Farewell Jet Lag - Cures from a Flight Attendant

Farewell Jet Lag - Cures from a Flight Attendant

by Christopher Babayode


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At a time when globalization and technology make the world smaller; when it really matters, nothing beats being there yourself. In business and in pleasure presence is where it's at but you can't fly halfway around the world and be fully present if you're jet-lagged. Solving the challenges of jet lag requires mastering healthy flying as a discipline. It is a discipline every flyer with purpose should be conversant with. That journey starts here. Master Productivity No Matter How Much You Travel; Build Vitality and Resilience on the Road; Beat Any Jet Lag Symptom You Have Every Time. Jet lag is not just about how you travel, it's about how you arrive.

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ISBN-13: 9781784520786
Publisher: Panoma Press Limited
Publication date: 01/12/2016
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Christopher is a flight attendant, nutritional therapist and frequent flyer. Having flown for a UK airline on long- and short-haul fleets, he brings knowledge, experience, expertise and insight to this book. He shares the passion to change the way people fly by educating and informing the traveling public on how to travel well and healthily, long term. As a nutritional therapist who can count cabin crew as private clients he has dealt with frequent flying, jet lag and its consequences at their most brutal. At his private jet lag clinic he has seen first-hand the impact frequent flying has on business travelers’ health and productivity. He is also co-founder of Global Business Travel Wellness Advisors (GBTWA).

Table of Contents

Part I


Chapter 1 - What Can Frequent Flyers Learn From Savvy Pilots and Crew?

Chapter 2 - Jet Lag Needs a New Conversation

Chapter 3 - The Determinants of Jet Lag

Chapter 4 - The P.H.A.R.E. Well System of Jet Lag Elimination and Prevention

Chapter 5 - Why the P.H.A.R.E. Well System is an Idea Whose Time Has Come for Frequent Flyers

Chapter 6 - Why Flying Has Changed and So Must You

Chapter 7 - Challenges Unique to Frequent Flyers

Chapter 8 - The Outcomes of a Jetspert

Part II

How to Fly Better Right Now

the P.H.A.R.E. Well Way








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