Fifth-Dimensional Soul Psychology

Fifth-Dimensional Soul Psychology

by David K. Miller


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Greetings. I'm Vywamus. I'm a soul psychologist. In this series of lectures, we will explore the meaning of soul psychology and how it relates to modern psychology More importantly, we will show how soul psychology as a practice is becoming more popular and is an especially useful technique for starseeds and others who are awakening to the fact that there is reincarnation and that there are soul lessons that must be learned. The basic essence of soul psychology rests with the idea that the soul is evolving and that part of this evolution is occurring through incarnations in the third dimension. Now, to even speak about the soul evolving is perhaps a controversial subject because we know that the soul is eternal. We know that the soul has been in existence for infinity, and we know that the soul is perfect. So why would the soul have to evolve? The answer to this question is complex, and we may not be able to totally answer it using third-dimensional terminology. But it is an important question to answer, because the nature of soul evolution is inherently connected to your experiences in the third dimension. The soul, in completing its evolutionary journey, needs these experiences in the third dimension, and it needs to complete the lessons here.

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ISBN-13: 9781622330164
Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
Publication date: 08/28/2014
Pages: 268
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Table of Contents

Dedication and Acknowledgments xi

Preface xiii

Introduction David K. Miller xv

Three Trance States xv

The Trance State in Soul Psychology xvi

Past-Life Therapy xviii

Part I Lectures by Vywamus on Soul Psychology 1

1 Soul Evolution: Vywamus 3

The Greater Purpose 4

The Cosmic Aspect of Your Soul's History 5

Awakening to Your Soul Journey through Psychology 6

Soul History and Soul Lessons 6

A Great Opportunity 7

2 The Nature of the Soul: Vywamus 11

Why Incarnate? 11

Earth Is a Freewill Zone 13

Reincarnating with Soul Groups 15

Cosmic Drama 15

3 Enlightenment: Vywamus 17

Your Spiritual Life Quotient 18

Contraction and Expansion 18

Graduation, Ascension, and Grace 19

Dealing with the Ego 20

4 Earth Soul Evolution and Earth Incarnational Cycles: Vywamus 23

Karmic and Cosmic Justice 23

Understanding from a Higher Perspective 25

Setting Up and Resolving the Lessons 26

Physical Lessons and Problems 26

Unpredicted Lessons 27

The Ego and the Defense Systems 27

Yourself and Society 28

Working with Resistance and Defenses 29

Positive Soul Lessons 30

Unifying the Multidimensional Self 30

5 Soul Psychology and the Ascension: Vywamus 33

Lessons to Learn 34

Using the Principles of Soul Psychology 34

6 Soul Psychology and Planetary Healing 37

7 Soul Group Psychology: Vywamus 39

The Adam Prototype 39

Soul Groups and Packs 40

Open to Your Soul Guides 40

Healing and Separation 41

Leaving a Soul Group 42

8 The Mission: Vywamus 45

Purpose and Mission 45

Your Sphere of Influence 46

Balance, Unity, and Nature of Self 48

Understanding Evil 49

The Overall Purpose 50

A Freewill Zone 51

9 Finding and Learning Soul Lessons: Vywamus 53

You Have Control 55

10 Uncovering the Mystery of the Mental Body: Vywamus 57

The Power of Belief 57

Controlling Your Thoughts 59

Reclaiming Your Mental Body 59

Looking at Core Belief Systems 63

11 Thoughts and Sensitivity: Vywamus 71

12 Dealing with Traumatic Memories from the Soul Perspective: Vywanuvs 75

Detachment 76

Past Trauma 77

A Clean Slate 81

Parallel Lives and Universes 81

Vengeance from Past Lives 82

Negative Cohabitation 83

Soul States and Levels of Self 83

13 Restoring the Self: Vywamus 85

