard Stephen King addict, and that is why the quotes and anagrams from his books are a leitmotif throughout Fangio. I started writing the sequel just three weeks ago, where the traveler becomes the warrior.

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