Full Moon [UK Bonus Track]

Full Moon [UK Bonus Track]

by BrandyBrandy

CD(Bonus Tracks)

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Brandy built her stardom on a few well-timed singles, but she never really delivered albums that fulfilled her promise as a frontwoman. Full Moon, her third album, comes the closest to being a full-fledged, well-rounded album, as well as establishing her personality as a singer. That's not to say this album is as fiercely independent or adventurous as Aaliyah's last album, or even efforts by Blu Cantrell and Toya, but it's the most assured, risky album Brandy has yet recorded, the one that suggests that she is more than an appealing young personality who is as effective on record as she is on made-for-TV movies. Full Moon still has some flaws common to contemporary urban soul records -- namely, it's too lengthy, filled with songs that are just there to ensure that the album runs close to 70 minutes, giving some listeners the impression they're getting more bang for their buck; apart from that, the record can be a little too even-keeled and samey -- but it's professionally performed and expertly pitched at the mainstream, with just enough beats to make it seem fresh, yet those very rhythms are polished but always enough to keep the entire enterprise safe and non-threatening. That, of course, means that Full Moon is perched perfectly between the interesting and the mundane and is in equal parts either. Since she's pushing slightly harder to be mature, it's a little more mature and consistent than her previous albums, but each step forward feels measured and calculated -- not necessarily a bad thing, but something that's noticeable as the album stretches on and on over its 17 tracks. There are plenty of moments here that are seductively smooth and even the filler goes down smoothly, but when it's finished, Brandy seems no more distinctive than she did when it started, so it's no wonder that even its triumphs seem muted.

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Release Date: 04/16/2002
Label: Atlantic Uk
UPC: 0075679311023
catalogNumber: 793110

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Brandy   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Charles Veal   Strings
Keith Crouch   Multi Instruments
Larry Gold   Cello
Kimbo   Violin
Robin Ross   Strings
Marston Smith   Strings
Edward Green   Strings
Benjamin F. Wright   Strings
Lila Kazakova   Strings
Thomas Tally   Strings
Lori Andrews   Strings
Michele Nardone   Strings
Suzie Katayama   Conductor
Ray J   Vocals,Background Vocals
Stuart Brawley   Piano
Gerald Heyward   drum overdubs
Eugene Mechtovich   Strings
Zheng Wang   Strings
Patrick Morgan   Strings
Isaac Phillips   Guitar
Warryn Campbell   Multi Instruments
Blake English   Guitar
Joe "Flip" Wilson   Organ,Piano,Wurlitzer
Jason Derlatka   Piano
Yi-Huan Zhao   Strings
Jubu   Guitar
Mark Casillas   Strings

Technical Credits

Jeremy Lubbock   String Arrangements
Keith Crouch   Engineer
Reginald Dozier   Engineer
Clare Fischer   String Arrangements
Larry Gold   String Arrangements,String Conductor
Guy Roche   Arranger,Producer
Jon Smeltz   Engineer
Brandy   Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Vocal Producer
Benjamin F. Wright   String Arrangements
Ray J   Creative Consultant
Thomas Bricker   Art Direction
Dexter Simmons   Pro-Tools
Craig Kallman   Executive Producer
Stuart Brawley   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Gerald Heyward   Drum Fills
Paul Foley   Engineer
Mike City   Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Vocal Producer
Marc Baptiste   Cover Photo
Alexander Greggs   Pro-Tools
Ron Shapiro   Executive Producer
Warryn Campbell   Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Vocal Producer
Jim Bottari   Engineer
Blake English   Engineer
Jason Derlatka   Programming,Producer
Fred "Uncle Freddie" Jerkins   Composer
Thor Laewe   Engineer

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