Cosmic Karma 86

Repeating the Past 87

Mormons and Reincarnation 88

Make the Choice 88

Dealing with Spiritual Trauma 89

The Rise of Feminine Energy 90

Learn to Use Your Gifts 91

Money and Spirituality 92

Cycling Lessons 93

Restoring the Self 93

Release Trauma to Restore the Self 94

14 Negative Self-Talk: Vywamus 99

The Power of Self-Talk 100

Vywamus Answers Questions 101

15 The Multidimensional Self: Vywamus 105

Multidimensional Interaction 106

Learning about One Dimension from Another 108

16 The Past Self: Vywamus 109

Why the Past is Important Now 110

Stored Trauma, Denial, and Repression 111

Using Your Defenses 113

Soul Retrieval 113

Making Amends and Disassociating 115

Resolving Past Trauma on Your Own 117

17 The Future Self: Vywamus 121

A Relationship with the Future Is Important 122

18 Soul Inclination and Reincarnation: Vywamus 125

The Soul Lesson and the Freewill Zone 126

Incarnation and Karma 127

Psychic Impressions 128

Accessing Spirit Guides 129

Removing Your Ego 130

The Soul Journey, Directing the Self, and the Warrior Self 131

Discussing the Soul Inclination 131

Levels of Consciousness 132

19 The Relationship between Soul Psychology and Illness: Vywamus 133

Illness Is Karmic in Nature 134

Assessing Illness and Karma 135

Challenges and the Higher Perspective 136

Mental Illness 137

Emotional Illness 137

Questions and Answers 138

20 Schema and Personality: Vywamus 141

Thought Fields and Programs 141

Overcoming the Programmed Self 142

Multiple Selves and Multiple Personalities 143

The Fifth-Dimensional Self 144

Part II Related Channelings From Other Beings 147

21 Intermediaries and Soul Psychology: Juliano and the Arcturians 149

Intermediaries on Earth 150

The Importance of Intermediaries 151

Accessing Your Spirit Guides 152

The Galactic Kachina and New Energy 154

Earth's Halo 156

22 The Nature of Universal Consciousness: Helio-ah and the Arcturians 159

Meditation: Align Yourself with the Central Sun 160

Bringing Down and Stabilizing Harmony 161

Holographic Light 161

How to Link to the Subconscious 163

Transmuting Holographic Energy 164

23 Altered States of Consciousness: Juliano and the Arcturians, Lord Arcturus, and Chief White Eagle 167

Traveling the Star Corridor 169

Lord Arcturus Shares New Spiritual Information 170

Chief White Eagle Joins You in the Star Corridor 172

24 Tools for Reaching Higher Perspectives: Sananda 173

Identifying with Higher Beings 174

Cohabitation with Higher Beings 174

25 Grace: Mary 177

26 Soul Evolution and the Supermind: Juliano and the Arcturians 179

Free Will versus Predetermination or Predestination 180

Antidotes for Predestination 182

Soul Evolution 184

The Uncertainty Principle 186

Meditation: Connect to the Supermind 187

The Planetary Supermind 188

27 Kabbalah and Soul Development: Nabur 191

Tuning into Your Soul Vibrations 191

Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self 193

Opening the Heart and Feeling the Love 195

28 Cosmic Karma: Juliano and the Arcturians 197

It's All for Learning 199

Confronting Cosmic Karma 201

29 The Arcturian Holographic Healing Chamber: Helio-ah 203

The Holographic Principle 203

Advanced Computers 205

You're Invited into the Chamber 206

Getting to the Healing Chamber 207

Dealing with the Blockage 208

Using the Chamber to Heal Past Lifetimes 210

Connect to Your Future Self 211

30 Exercise to Go to the Fifth Dimension: Shimmering: Juliano and the Arcturians 213

31 Expand Your Consciousness by Connecting with Your Spirit Guide: Archangel Michael 217

32 Hypnotherapy and Past-Life Regression Sessions; How They Are Therapeutic from the Perspective of Soul Psychology 219

Case 1 221

Case 2 222

Case 3 223

Case 4 225

Case 5 227

Glossary 231

About the Author 249

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