Fred Jones Tools for Teaching 3rd Edition: Discipline*Instruction*Motivation Primary Prevention of Discipline Problems

Fred Jones Tools for Teaching 3rd Edition: Discipline*Instruction*Motivation Primary Prevention of Discipline Problems

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Dr. Jones describes how highly successful teachers produce orderly, productive classrooms without working themselves to death. This program is the whole package - discipline, instruction and motivation - described in the down-to-earth language of "how to" with plenty of examples for guidance. You will learn how to decrease classroom disruptions, backtalk, dawdling and helpless hand raising while increasing responsible behavior, motivation, independent learning and academic achievement.

Like previous editions, the 3rd edition of Tools for Teaching: Discipline, Instruction, Motivation describes the specific skills of classroom management that increase learning while reducing teacher stress. Taken together, these skills provide the synergy required for both the primary prevention of discipline problems and a dramatic increase in teaching efficiency and time-on-task.


The 3rd Edition includes the latest research on both successful teaching practices and the neuropsychology of skill building, as well as two completely new chapters.

Chapter 8: Say, See, Do Teaching, reviews the ground-breaking work of John Hattie, Ph.D. Dr. Hattie places the extensive outcome research regarding different teaching methodologies onto a common scale so that their effectiveness can be directly compared. Many of the sacred cows of education do not fair so well, whereas variations of Say, See Do Teaching do extremely well.

Chapter 20: Teaching Skills Efficiently, reviews the latest finds of neuropsychology concerning the amount of work needed to create mastery. Once again Say, See, Do Teaching leads the way. This new research provides critical information for teachers when making decisions about how to teach a given lesson.

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ISBN-13: 9780965026352
Publisher: Fredric H Jones & Associates, Inc
Publication date: 08/30/2013
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Fred Jones Tools for Teaching 3rd Edition: Discipline*Instruction*Motivation Primary Prevention of Discipline Problems 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ReadingtolearnNC More than 1 year ago
In concise, easy to read and enjoyable text, this book outlines the issues that many teachers face in their classrooms today with management. Jones is so plain-spoken and his text so compelling that I stayed up until the wee hours working my way through it. The very next day, I put Jones' ideas to work in my classroom. A bonus feature are the color cartoons sprinkled throughout the text. They are oh, so true and oh, so funny. With his color-coded zones of desk arrangements and cautionary tales about teaching from the desk, (impossible, he says, and he's right,) Jones will clarify all the places that teachers need to tighten up. I laughed out loud at his description of the "helpless handraisers." Any teacher knows that student. You go over the instructions. You repeat what they're supposed to do four times. You ask them questions about what they will do. You ask if they have any questions. The minute you say, "Get to work," the helpless handraiser's arm shoots into the air. "Teacher, what I am supposed to do?" they ask. Jones has an answer for the helpless handraisers, the student who sharpens his pencil 12 times a day and all the other aggravating, fatigue-creating behaviors that students use to get out of work. This is not a system, does not require extensive paperwork, is easy to remember and it works. Along with "First Days of School" and "Teaching with Love and Logic", this is a must-read for any teacher or student teacher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago