Get up off Your Knees

Get up off Your Knees


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Release Date: 07/21/2017
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065720223
catalogNumber: 77202
Rank: 64554


Disc 1

  1. Shave ?Em Dry
  2. I Want Plenty Grease in My Frying Pan
  3. Furniture Man Blues, Pts. 1 & 2
  4. Ain't Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee
  5. Get Up Off Your Knees
  6. I?m Gonna Tell You in Front So You Won't Feel Hurt Behind
  7. I?m a Mighty Tight Woman
  8. Coffee Grindin' Blues
  9. I Found Your Keyhole
  10. Kitchen Man
  11. Dirty Butter
  12. Blue Bloomer Blues
  13. You?ve Got to Give Me Some
  14. My Man O' War
  15. Wipe It Off
  16. Stinging Snake Blues
  17. The Dirty Dozen No. 2
  18. Show Me What You Got
  19. Doodle Hole Blues
  20. Electrician Blues
  21. She Shook Her Gin
  22. Fish House Blues
  23. Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama
  24. The Boy in the Boat

Disc 2

  1. What?s That I Smell
  2. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
  3. Gas Man Blues
  4. Banana in Your Fruit Basket
  5. She?s Got Jordan River in Her Hips
  6. Terrible Operation Blues
  7. The Best Jockey in Town
  8. Bed Spring Poker
  9. How You Want It Done
  10. Lollypop
  11. Don?t Give My Lard Away
  12. In Here With Your Heavy Stuff
  13. Southern Can Mama
  14. My Butcher Man
  15. Dresser With the Drawers
  16. (Who?s Gonna Do Your) Sweet Jelly Roll
  17. She Showed It All
  18. Pipe Layin' Blues
  19. Steady Grindin? Blues
  20. Bed Springs Blues
  21. I Let My Daddy Do That
  22. Mouse's Ear Blues
  23. Mashing That Thing
  24. Jockey Man Blues
  25. Pig Meat Papa

Disc 3

  1. Shave 'Em Dry
  2. I?m Gonna Shave You Dry
  3. Sissy Man
  4. The Hottest Stuff in Town
  5. Butcher Shop Blues
  6. Lead Pencil Blues
  7. 'Cause You're Dirty
  8. I'm a Rattlesnakin' Daddy
  9. You Got to Give Me Some of It
  10. Cigarette Blues
  11. Take It Easy Greasy
  12. Ain?t That a Mess
  13. The Honeydripper
  14. Sarah Jane
  15. Think You Need a Shot
  16. My Stove's in Good Condition
  17. I Wonder Who's Boogiein' My Woogie
  18. Sweet Petuni
  19. Don't Come Over
  20. Don't Tear My Clothes No. 2
  21. Sweet Honey Hole
  22. Love Operation
  23. Bread Pan (Just My Size)
  24. She Squeezed My Lemon
  25. Carpenter Man Blues

