From Idea to Exit: The Entrepreneurial Journey

From Idea to Exit: The Entrepreneurial Journey

by Jeffrey Weber

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While most small business books cover niche components of the start-up model, From Idea to Exit takes a more comprehensive approach, tackling the entire entrepreneurial journey from the initial seed idea through a well-planned exit strategy. Through a persuasive narrative, the author draws from his own success a practical call to action for those who dream of taking that first big step.

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ISBN-13: 9781621534181
Publisher: Allworth
Publication date: 10/08/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 263,389
File size: 987 KB

About the Author

Jeffrey Weber founded a high-growth business focused on enterprise software licensing in 1995. His startup earned a ranking on Inc. magazine s list of the 500 Fastest Growing Private U.S. Companies for two years in a row. In 2006, Jeff successfully positioned his company for sale to a Fortune 100 corporation. That experience became the impetus for his book From Idea to Exit. He lives in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

A Brief Travel Story 1

The From Idea to Exit Framework 3

So What Can This Book Do for You? 5

Phase I The Idea 7

Chapter 1 Being an Entrepreneur 11

Innovating the Future 12

Destroying the Status Quo and Taking Risks 14

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur 17

Walking the Path of the Revolutionary or the Replicative 20

The Power of the Entrepreneur 23

Chapter 2 Activating the Entrepreneur 25

Unlocking the I.D.E.A 28

Assessing Your Situation 31

Weighing Your Opportunity 32

Jumping In 35

Chapter 3 Mastering the Risk Box 39

Facing Your Fears 40

Risk Breaking Versus Risk Taking 42

Deconstructing Your Risk Box 45

Seeing the Opportunity in Risk 50

Moving Out of the Risk Box and into Your Future 51

Chapter 4 Entrepreneurial Exercises 55

Legal Exercises 56

Resource Exercises 57

Financial and Funding Exercises 59

Operational Exercises 59

Feasibility Analyses Exercises 60

Passing through the Gate 63

Phase II Startup

Chapter 5 Positioning Your Startup for Success 69

Seeing through the Statistical Gloom 70

Navigating around the Top Four Startup Pitfalls 72

Still Want to Do It? I Thought So 81

Chapter 6 Planning for Success 83

Taking a Deep Breath before You Begin 86

Pulling Together the Plan 87

Planning for the Long Haul 94

Drawing on Your Desire, Effort, and Ability-At Work and at Home 96

Chapter 7 Mastering Your Money 99

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Debt 100

Selling the Idea: It's Up to You 103

Targeting a Funding Source 104

Creating a Money Management Plan 106

Living the Innovative Life of a Frugal-Preneur 108

Chapter 8 Bringing on Partners and Employees 113

Avoiding the Four Worst Candidates for Startup Partnership 115

Forging Successful Partnerships 118

Growing with My Partners-And My Business 123

Developing a Winning Team 126

Phase III Running 129

Chapter 9 Leading Your Business 131

Following the 10 Principles of Leadership 132

Delegating with Authority 138

Building a Culture of Ethics and Honesty 140

Following Your Passions without Getting Lost in Them 142

Walking the Path of Entrepreneurial Leadership 143

Evolving as a Leader-And as an Entrepreneur 145

Chapter 10 Selling, Selling, Selling 147

Finding the Right Formula: The Sales Maxim 147

Adding It All Up 152

Selling Your Passion 154

Chapter 11 Building a Culture of Innovation 159

Mining Innovation in Every Form 160

Leveraging Your Idea Agents 163

Driving Change 166

Growing the Innovation Garden 173

Promoting Ongoing Innovation for Ongoing Growth 179

Chapter 12 Scaling for Growth 183

Planning to Scale 184

Adjusting Your Strategy for Scaling 185

Scaling Your Finances as You Scale Your Business 188

Maturing Along with Your Business 191

Scaling Successfully, Ethically, and Honestly 193

Phase IV Exit 197

Chapter 13 Knowing When It's Time to Go: An Entrepreneur's Top Ten 199

1 The Thrill Is Gone 200

2 The Marketplace Is Changing 201

3 Risk Has Become a Four-Letter Word 202

4 A Change Would Be Good for the Family 202

5 There's an Unprecedented Seller's Market 203

6 An Eager Buyer Has Offered a Cash Deal 203

7 The Business Is Growing 204

8 The Business Is Flat 204

9 Managing People Has Worn You Out 205

10 You Have Compelling Personal Reasons for Selling 206

Putting Your Exit Plan into Action 207

Chapter 14 Putting Your Business on the Market 211

Positioning for the Transition 212

Preparing for the Sale 216

Playing Your Cards Wisely 219

Chapter 15 Negotiating and Closing the Deal 223

Establishing Your Organization's Worth 225

Using the Negotiations Worksheet, Step by Step 230

Surviving Due Diligence 237

Announcing the Sale 239

Sailing On 240

Epilogue 245

Notes 249

Selected Bibliography 253

Index 255

About the Author 261

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