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Jones & Bartlett Learning
Fundamentals Of Computer Science Using Java / Edition 1

Fundamentals Of Computer Science Using Java / Edition 1

by David HughesDavid Hughes
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Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java uses an object-based appro ach to the introduction of Computer Science using Java as the programm ing language. The book is example-based with approximately 50 complete ly worked examples. The use of a Turtle Graphics library allows early examples and exercises to be interesting while still simple. The use o f a basic I/O library allows I/O without having to deal with exception s and formatting, as would be the case in the standard library.

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ISBN-13: 9780763717612
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 01/11/2002
Edition description: 1E
Pages: 525
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Computing Fundamentals1
1.1A Brief History of Computing3
1.2Computer Systems8
1.3Data Representation11
1.4Computer Software13
1.5Software Development15
1.6Social Issues21
Chapter 2Java Programs29
2.2Turtle Graphics36
2.4Looping--The Countable Repetition Pattern42
2.5Execution of Java Programs49
Chapter 3Computations55
3.4Assignment Statement68
3.5Modifying Earlier Examples77
Chapter 4Methods85
4.1Methods and Abstraction86
4.2Simple Methods87
4.3Methods with Parameters96
4.4Function Methods109
4.5Testing and Debugging with Methods116
4.6Methods, Scope, and Visibility118
Chapter 5Input and Output129
Chapter 6Control Structures163
6.1The while Statement164
6.2The Break Statement174
6.3The if Statement180
6.4The for Statement198
6.5Other Control Structures202
6.6Testing and Debugging with Control Structures206
Chapter 7Primitive Types215
7.1The boolean Type216
7.2The char Type228
Chapter 8Classes249
8.1Classes Revisited250
8.2Class Behavior251
8.3Data Abstraction252
8.4Information Hiding265
8.5Designing for Reuse267
Chapter 9Software Development275
9.1The Development Process276
Chapter 10Strings317
10.1String Objects318
10.2String I/O320
10.3The String Class324
10.4StringTokenizer Class332
Chapter 11Arrays341
11.1Creating Arrays342
11.2Array Processing346
11.3Arrays and Methods356
11.4Random Processing of Arrays360
11.5Processing String Data as Array of char363
11.6Multidimensional Arrays375
Appendix AInstruction Processing391
Appendix BJava Syntax397
Appendix CProgramming Patterns415
Appendix DGlossary441
Appendix ECustom Packages477
Appendix FAnswers to Review Questions501
Appendix GAdditional Reading503

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