Freed Bird: Dancing from Flower to Fruit

Freed Bird: Dancing from Flower to Fruit

by Shavannah Angelique


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Freed Bird: Dancing from Flower to Fruit is a journey told through poetry and prose, beginning in heartbreak and ending in a place of solace and love. Together we'll discover that we can accomplish peace if we turn our love inward. We find that when we fill ourselves with love, we will never experience heartbreak to such a devastating extent because love will never be lost again - as it is within us all, and will always remain. Each poem represents a point in the path from hurt to healing.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781952320330
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/26/2020
Pages: 140
Sales rank: 107,143
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Shavannah Angelique is a writer whose debut poetry collection, Freed Bird: Dancing from Flower to Fruit, begins a new chapter in her life, while making peace with another. She has always been studious and by the book, until one day her love of writing decided to discard the rules and make sense of the world in the only way she knew how -writing out all of the questions and finding her own answers along the way. When she is not diving into poems late into the night, she has recently graduated from college and works to support her two children, the freest birds she's ever seen.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Chapter 1 Falling 1

Terrible shame 3

4 AM 4

"I" is for 5

Two lovers 6

Red-handed 7

Skeptical Flowers 8

Empty 9

Shattered 10

Please don't make me 11

Co-exist 12

Desperate love 13

s.a.d 14

(unnamed) 15

This is my home 17

Done is me 18

Read me 19

Carvings 20

He knows 21

Panic attack 23

September 25

Immensely, Wholly, Beautifully 26

Nightmares 27

Non-reactive 28

I'm alright 29

Happy 30

Fly in love 31

Chapter 2 Birds of a Feather 35

Darkness & the moon 37

Ice cream 38

Sleep tonight 39

I will never be him 40

Run away 41

Crashing into you 42

Broken knows broken 43

Peace in you 44

Tell Him 45

Relax 46

Fight I 47

Dude 48

Bug 49

You were like poetry 50

Sage and the moon 51

Brown eyes 52

Comfortable 53

Oh mama 54

Dreamer 55

If we brushed hands 56

Deep brown eyes 57

Tiptoe 58

Bags 60

I wish to find words 61

San Diego 62

Chapter 3 Renewal in the Silence 67

Inhale 69

L-O-V-E 70

Sky's Garden 71

5 minutes 72

What is done in love 73

Our song 74

Neptune 75

Existence 76

Sunflower 77

Ladylike 78

Solace I 80

Stop Time 81

Home 82

Breathe again 83

Dandelions 84

Colorado Springs 85

Sunset Beach 86

Solace II 87

I wish you words 88

Ready, Set… On 3 89

Chapter 4 Freed Bird 93

Like nature 95

Kitchen floor 96

I wanted me back 97

Fight II 98

Forgiveness 100

You matter 102

Hair dye 103

Capital R 104

Self-love 106

Never say never 107

My love is mine 108

9:00-5:00 109

Midnight tides 110

Priceless 111

Never again 113

I fell in love with you 114

Power 115

Lovers & Dreamers 118

Epilogue 123

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