The Frankish Kingdoms Under the Carolingians 751-987

The Frankish Kingdoms Under the Carolingians 751-987

by Rosamond Mckitterick

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An exciting examination of the entire history of the Carolingian 'dynasty' in western Europe. The author shows the whole period to be one of immense political, religious. cultural and intellectual dynamism; not only did it lay the foundations of the governmental and administrative institutions of Europe and the organisation of the Church, but it also securely established the intellectual and cultural traditions which were to dominate western Christendom for centuries to come.

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Publication date: 10/08/2018
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About the Author

 Rosamond McKitterick

Table of Contents

List of figures.  List of genealogical tables.  List of maps.  Preface.  Acknowledgements.  List of abbreviations.  1. The sources.  2. From major domus to rex francorum: the emergence of the Carolingians.  3. Conquest and consolidation: Pippin III and Charlemagne.  4. The means of ruling.  5. Louis the Pious and the Christian Empire.  6. The foundations of the Carolingian renaissance.  7. Charles the Bald and the defence of Carolingian kingship.  8. Scholarship, book production and libraries: the flowering of the Carolingian renaissance.  9. Normandy, Brittany and Flanders.  10. Odo and the emergence of the Robertians.  11. Learning and monasticism in the tenth century.  12. The last Carolingians
Bibliography of principal sources.  A note on further reading.  Genealogical tables.  Maps.  Index of manuscripts.  General index

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