Federal Rivers: Managing Water in Multi-Layered Political Systems

Federal Rivers: Managing Water in Multi-Layered Political Systems


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This groundbreaking book provides a comparative perspective on water management and federalism across multiple countries. Through a collection of case studies, this book explores the water management experiences and lessons learned in nine federal countries and China. The territorial division of power in federations, plus the interconnected politics at the national and regional levels, present a classic governance test for waters shared across multiple political jurisdictions. This is increasingly important as democratic transitions have introduced or invigorated federalism across diverse contexts affecting more than 300 major river basins.

Federal Rivers examines both the successes and failures of federal regimes in resolving water conflicts and achieving sustainable water management, particularly within river basins. Case studies across the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia highlight the extent and diversity of federal rivers, identifying alternative pathways to share

risks and make tradeoffs across political jurisdictions.

This book will appeal not only to scholars of resource management and of federalism, but also to practitioners in government, the private sector and international networks with interests in water policy and federalism.

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ISBN-13: 9781781955048
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Publication date: 03/14/2014
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Edited by Dustin E. Garrick, Philomathia Chair of Water Policy, Department of Political Science and W. Booth School of Engineering Practice, McMaster University, Canada, George R.M. Anderson, New York University, US, Daniel Connell and Jamie Pittock, Australian National University

Table of Contents



1. Federal Rivers: A Critical Overview of Water Governance Challenges in Federal Systems

Dustin Garrick, George Anderson, Daniel Connell and Jamie Pittock

2. Climate Adaptation in River Management in a Post-stationary World

Jamie Pittock


3. Federalism and US Water Policy

Andrea K. Gerlak

4. Water Scarcity, Conflict Resolution, and Adaptive Governance in Federal Transboundary River Basins

Edella Schlager and Tanya Heikkila

5. Managing Water in a Federal State: The Canadian Experience

J. Owen Saunders

6. Resilience of River Basin Governance Institutions in the Saskatchewan River Basin of Western Canada

Ted Horbulyk

7. Water Management and Ecosystems: A New Framework in Mexico

Eugenio Barrios

8. Main Challenges and Responses to Federalism and Water Security in Brazil

Ana Carolina Coelho, Benedito Braga, Rodrigo Flecha, Nelson Freitas and Osman F. da Silva


9. River Basin Governance and Water Policies in Spain

José Albiac, Elena Calvo and Encarna Esteban

10. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Re-defining Water Security under Decentralisation in Spain

Elena Lopez-Gunn and Lucia De Stefano


11. Allocating Powers and Functions in a Federal Design: The Experience of South Africa

Mike Muller

12. Meeting the Challenges of Equity and Sustainability in Complex and Uncertain Worlds: The Emergence of Integrated Water Resources Management in the Eastern Rivers of South Africa

Sharon Pollard and Derick du Toit


13. Managing Water in India’s Federal Framework

Rakesh Hooja

14. The Hydro-institutional Challenge of Managing Water Economies of Federal Rivers: A Case Study of Narmada River Basin, India

M. Dinesh Kumar

15. Inter-jurisdictional Water Management in Pakistan’s Indus Basin

Shahid Ahmad, Khalid Aziz and Mujib Khan


16. China’s Political System, Economic Reform and the Governance of Water Quality in the Pearl River Basin

Andre Silveira

17. Watershed Management in Tai Lake Basin in China

Ke Jian

18. China’s Federal River Management: An Example of Han River

Lan Fang


19. The Murray–Darling Basin

Daniel Connell


20. Water Security in Cross-Border Regions: What Relevance for Federal Human Security Regimes?

Carmen Maganda and Harlan Koff

21. Water Resources Management in Federal Systems

George Anderson

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