Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There Devotional: 100 Certain Truths for Uncertain Times

Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There Devotional: 100 Certain Truths for Uncertain Times

by Ruth Graham

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Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy and Ruth Bell Graham, tackles the fear and uncertainty readers confront when facing daunting challenges and times of uncertainty. Graham empathizes with readers who feel inadequate, outnumbered, overpowered, ill-equipped, or even beyond hope. She then leads a discovery of the all-sufficiency of God and his power, demonstrating how to replace fears with hope and anticipation.

Graham writes, “If you are hoping to find within these pages ten steps to greater confidence or positive self-talk for conquering anxiety or how to rise above your challenges to reach your destiny, you won’t find what you are looking for here at all. This book is not about overcoming your shortcomings to build a better you. Growing an unshakable trust in God as you face your tomorrows is not about self-improvement or mastering your circumstances, but about God—who he is, what he does, and why we can trust him.”

Graham writes not from an ivory tower of theological discourse, but from the battlefields of brokenness and recovery. From that vantage point she offers evidence that, whether readers’ frightening tomorrows are self-inflicted, other-inflicted, or simply life-inflicted, they may hold fast to the simple yet powerful truth, Fear not tomorrow, God is already there.

Each chapter explores a distinct attribute of God and an illustration from God’s Word demonstrating each attribute at work in the face of daunting challenges. Then Graham unpacks enlightening encounters of God’s presence and power, impacting the lives of everyday people today. Graham weaves a tapestry of the all-sufficiency of God and his power to enfold our todays and tomorrows in his mighty grip.

Readers will catch sight of his power, learn to rest in his peace, and be filled with anticipation for the future. Fear not tomorrow, God is already there!

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Publication date: 12/01/2009
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About the Author

Ruth Graham is the daughter of the revered American pastor Billy Graham. She has appeared on a variety of radio and television shows, including Good Morning America and Focus on the Family, and is the author of the bestselling book In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart. Graham lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her family.

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An Invitation for You

"Forever, O Lord, Thy word is settled in Heaven. Thy faithfulness continues throughout all generations; Thou didst establish the earth, and it stands. They stand this day according to Thine ordinances, For all things are Thy servants."

Psalms 119:89-91

Those ancient words bring comfort in a world full of uncertainty. We live in uncertain times. It's scary out there. We need only turn on the news, check the balances on our retirement accounts, or look at the brokenness within our own families to be reminded that nothing seems certain. Nothing. But still we long for certainty. We long for something that we can count on. Something to be sure of.

King David, who wrote the above words, lived in an uncertain world. His life was riddled with uncertainty and danger. Family jealousy. Political intrigue. War. Betrayal. Depression. Ridicule. Yet David was secure in the certain knowledge that God was faithful and God's truth eternal. How did he cling to that certain knowledge? Practice. He practiced citing the truth of God's character.

There are certain truths we can take hold of and count on. The verse above tells us that God's word is settled — it is a sure thing. Everything else may seem unsettled, precarious, and uncertain, but God's word is sure.

Through His eternal word we can know His character. We can know He is present with us, will lead us, and will hold us securely; that He has a plan for us and it is good. Such truth cannot only chase away the fears that plague us, but can build courage and strength into our lives. To see such certainties, we have to be looking in the right place. We need to turn our eyes toward the Source of Truth: Absolute Truth.

In theory, that sounds so easy. A pat spiritual answer — just focus on God's truth, found in His word, and our fears will just melt away. So why do I worry and fret? Why is it so hard to trust God during times of uncertainty? Personal experience has shown me a few uncomfortable realities about myself. I have a short memory for truth when the trials of life pile in on me. I suspect you are the same way. So what, then, is the answer? What will help us remember and apply truth to life when we need it? What will help us conquer our fears?


We need to practice God's certain truths over and over again as we meet each new uncomfortable challenge in our lives. Like King David did. Growing in faith is a process — an ongoing lifelong process. It is a choice. A decision we make to take God's truths and apply them to our own life. When fear, worry, and anxiety invade your thoughts and feelings, rather than beating yourself up, recognize that such moments are simply the evidence that God is about to build new faith and strength into your life if only you turn to Him for the wisdom He promises to give to all who ask for it. This is the purpose of this book — to help us consider, focus upon, and practice the certain truths of God.

As I write this, I have just completed the book Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There, in which I explore how to trust God in uncertain times. This devotional, which can be used as a companion or follow-up to that book or as a stand-alone book, has provided me with a way to practice and apply God's certain truths in my own life uncertainties. My hope and prayer is that it does the same for you.

I invite you to focus on God's certain truths in your uncertain times.

Ruth Graham

© 2009 Ruth Graham

Day 1

Welcome God by Name

Those who know Thy name will put their trust in Thee; for Thou, O L ord, hast not forsaken those who seek Thee.

Psalm 9:10

What's in a name? Plenty! We greet one another by name. We introduce people by name. We offer our own names to others when we want to strike up a connection or initiate a conversation. Let's face it. Names matter.

When we read through the Scriptures, we run across whole lists of names. I often wondered why — it makes for rough reading. But God is meticulous about His records and keeping track of names. Names are important to Him. Your name is important to Him.

In Bible times names were significant. They had meaning and were given for a purpose such as a declaration of the parents' desire for a child or as an expression of the parents' convictions or as recognition of divine assistance.

God's names, and there are many, reveal His character. In His Word, God introduces Himself to us through many names: Mighty Creator, Everlasting God, Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, Refuge, and the list goes on. As we come to know His names, we find it easier to put our trust in Him. How can we not trust the One who is the mighty creator, the one who wants the very best for those He made? And what great confidence we can have in One who is everlasting, for though this world and everything in it is temporary, He will never fade away. When we know His names, His character, we want more of Him. We seek Him out. We discover Him.

Did you know that we are told He will not forsake those who seek Him and that while we are seeking, He does not hide? He says, "I love those who love me, and those who diligently seek me will find me" (Proverbs 8.17) He invites us to actively seek Him out. As we do, we will find that we, too, are being sought by the very One we need the most. He will not forsake us — ever.

Take a moment to focus on one of God's names, The God Who Sees Me. I love that name! Imagine throwing open the door of your heart and locking eyes with the God who made you and loves you! His loving gaze looks deeply into who you are and loves you unconditionally. How does that truth speak into your situation today? Anticipate your growing trust in God as you discover His true identity.

Heavenly Father, Thank You that Your names enable me to know Your character and how You relate to me. I confess that I don't seek You as I should, but on this day, Lord, I seek You out and long to know You more fully. I am grateful that You know my name and seek me out. You will never forsake me. Thank You. Amen.

© 2009 Ruth Graham

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Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There Devotional: 100 Certain Truths for Uncertain Times 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"fear not tommorow God is already there" this is an amazing devotional. the storms that are always there that never seem to go away this book always has something special for each day and and what is special to me is the topic that the arthur has writtion about is the one that Iam dealing with on that certain day. It shows that God is always there and how I can bring strength and inpiration into my life to deal with the realitys that I have to deal with. ruth grham has some special scriptures and comments that are very helpful for my life. I will recamend this devotional to my friends and family and will make it for a wonderful gift idea.