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ISBN-13: 9780737733532
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 05/11/2007
Series: Opposing Viewpoints Series
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?     11
Introduction     14
How Does Legalized Gambling Affect Society?
Chapter Preface     20
Legalized Gambling Hurts Communities$dFor Faith & Family     22
Legalized Gambling Benefits Communities   Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.     30
Legalized Gambling Has a Negligible Effect on Communities   Phineas Baxandall   Bruce Sacerdote     37
Indian Gaming Benefits Tribes   Dave Palermo     47
Indian Gaming Hurts Tribes   Candi Cushman     54
Periodical Bibliography     63
How Should the U.S. Government Respond to Internet Gambling?
Chapter Preface     65
Internet Gambling Should Be Banned to Protect Children   Spencer Bachus     67
Internet Gambling Should Be Curbed to Protect the Economy   Ryan D. Hammer     72
Internet Gambling Should Be Regulated, Not Banned   David Carruthers     80
Banning Internet Gambling Will Not Stop It   Radley Balko     85
A Government Ban on Internet Gambling Is Hypocritical$dFroma Harrop     90
Periodical Bibliography     94
Is Compulsive Gambling a Problem?
Chapter Preface     96
Compulsive Gambling Is a SeriousProblem$dHarvard Mental Health Letter     98
The Problem of Compulsive Gambling Is Exaggerated   Dan Seligman     104
Compulsive Gambling Is a Growing Problem Among Teenagers   Mark Alden   James Silver     110
Teenage Gambling Has Generated Undue Backlash   Maryann Guberman     116
Casinos Foster Compulsive Gambling   Steve Friess     121
Casinos Are Helping Curb Compulsive Gambling   Liz Benston     127
Periodical Bibliography     133
How Are Lottery Innovations Affecting Society and the Gaming Industry?
Chapter Preface     135
Video Lottery Terminals Are Addictive and Destructive   Sol Boxenbaum     137
Video Lottery Terminals Provide Economic Benefits for States$dFox Butterfield     143
Racinos Benefit the Horse-Racing Industry   Greg Melikov     150
Racinos Hurt the Horse-Racing Industry   Joe Bob Briggs     156
Periodical Bibliography     163
For Further Discussion     164
Organizations to Contact     167
Bibliography of Books     175
Index     180

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