Disc 4

  1. Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon
  2. My Bay's Playground
  3. Keep on Eatin'
  4. I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted
  5. What's That Smells Like Fish
  6. He's Just My Size
  7. She's Got Good Dry Goods
  8. Crawlin' King Snake
  9. Let Me Play With Your Poodle
  10. My Bicycle Tillie
  11. I'm a Doctor for Women
  12. Bed Springs Blues
  13. Boar Hog Blues
  14. Big Chested Mama Tk 1
  15. Pool Playing Blues
  16. I Knew He Would
  17. Don't Come Too Soon
  18. Lemon Man
  19. I'm Gonna Let Him Ride
  20. My Daddy Was a Jockey
  21. Too Much Jelly Roll
  22. Ride, Daddy, Ride
  23. The Walkin' Blues
  24. Work, Daddy, Work
  25. Loud Talkin' Woman
  26. [Untitled]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kokomo Arnold   Guitar,Vocals
Barbecue Bob   Guitar,Vocals
Lucille Bogan   Vocals
Big Bill Broonzy   Guitar,Vocals
Bo Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Cow Cow Davenport   Piano,Vocals
Walter Davis   Piano,Vocals
Floyd Dixon   Piano,Vocals
Georgia Tom   Piano,Vocals
Champion Jack Dupree   Piano,Vocals
Blind Boy Fuller   Guitar,Vocals
John Lee Hooker   Guitar,Vocals
Papa Charlie Jackson   Banjo,Vocals
Lonnie Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Curtis Jones   Piano
Lead Belly   Guitar,Vocals
Blind Willie McTell   Guitar,Vocals
Memphis Minnie   Guitar,Vocals
Amos Milburn   Piano,Vocals
Roy Milton   Drums
Whistlin' Alex Moore   Piano,Vocals
Buddy Moss   Guitar,Vocals
Dan Pickett   Guitar,Vocals
Bessie Smith   Vocals
Victoria Spivey   Vocals
Roosevelt Sykes   Piano,Vocals
Sippie Wallace   Piano,Vocals
Josh White   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Doggett   Piano
Conte Candoli   Trumpet
Buck Clayton   Trumpet
Johnny Dodds   Clarinet
Dexter Gordon   Tenor Saxophone
Wardell Gray   Tenor Saxophone
Chico Hamilton   Drums
Eddie Heywood   Piano
Johnny Hodges   Piano
Helen Humes   Vocals
James P. Johnson   Piano,Vocals
Eddie Lang   Guitar
Julia Lee   Vocals
Cecil Payne   Baritone Saxophone
Speckled Red   Piano,Vocals
Ethel Waters   Vocals
Don Bagley   Bass
Natty Dominique   Trumpet
Lizzie Miles   Vocals
Oscar Moore   Guitar
Tampa Red   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Spooner   Bass
Bill Carlisle   Guitar
Big Maceo Merriweather   Piano
John Byrd   Guitar,Vocals
Clifford Gibson   Guitar
Lil Johnson   Vocals
Ralph Willis   Guitar,Vocals
Butterbeans & Susie   Vocals
Sonny Thompson   Piano
Bull City Red   Washboard
Cliff Carlisle   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Borum   Guitar
Judson Brown   Piano
Lee Brown   Piano,Vocals
Charlie Burse   Guitar
Buddy Christian   Banjo
Maxwell Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Honore Dutrey   Trombone
Bernice Edwards   Piano,Vocals
Joe Edwards   Vocals
Jazz Gillum   Harmonica,Vocals
Charles Gillum   Trumpet
Jimmie Gordon   Piano,Vocals
R.T. Hanen   Vocals
Hattie Hart   Vocals
Camille Howard   Piano
Charlie Irvis   Trombone
St. Louis Jimmy Oden   Vocals
J.J. Johnson   Trombone
Clifford "Snags" Jones   Drums
Jackie Kelso   Alto Saxophone
Meade "Lux" Lewis   Piano
Charley Lincoln   Guitar,Vocals
Herb Lovelle   Drums
Charlie McCoy   Guitar,Mandolin
Miller   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Miller   Bass
Herb Morand   Trumpet
Arnett Nelson   Clarinet
Jesse Powell   Tenor Saxophone
Odell Rand   Clarinet
Milton Robie   Violin
Johnny Rogers   Guitar
Walter Roland   Piano,Vocals
Washboard Sam   Vocals
Bill Samuels   Piano,Vocals
Will Shade   Guitar
Joe Stone   Guitar
Bobby Tucker   Piano
Clarence Williams   Guitar,Piano
Spencer Williams   Scraper
Leola B. Wilson   Vocals
Black Bob   Piano
Tony Hollins   Guitar,Vocals
Floyd Casey   Washboard
Clara Smith   Vocals
Johnny Temple   Guitar,Vocals
Mae Glover   Vocals
Hillard Brown   Drums
Harry Brooks   Piano
Bob Fuller   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Tommy Douglas   Tenor Saxophone
Fats Noel   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Carl Rafferty   Vocals
Isabel Sykes   Vocals
Clint Weaver   Bas Dessus
Charlie Gaines   Trumpet
Louis Hooper   Piano
James "Stump" Johnson   Piano,Vocals
Dorothy Baker   Vocals
Sam Theard   Vocals
Ellis Walsh   Drums
Allen Shaw   Guitar
Andrew Hogg   Guitar
Adam Lamberts   Guitar
Minnie Wallace   Vocals
Margaret Webster   Vocals
Napoleon Fletcher   Piano,Vocals
Baby Lovett   Drums
John Oscar   Piano
Pinewood Tom   Guitar,Vocals
Fluffy Hunter   Vocals
Sylvester Hicks   Bass
Jesse James   Piano,Vocals
Blind Norris   Guitar
Hannah May   Vocals
Jane Lucas   Vocals
Walter Vincson   Guitar,Vocals
Sylvester Cotton   Guitar,Vocals
George Hannah   Vocals
Hot Box Johnson   Guitar
Lillie Mae Kirkman   Vocals
Dorothy Scott   Piano
Randolph Scott   Trumpet
Lawrence Kato   Bass
James "Jim Daddy" Walker   Guitar
Little Boy Fuller   Guitar,Vocals
Barrelhouse Annie   Vocals
Stella Johnson   Vocals
Sharps & Flats   Vocals
Eunice Davis   Vocals
Bob Howe   Vocals
Margaret Carter   Vocals
Aletha Dickerson   Piano
Madelyn James   Vocals
John Tucker   Drums
Frankie Griggs   Vocals
Susie Edwards   Vocals
Lonnie Chatman   Violin
Kid Wesley Wilson   Piano,Vocals
James Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Art McKay   Vocals
Alfred Matthews   Bass
Whistling Rufus   Piano,Vocals
Jim Jam Smith   Bass
Johnny John   Guitar
Little Buddy Doyle   Guitar,Vocals
Thelma Holmes   Vocals
Charlie Pickett   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Neil Slaven   Annotation
Edith Johnson   Speech Direction
Whistling Rufus   Whistle

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