Geckos: The Animal Answer Guide

Geckos: The Animal Answer Guide

by Aaron M. Bauer


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Q: How do geckos walk across ceilings?
A: Millions of hair-like setae on each foot.

Q: Where do geckos come from?
A: Throughout the world. Usually where it’s warm.

Q: How many species of geckos are there?
A: Close to 1,500 and counting!

Q: What do they eat?
A: Insects mostly.

Discover the biology, natural history, and diversity of geckos—the acrobatic little lizards made famous by a car insurance ad campaign. Lizard biologist and gecko expert Aaron Bauer answers deceptively simple questions with surprising and little-known facts. Readers can explore color photographs that reveal the natural wonder and beauty of the gecko form and are further informed by images of how geckos live in their natural habitats. Although written for nonexperts, Geckos also provides a carefully selected bibliography and a new list of all known species that will be of interest to herpetologists. Anyone who owns a gecko, has seen them in the wild, or has wondered about them will appreciate this gem of a book.

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ISBN-13: 9781421408538
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 03/15/2013
Series: The Animal Answer Guides: Q&A for the Curious Naturalist
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Aaron Bauer is the Gerald M. Lemole, M.D., Professor of Integrative Biology at Villanova University, chairman of the Herpetological Association of Africa, and past president of the Herpetologists’ League.

Table of Contents

1. Introducing Geckos
What are geckos?
Where does the name "gecko" come from?
Why are geckos important?
Why should people care about geckos?
Where do geckos live?
What is the difference between geckos and other lizards?
How many kinds of geckos are there?
What is the current classification of geckos?
What characterizes the major groups of geckos?
When did geckos evolve?
What is the oldest fossil gecko?
Where have fossil geckos been found?
What did extinct geckos look like?
2. Form and Function
What are the largest and smallest living geckos?
When are geckos active?
Do geckos sleep?
Why do geckos have big eyes?
Can geckos see color?
Do geckos have eyelids?
Why do geckos lick their eyes?
What are the bulges on the necks of some geckos?
Are some geckos limbless?
How do geckos climb?
How fast can geckos run?
Can geckos run upside down?
What are flying geckos?
How strong is a gecko's grip?
Can geckos hang on when they are dead?
Can geckos swim?
Can all geckos lose and regrow their tails?
Why do geckos shed their skin?
At what temperatures are geckos most active?
3. Gecko Colors
What colors are geckos?
What causes the different skin colors of geckos?
What color are a gecko's eyes?
Is there a reason for specific patterns on a gecko's skin?
Are male and female geckos colored differently?
Do a gecko's colors change as it grows?
Can geckos change color?
Is there much geographic variation in a single gecko species?
4. Gecko Behavior
Are geckos social?
Do geckos fight?
Do geckos bite?
How smart are geckos?
Do geckos play?
How do geckos communicate?
How do geckos make noise?
Do geckos have good hearing?
How do geckos avoid or escape predators
5. Gecko Ecology
Where do geckos sleep?
Which geographic regions have the most species of geckos?
Do geckos burrow?
How do geckos survive in the desert?
How do geckos survive the winter?
Do geckos bask?
What animals eat geckos?
Do geckos get sick?
How can you tell that a gecko is sick?
6. Reproduction and Development
How do geckos reproduce?
How can you tell the sex of a gecko?
Do all geckos lay eggs?
How long do gecko eggs take to hatch?
Where do geckos lay their eggs?
Why do geckos lay hard-shelled eggs?
Do geckos only lay eggs once a year?
How many babies do geckos have?
How is the sex of a baby gecko determined?
Are some gecko species all female?
Do geckos care for their young?
How fast do geckos grow?
How long do geckos live?
7. Foods and Feeding
What do geckos eat?
How many teeth do geckos have?
Do geckos chew their food?
Why do geckos' eyes sink in when they bite?
How do geckos find food?
Can geckos taste?
Are any geckos cannibals?
Can geckos store energy from food?
Do geckos drink?
8. Geckos and Humans
Do geckos make good pets?
How do you take care of a pet gecko?
Are geckos venomous?
Do geckos feel pain?
How can I see geckos in the wild?
Do people eat geckos?
Are parts of geckos used as medicine?
Can gecko-style adhesion be useful to humans?
9. Gecko Problems (from a human viewpoint)
Are geckos pests?
Do geckos have diseases and are they contagious?
How do I keep geckos away from my house?
10. Human Problems (from a gecko's viewpoint)
Are any geckos endangered?
What is the rarest gecko?
Have any geckos become extinct because of humans?
Are geckos protected by law?
Will geckos be affected by global warming?
What are the greatest threats to geckos?
11. Geckos in Stories and Literature
What roles do geckos play in religion and mythology?
What roles do geckos play in native cultures?
What roles do geckos play in popular culture?
What roles have geckos played in poetry and other literature?
12. "Geckology"
Who studies geckos?
Which species are best known?
Which species are least known?
How do scientists tell geckos apart?
Appendix A: Geckos of the World
Appendix B: Organizations and Publications Devoted (in Part) to the Study of Geckos

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