Fun with String: A Collection of String Games, Useful Braiding and Weaving, Knot Work and Magic with String and Rope

Fun with String: A Collection of String Games, Useful Braiding and Weaving, Knot Work and Magic with String and Rope

by Joseph Leeming

Paperback(Revised ed.)



If you want to know what you can do with string, you need look no further. This book gives more than 150 delightful and practical uses carefully selected from magicians' and seaman's manuals, craft books, accounts of native games, and other widely scattered sources. Ranging from tricks and games to serious knotwork and netting, they will keep you entertained while opening up a host of new crafts and recreational areas.
For those interested in magic and party games, 32 tricks, including escapes, dissolving loops and the cut and restored string, are described. A section on some 70 knots, with all the standard knots and many special ones, will be especially helpful when decorative or ornamental effects, extra strength, speed or other special requirements are called for. For craftspeople, a special section on squareknot work, one of the traditional sailors' crafts, tells how to get started and how to make such projects as belts, ties, hammocks, a tennis net, and a fish net. Other craft sections tell how to make rugs, chains, a rope tree climber, small weaving articles and other useful items, and how to do braiding — three and four strand, round, square, spiral, and flat — for a number of other projects. A final section introduces some of the finest examples of string figures from native cultures all around the world.
Anyone who works with yarn, thread, rope or other forms of string will want this book for the handicraft areas it introduces and for the many tricks and games it provides with which to entertain one's friends. The recreations and serious uses will provide readers, both young and old, with many hours of interest and entertainment.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780486230634
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 11/02/2011
Series: Dover Children's Activity Books Series
Edition description: Revised ed.
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)
Age Range: 8 - 14 Years

Table of Contents

Magic with String and Rope
The Dissolving String
Hand in Pocket
The Two Captives
The Cut and Restored String (1)
The Cut and Restored String (2)
The Magic Loops
Fingers and Thumbs
The Nose and String Trick
The Ring and String Trick
The Scissors and String Trick
The String in the Buttonhole
The Dissolving Knot
The Laced Fingers
The String through the Fingers
The Magically Tied Knot
The String and Straw Trick
String from Nowhere
Through the Fingertips
The Ring Magically Knotted on a String
The Vanishing Knots
The Knotted Rope
The Decapitation Rope Trick
The Dissolving Loops
The Chevalier Rope Escape
The Bound-wrist Rope Escape
The Thumb-tie Escape
The Great Chair Escape
The Neck and Knee Rope Tie
The Behind-the-Back Rope Tie
Dissolving Knots
The Twentieth-Century Rope Tie
The Chair Rope Tie
"Knots, Splices, and Fancy Knot Work"
Elementary Knots
Half Hitch
Overhand Knot
Figure-eight Knot
Stevedore's Knot
Knots for Joining Two Ropes Together
Square Knot or Reef Knot
Surgeon's Knot
"Sheet Bend, Weaver's Knot, or Becket Bend"
Double Sheet Bend
Becket Hitch
Heaving Line Bend
Carrick Bend
Hawser Bend or Half Hitch and Seizing Bend
Reeving Line Bend
Bowline Bend
Fisherman's Knot or Englishman's Knot
Double Fisherman's Knot
Knots for Securing Ropes to Rings or Spars
Clove Hitch
Timber Hitch
Timber Hitch and Half Hitch
Two Half Hitches
Killick Hitch
Rolling Hitch
Magnus Hitch
Lifting Hitch or Well-pipe Hitch
Fisherman's Bend or Anchor Bend
Studdingsail Halyard Bend
Studdingsail Tack Bend or Topsail Sheet Bend
Slippery Hitch
Lark's Head
Treble Lark's Head
Blackwall Hitch
Bill Hitch
Knots Used to Make a Loop or Noose
Bowline on a Bight
Spanish Bowline
Double Bowline
Running Bowline
"Slip Knot, Slip Noose, or Running Knot"
Crabber's Eye Knot or Crossed Running Knot
Buntline Hitch
Fisherman's Eye Knot or True Lover's Knot
Half Hitch and Seizing
Midshipman's Hitch
The Clinch
Outside Clinch
Inside Clinch
"Hackamore, Jar Sling, or Jug Sling"
Masthead Knot or Jury Knot
Tomfool Knot
Shamrock Knot or Japanese Masthead Knot
Artillery Knot or Man-harness
Knots Used for Shortening a Rope
Man-of-War Sheepshank or Knotted Sheepshank
Overhand Knot for Shortening a Sling
Ornamental and Other Knots
Three-Strand Turk's Head
Four-Strand Turk's Head
English Diamond Knot
Monkey's Fist
Crown Knot
Wall Knot and Double Wall Knot
Wall and Crown Knot
Double Wall and Crown or Man-rope Knot
Matthew Walker Knot
Double Matthew Walker Knot
Lanyard Knot
Diamond Knot
Whipping and Seizing
Round Seizing
Flat Seizing
Racking Seizing
Short Splice
Long Splice
Eye Splice
How to Make a Grommet
Square-knot Work
How Square-knot Work Is Done
Making Successive Rows
Pointing Square-knot Work
Spiral Formations
Open Mesh Work
Half-Hitch Work
Length of Strands
Tension Hooks
Square-knot Belts
Square-knot Shade Pulls
Square-knot Neckties
Square-knot Centerpiece
Square-knot Handbag
Netting and Simple Knot-work
A Netted Cord Hammock
A Tennis Net
Knotted Bags
A Portiere
A Tied or Knotted Cord Hammock
A Fish Net
Useful Things Made from Rope and String
Clothes-rope Rugs
Spool Knitting
Watch-chains Made of String
Flat Plaited Cord Belts
How to Cut a String withotu Knife or Scissors
A Rope Tree Climber
An Anti-slam Device
Wrought Mats
Indian Belts
How to Make and Throw a Lariat
A Cardboard Loom for Weaving
A Hand-woven Bag
Hand-woven Mats
A Doll's Hammock
A Circular Mat and Tam-o'-Shanter
Tablet Weaving
Daisy Mats
A Pillow Top
Simple Three-Strand Braiding
Three-Strand Solid Braiding
Four-Strand Spiral Braiding
Four-Strand Square Braiding
Four-Strand Round Braiding
Four-Strand Braiding over Double Strands
Flat Braiding with Five or More Strands
Eight-Strand Round Braiding
Round Braiding over a Band
Braided Bracelets and Rings
A Braided Dog Leash
A Braided Whistle Lanyard
Braided Jute Yarn Sandals
Rugs Made of Braided Jute Yarn
String Games and Figures
String Games and Figures
General Instructions
A Fish Spear
An Outrigger Canoe
Man on a Bed
Carrying Wood
The Caribou
An Eskimo House and Two Eskimos Running Away
The Tern
A Man Climbing a Tree
An Apache Door
The Fighting Headhunters
The Leashing of Lochiel's Dogs
The Setting Sun
Osage Indian Diamonds
Bagobo Diamonds
The Sea-cow or Dugong
Cheating the Hangman
The Sawmill

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