Geodesy and Physics of the Earth: Geodetic Contributions to Geodynamics

Geodesy and Physics of the Earth: Geodetic Contributions to Geodynamics

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993)

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The investigation of the kinematics and dynamics of the
Earth has achieved remarkable progresses in the last decades in understanding and explaining a large variety of geo-
dynamical, geophysical and geological phenomena. The impact of increasingly precise geodetic space-time measurements and analyses have much contributed to these results.
Papers presented atthe 7th International Symposium on
Geodesy and Physics of the Earth focus onfour topics:
- Present Day Tectonic Motions
- Gravity Field and its Variation
- Earth Rotation Characteristics
- International Programs for Geodesy and Geodynamics
Researchers and advanced students may use this volume as a comprehensive reference of concepts, techniques and results.

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ISBN-13: 9783540565727
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/02/1993
Series: International Association of Geodesy Symposia , #112
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993
Pages: 465
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 10.91(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

General Aspects.- IAG President’s Address.- The Role of the International Association of Geodesy in Establishing User Services.- L.P. Pellinen — Scientific Memories.- International Programs for Geodesy and Geodynamics.- The 1992 Activities of the International GPS Geodynamics Service (IGS).- GPS Processing at GFZ for the IGS 1992 Campaign.- Automated Data Flow and Processing at the “Center for Orbit Determination in Europe” (CODE) During the 1992 IGS Campaign.- Results of the “Center for Orbit Determination in Europe” (CODE) During the IGS 1992 Campaign.- GPS Orbit Computations in Australia within the International GPS Geodynamics Service: Should we? Could we?.- Dynamics of the Solid Earth (DOSE): The Italian-German-Greek-Swiss Contribution to NASA’s DOSE Project in the Calabrian/Hellenic Arcs.- Structure and Activities of the WEGENER in the Nineties.- Pamir-Tien Shan GPS Project: Network, Observation Campaign 92 and Analysis Strategy.- High Precision Network for Geodynamic Studies in the Azores Gibraltar Area.- Geodynamical Investigations Program in Baksan Canyon Area.- TIGO — A New Transportable Integrated Geodetic Observatory.- First Results with Two-Colour Satellite Laser Ranging at the Fundamentalstation Wettzell.- The International Absolute Gravity Basestation Network (IAGBN): Status 1992.- Gravity Field Improvement Prospects from the STEP Mission.- Gravity Field and its Variations.- Global Field Evaluation.- On the Principles and Prospects of Gravity Field Determination by Satellite Methods.- Global Gravitational Change from Space in 2001.- Improvement of GRIM4 Earth Gravity Models Using GEOSAT Altimeter and SPOT-2 and ERS-1 Tracking Data.- A Test of GEM T2 from GEOSAT Crossovers Using Latitude Lumped Coefficients.- OGE 12, A New 360 Gravity Field Model.- D-PAF Quick-Look Sea Surface Height Monitoring with ERS-1 Fast Delivery Altimeter Data.- Preliminary Results for the Simultaneous Estimation of Geoid Undulations and Sea Surface Topography by GEOSAT Altimeter Data.- On Cross-Over Differences of the Radial Orbital Perturbations as Functions of Force Model Parameters.- Sea Surface Heights in the Lampedusa Test Field for Calibration of the Topex-Poseidon-Altimeter.- Determination of the Gravitational Coefficient of the Earth from Lageos.- Investigation of Higher Degree Terms of the Solid Tide Potential as a Function of the Satellite Altitude of 1000 – 6000 km.- Mean Orbital Motion of Lageos Satellite Derived from Laser Ranging Observations.- Determination of Time Variations of the Geopotential from Orbit Analysis of Geodynamical Satellites.- Modeling the Upper Atmospheric Density with the Help of Satellite Data.- In-Orbit Testing of the “MACEK” Microaccelerometer.- Local and Regional Investigations.- Preliminary Results of a New Bouguer Map of Austria.- Gravity Field Determination for the Territory of Croatia — Preliminary Results —.- Improved Geoid Solution for Slovenia and a Part of Croatia.- Comparision of Geoids from Several Geopotential Coefficients in Spain.- Gravimetric Data Validation in the Mediterranean Sea.- Simulation Studies for Improving the Geoid in Egypt.- Comparing Various Solutions for the Mohorovi?i? Discontinuity Shape in the Dinaric-Pannonian Region.- Kindredness of three Mountain Belts at the Border of the Pannonian Basin — Deduced from the Behavior of the Mohorovicic Discontinuity.- Flightmechanical Aspects of Airborne Gravimetry.- The Greenland Airborne Gravity Project — Comparison of Airborne and Terrestrial Gravity Data.- Results and Comparisons of Repeated Precise Gravity Measurements on the Gravimetric West-East-Line.- Evaluation of Microgravimetry for Southern Central Andes Recent Crustal Movement Determination.