Gaia School of Awakening: Book One (The Secret Realm, #1)

Gaia School of Awakening: Book One (The Secret Realm, #1)

by E. O. Worth

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Earth's pollution is destroying its twin realm, Alpha. 
It may already be too late ...

Determined Andréa Ramirez: An athlete from Argentina, ends up in America after her family's farm burns down. All she ever dreamed of was becoming the fastest Latina runner in the world. 

Intuitive Cora O'Neil: An academic genius, future entrepreneur, and an activist with Friends of Earth-Ireland, has dreams of saving the world through green industry.

Charming TJ Washington: A street-wise teen, working to survive and help support his family, is determined to change their impoverished circumstances in N.Y.C.

TJ, Andréa, and Cora are unaware that they carry the indigo gene and are key players in an ancient prophecy. 

During a hurricane, the teens find themselves transported to Earth's twin realm, Alpha, where life as they knew it is gone forever. To get back home, they have to learn to navigate their new environment while acquiring a substance they know nothing about.  Just how high a cost will each have to pay to get back home?

The journey is just beginning ...

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BN ID: 2940156081257
Publisher: Zimbell House Publishing
Publication date: 11/06/2018
Series: The Secret Realm , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Ms. Worth appreciates, respects, and reveres all our relations, and is a force of nature. Connecting with the wolves, swimming with dolphins, planting milkweed for monarch butterflies, and making soil connects her to the earth. Each bare footstep on the dirt nourishes her soul, no matter where in the world she happens to be.

Life as a military wife meets her need to travel while being a guardian for Gaia, mother earth. In her heart, she believes humans are connected to the four-legged, the creepy crawlers, the finned, the furred, and the winged ones.

She has decided her mission is to help the two-legged remember. She believes earth gives us all life and is the one thing we all share.

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Gaia School of Awakening: Book One (The Secret Realm, #1) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ReadersFavorite 3 months ago
Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite The Secret Realm by E.O. Worth is the first book in the Gaia School of Awakening series. Three friends seek shelter from a storm, only to be whisked away to another world called Alpha. This place is suffering from Earth's pollution and has put their hope in a prophecy that says only these three can prevent the world's destruction. Cora, Andrea, and TJ must band together and put their differences aside if they are to discover their destiny and find their way back home. The most prominent theme focuses on the environment. Pollution is the biggest commentary explored as its harmful effects have put this world (and earth) at risk while also being what caused these magical beings to go extinct on earth many years ago. Worth opens up a discussion about climate change with various characters who have different beliefs about how to act towards it. The prophecy weaves throughout the story as the three friends have to live up to this destiny they're presented with while Worth explores various people who do and don't believe the prophecy is real and can make a difference. The friends face various dangers that make up an epic quest before the story segues into a school setting. The creeds and lessons taught encourage the students and readers to leave behind a better world, to create harmony with each other, and to take responsibility. Each lesson is derived from a message of peace and change. An assortment of characters appears along the way with minotaurs, dragons, selkies, gnomes, talking animals, and more that play into how the story progresses. The three friends have distinctive and vivid personalities with each having their own role and with their own destiny to achieve. Each is fighting their own demons and issues which affect their dynamics with each other. This includes some relationship drama as unrequited feelings and anger cause some tension between them. They're ordinary youngsters who have flaws and who can make a change if they choose to do so. The Secret Realm is a magical adventure that focuses on the fight for the environment with a commentary on pollution, extinction, and climate change while exploring a story of friendship, destiny, and the struggle to save the world.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Passion for the planet sores off the pages, as we journey with TJ, Andréa and Cora, who have to pretend to be human to survive on a twin realm of Earth, called Alpha. The Secret Realm is a magical adventure that focuses on the fight for the environment, a mix of world mythology, ancient religions, while keeping readers entertained, and imagination flowing. It is a story of friendship, destiny, and what it means to be a whole human, and how we are all interconnected with nature. An excellent read!