Garage Beat '66, Vol. 1: Like What, Me Worry?!

Garage Beat '66, Vol. 1: Like What, Me Worry?!


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Sundazed's Garage Beat '66 series of mid-'60s garage rock takes much the same approach as hundreds, if not thousands, of such compilations that have been issued since the late '70s. Each volume has an assortment of tracks from all over North America, many of them rare, none of them national hits, and most of the acts known only within their region, if at all. The emphasis is on raw, fuzzy outrage, often inspired by (but not as polished as) the more R&B-aligned end of the British Invasion. It's not as good as the Nuggets box set (in part because it's lacking in pop hooks as strong as those that made many of the Nuggets selections actual hits), and not as good as the best of the many sub-Nuggets comps of '60s garage. It's better than the average '60s garage rock anthology, though, in part because unlike virtually all other such animals, the tracks are mastered from the original sources, and the liner notes include copious commentary on each selection by garage rock authorities. So if you're the kind of fan likely to collect such stuff, although you may well already have items like 006's "Like What, Me Worry," the Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2's "I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)," and the Sparkles' "Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help)" elsewhere, you may well not have them in as good fidelity as they boast here. While the songs do tend toward basic bluesy teen rants, there's room for some eclecticism, particularly in the inclusion of John Hammond's cover of Billy Boy Arnold's "I Wish You Would" from a 1966 single (with Bill Wyman on bass and Robbie Robertson on guitar, and a different version than the one that appears on his album So Many Roads); Matthew Moore Plus Four's garage-folk-rock cover of Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Codyne (She's Real)"; and Words of Luv's version of an obscure P.F. Sloan folk-rocker, "I'd Have to Be Outta My Mind." The no-holds-barred absurdity of the aforementioned "I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)" and the crunching soul-rock-pop of the Sparkles' "No Friend of Mine" stick out as the highlights, however.

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Release Date: 04/27/2004
Label: Sundazed Music Inc.
UPC: 0090771113924
catalogNumber: 11139
Rank: 56863

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Hammond   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Doc Watson   Vocals
Robbie Robertson   Guitar
Bill Wyman   Bass
Rob Landes   Keyboards
Dan Dalton   Autoharp,Tambourine,Background Vocals
Billy Alessi   Guitar,Vocals
Bobby Alessi   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Brown   Drums
Ronnie Darling   Vocals
Ric Eiserling   Guitar
Lucky Floyd   Drums,Vocals
Ray Fowler   Vocals
Steve Fox   Piano,Vocals
Kelly Green   Organ,Bass
Art Guy   Drums
Dennis Keller   Vocals
Steve La Fever   Bass
John McGee   Guitar,Vocals
Kenny McGee   Background Vocals,12-string Guitar
Daniel Moore   Guitar,Background Vocals
Matthew Moore   Harmonica,Vocals,Background Vocals
Gary P. Nunn   Rhythm Guitar,farfisa organ
Charles "Honeyman" Otis   Drums
Fred Sanders   Bass,Background Vocals
Bobby Earl Smith   Bass
John Tuttle   Drums
E.E. Wolfe   Bass
Alex Valdez   Drums,Vocals
Hap Blackstock   Bass,Vocals
Eddie Burton   Guitar,Background Vocals
Robert J. Sturtcman   Guitar,Vocals
Russ Sturtcman   Drums
Michael Knust   Guitar
Eddie Roybal   Drums
Bill Peck   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Paul Canella   Guitar
Ernest Gonzales   Bass
Louie Holt   Guitar
Carl Aldrich   Keyboards,Vocals
Mike Astor   Drums
Jerry Berke   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Teddy Byczk   Drums
Greg Church   Bass
Gene Dorns   Bass
Don Drodge   Bass
Jimmy Flowers   Bass
Eddie Garcia   Rhythm Guitar
Marty Gish   Vocals
Terry Grimm   Drums
Chuck Hamrick   Drums
Danny Houlihan   Vocals
Larry Inks   Guitar
John Kielnik   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Bobby Land   Organ,Vocals
Mike Layden   Guitar
Tony McGuire   Guitar,Vocals
Oliver McKinney   Keyboards,Vocals
George Miraval   Bass
Lou Natkin   Guitar,Background Vocals
Howard Newhouse   Rhythm Guitar
Bob Pelicane   Drums
Jay Penndorf   Guitar
Stan Ratcliffe   Bass
Dennis Rezendes   Guitar
Vic Roybal   Organ
George Samaras   Drums
Lee Stansrud   Vocals
Dick Strojny   Organ
Frank Strraight   Bass
Sweet Nothings   Background Vocals
George Vail   Drums
Ed Wasczak   Guitar
Richard Yeager   Saxophone,Vocals
Barry Green   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Billy Boy Arnold   Composer
Buffy Sainte-Marie   Composer
P.F. Sloan   Composer
Billy Alessi   Graphic Design
Bobby Alessi   Graphic Design
Billy Beard   Composer
Ronnie Darling   Composer
Ric Eiserling   Composer
Bones Howe   Graphic Design
Matthew Moore   Graphic Design
Jeff Jarema   Annotation
Eddie Burton   Graphic Design
Jay Turnbow   Composer
Bobbye Johnson   Composer
Carl Aldrich   Graphic Design
Jerry Berke   Composer
Andy Glista   Graphic Design
Danny Houlihan   Composer
John Kielnik   Graphic Design
Tony McGuire   Composer
George Miraval   Graphic Design
George Samaras   Graphic Design
Dick Stewart   Graphic Design
Erwin Wenzlaff   Quotes Researched & Compiled
Bob Sturtcman   Composer

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