- Joint Gravity Tide Recordings at Potsdam.- Air Pressure and Temperature Influence on the Extensometric Measurements at the Vyhne Tidal Station.- Planetary Waves in the Spectra of Air Pressure and Gravity Variations.- Systematic Errors Affecting the Accuracy of High Precision Gravity Measurements.- Installation of a Superconducting Gravimeter (SCG) at Gravimetric Observatory Potsdam.- Detection of Secular Gravity Variations; Observations with Superconducting Gravimeters Improve the Accuracy of Absolute Gravity Measurements.- Secular Gravity Variations.- Repeated Measurements of Vertical Gravity Gradient.- Possibility of Studying Variation of Horizontal Components of Gravitational Field with Classical Astrometric Instruments.- Related Theory.- Gauge Theory, Field Equations of Gravitation, the Definition and Computation of the Spacetime Deforming Geoid.- Discrete Spherical Harmonic Analysis: Neumann’s Approach.- The Inversion of Potential Field Anomalies by the Assembling Method: The Third Dimension.- Maximal Correlation Adjustment in Physical Geodesy.- A Revision of Helmert’s Second Method of Condensation in Geoid and Quasigeoid Determination.- The Method of Gravity Inversion: Application to Density Modelling of the Lithosphere along the Angola — Brazil Geotraverse.- Nonlinear Gravity Field Inversion Using Point Masses — Diagnosing Nonlinearity.- Integrated Processing of Satellite Orbit and Satellite Gradiometry Data.- Downward Continuation Versus Free-Air Reduction in Airborne Gravimetry.- Simultaneous Efficient Estimation of Gravimetric Network Parameters and Variation Coefficients of Devices.- A Group of Gravimeters, Stochastical Problems and their Solution.- Vening Meinesz Moho Depths and their Approximations.- On the Terrain Correction in the Atmospheric Gravity and Geoid Corrections.- Some Elementary Relations between Mass Distributions Inside the Earth and the Geoid and Gravity Field.- Excitement of the Toroidal Field in Mantle Convection.- Undulations of Core-Mantle Boundary: Estimations and Observations.- Present Day Tectonic Motions.- Analysis of Crustal Deformations Based on SLR Data.- Tectonic Motion from Lageos SLR Data Using a Network Adjustment Technique.- Geodynamical Parameters and Reference Frame Determination from 1983 – 1991 Lageos SLR Data Analysis.- Results of Etalon Data Analysis.- Precise Determination of Baseline Changes by Simultaneous Range Differences (SRD).- First Results of European Crustal Motion Measurements with VLBI.- Horizontal Velocity of Shanghai VLBI Station Relative to Eurasian Plate from VLBI.- Comparison and Combination of Different GPS-Receiver Types at a Distance of 50 km.- On the Connection of Baltic Tide Gauges to the Geocentric Reference Frame.- Global and Regional Network Analysis from GPS Phase Observations.- Relativistic Modelling of Precise Satellite Observations in a Geocentric Earthbounded Coordinate System.- The Use of Albedo for the Relation of Influences on the Satellite Orbits.- On the Redetermination for the Height of the World Highest Peak.- Geodynamic Studies in the Polish Part of the Teisseyre-Tornquist Zone.- The Connection of Recent Vertical Movements with some Geological Characteristics Using Partial and Multiple Correlation Coefficients.- Variation of Point Positions and Gravity Field in the Area of Intensive Mining.- Geodetic Measurements and their Impact on the Modeling of Recent Crustal Deformations in the Alpine Region.- A Deformation Model of the Mediterranean from Space Geodetic Observations and Geophysical Predictions.- Structures of Statistical Models for Studying Recent Crustal Movements.- The Recent Crustal Stress Field in Central Europe Sensu Latu.- Seismic-Gravity Modelling of the Continental Crust and Upper Mantle.- The Origin of Hotspot and “D-Layer.- Earth Rotation Characteristics.- Accuracy of High-Frequency Observations of Earth Orientation.- Diurnal and Semidiurnal Variations in Earth Orientation Determined from Lageos Laser Ranging.- High Resolution of Earth Rotation Parameters by Means of Satellite Data.- Nearly Diurnal Structure of Polar Motion Analysing Lageos SLR Data.- Epoch’92: Results from the Analysis of GPS and SLR Data.- Continuity of UT1 Series from “Intensive” VLBI on Westford — Wettzell Baseline.- The Determination of the Tidal Variations of the Plumb Line and the Nearly Diurnal Free Wobble from the PZT Observations.- The Global Analysis of Time Determinations Made in Bucharest.- One Century Latitude Determinations at Potsdam.- HIPPARCOS Extragalactic Link and Earth Rotation Parameters.- Periodic Series of ? UT1.- Variations of 80 – 120 Day Oscillations of Polar Motion and Atmospheric Angular Momentum.- The Autocovariance Prediction of the Earth Rotation Parameters.- The Influence of Solar Wind on Short Period of Earth’s Rotation.- High Frequency Oscillations of the Celestial Ephemeris Pole by Variations of the Effective Angular Momentum Function.- Global Sea Level Changes Inferred from Polar Motion.- Geomagnetic Implications of the Inner Core Precession.- Author Index.

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