Gardening: The Complete Guide

Gardening: The Complete Guide

by Miranda Smith


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Gardening: The Complete Guide will satisfy those readers who enjoy the process of gardening as much as the finished product. It contains equal parts of inspirational photographs and hands-on instructional pictures.The bookpresents the latest gardening techniques for the 21st century gardener with an emphasis on time-saving, efficient practices. There is considerable space devoted to growing herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruit. This book is perfect for the gardener who wants to know how things grow and why certain practices are more effective.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781580115438
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/06/2012
Series: Gardening
Edition description: Third
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 379,035
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 10 Years

About the Author

The late Miranda Smithwas an expert grower, who gardened and tought gardening for over 30 years. She was the author of five top-selling garden books, including Your Backyard Herb Garden, Backyard Fruits and Berries, and Greenhouse Gardening. She edited and was the primary writer of The Real Dirt, Farmers Tell about Organic and Low Input Practices in the Northeast.

Table of Contents

Gardening:The Complete Guide

Table of Contents

Introduction...8 • Tools, Materials, and Plants • About the Plant Directories

Chapter 1 Gardening Basics...10 • Getting Started • Plant Basics• Buying Plants • Propagation • Seeds • Planting • Watering

Chapter 2 Garden Prep...28 • Making a Plan• Designing for Easy Care • Laying Out the Garden • Soil • Composting • Testing Your Soil • Soil Amendments and Fertilizers • Cover Crops and Green Manures • Climate • Hardiness and Heat-Zone Maps

Chapter 3 Growing Vegetables...58 • Planning Your Vegetable Garden • Keeping Soil and Plants Healthy • Benefits of Hybrids vs. Open-Pollinated Plants • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Vegetables

Chapter 4 Growing Herbs...102 • The Benefits of Herbs• Designing Herb Gardens • Containers • A Garden of Treasures • Herbs for Beauty • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Herbs

Chapter 5 Growing Fruit...126 • Why Grow Fruit? • Fruit Trees • Planting Fruit Trees • Pruning Fruit Trees • Espaliered Fruit Trees • Care of Your Fruit Trees • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Fruit Trees • Choosing Fruiting Shrubs • Pruning Fruiting Shrubs • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Fruiting Shrubs • Choosing Fruiting Vines • Pruning and Training Fruiting Vines • Caring for Your Fruit Vines • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Fruiting Vines • Choosing Bramble Fruit • Planting, Pruning,and Training Brambles • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Bramble Fruits • Strawberries

Chapter 6 Creating Water Gardens...174 • Considering Your Lifestyle • Siting Your Water Feature • Practical Considerations • Liners • Edging • Designing the Pond Configuration • How to Make a Site Plan •Choosing Plants • Beware of Invasive Plants • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Recommended Oxygenators • Floating Plants • Plant-by-Plant Directory Recommended Floating Plants • Water Lilies • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Hardy Water Lilies • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Tropical Water Lilies • Lotuses • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Readily Available Lotuses • Marginal Plants • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Recommended Marginal Plants • Plants for the Periphery • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Recommended Perennials • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Recommended Bulbs • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Recommended Ferns • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Recommended Grasses

Chapter 7 Growing Flowers...254 • Garden Design• Planning Flower Beds • Bulbs • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Bulbs • Perennials • Deadheading and Trimming • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Common Perennials • Annuals • Cultural Requirements • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Common Annuals • Biennials • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Common Biennials

Chapter 8 Specialty Flower Gardens...310 • Garden Inspiration• Rose Gardens • Gardens for Bees, Birds, andButterflies • Rock Gardens • Gardens for Dried Arrangements

Chapter 9 Growing Vines...330 • Vine Basics• How Vines Climb • Training and Pruning Vines • Watering and Routine Care • Plant-by-Plant Directory of Vines

Chapter 10 Maintaining Your Garden...346 • Good Management• Weeds • Common "Beneficial" Weeds • Animal Pests • Insect and Mite Pests • Directory of Pests, Including Controls • Diseases • Directory of Diseases

Glossary...384 Index...387 Credits...398

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