Gifted and Advanced Black Students in School: An Anthology of Critical Works

Gifted and Advanced Black Students in School: An Anthology of Critical Works

by Donna Ford

Paperback(New Edition)

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African American students who are gifted or advanced learners are too often overlooked and misunderstood in education. Part of the problem associated with this neglect is that relatively little scholarship exists on those who are culturally different and in need of more challenge in school settings. This body of work was developed to help resolve this shortcoming and to inform and guide educators in their work. In the first work of its kind, the book's editors have compiled reprints of what they believe to be among the best or most promising work, past and present, in understanding, meeting the needs of, and working with Black gifted and/or advanced learners. Theory, research, models, and strategies shed light on what we all must do to ensure that both gifted and advanced Black learners excel in school and otherwise reach their potential.

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ISBN-13: 9781593637002
Publisher: Prufrock Press
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 402
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About the Author

Donna Y. Ford, Ph.D., is Betts Chair of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University. She teaches in the Department of Special Education. Ford has been a professor of special education at the Ohio State University, an associate professor of educational psychology at the University of Virginia, and a researcher with the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. She also taught at the University of Kentucky. Ford earned her doctoral degree in urban education (educational psychology), master's degree (counseling), and bachelor's degree in communications and Spanish from Cleveland State University.

Dr. Ford conducts research primarily in gifted education and multicultural/urban education. Specifically, her work focuses on: (a) recruiting and retaining culturally diverse students in gifted education, (b) multicultural and urban education, (c) minority student achievement and underachievement, and (d) family involvement. She consults with school districts and educational organizations in the areas of gifted education and multicultural/urban education.

Dr. Tarek C. Grantham is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia (UGA). He teaches courses in the Gifted and Creative Education Program and has served as Program Coordinator, providing leadership for educators in the in-field endorsement program and for graduate students enrolled in five graduate degree programs. His research addresses recruitment and retention of ethnic minority students (particularly African Americans) in programs for gifted students.

Table of Contents

Foreword Alexinia Y. Baldwin XI

Prologue XIII

Section I Historical Context and Background Donna Y Ford Tarek C. Granham Malik S. Henfield 1

Chapter 1 Rethinking the Issues Regarding the Culturally Disadvantaged Gifted Mary M. Frasier 3

Chapter 2 I'm Black but Look at Me, I Am Also Gifted Alexinia Y. Baldwin 13

Chapter 3 Desegregating Gifted Education: A Need Unmet Donna Y. Ford 23

Section II Creativity, Black Children, and Torrance Tarek C. Grantham 39

Chapter 4 Creativity and Its Educational Implications for the Gifted E. Paul Torrance 41

Chapter 5 Creative Positives of Disadvantaged Children and Youth E. Paul Torrance 55

Chapter 6 The Role of Creativity in Identification of the Gifted and Talented E. Paul Torrance 65

Chapter 7 Understanding the Challenge of Creativity Among African Americans Alexinia Young Baldwin 73

Section III Discovering Gifted Potential in Black Students Tarek C. Grantham Donna Y. Ford Malik S. Henfield 81

Chapter 8 Undiscovered Diamonds: The Minority Gifted Child Alexina Y. Baldwin 85

Chapter 9 Disadvantaged and Culturally Diverse Gifted Students Mary M. Frasier 99

Chapter 10 Gifted and Talented Black Children: Identifying Diamonds in the Rough Donna Y. Ford J. John Harris III 109

Chapter 11 Toward a New Paradigm for Identifying Talent Potential Mary M. Frasier A. Harry Passow 121

Chapter 12 Core Attributes of Giftedness: A Foundation for Recognizing the Gifted Potential of Minority and Economically Disadvantaged Students Mary M. Frasier Scott L. Hunsaker Jongyeun Lee Sandra Mitchell Bonnie Cramond Sally Krisel Jaime H. Garda Darlene Martin Elaine Frank Vernon S. Finley 137

Section IV Highly Gifted Black Students Malik S. Henfield 155

Chapter 13 A Socio-Psychological Study of Negro Children of Superior Intelligence Martin D. Jenkins 157

Chapter 14 Case Studies of Negro Children of Binet IQ 160 and Above Martin D. Jenkins 175

Chapter 15 The Upper Limit of Ability Among American Negroes Martin D. Jenkins 185

Chapter 16 Intellectually Superior Negro Youth: Problems and Needs Martin D. Jenkins 189

Section V Assessment of Black Students Donna Y. Ford Malik S. Henfield Tarek C. Grantham 201

Chapter 17 On Black Intelligence Robert L. Williams 203

Chapter 18 Assessment and Identification of African-American Learners With Gifts and Talents James M. Patton 211

Chapter 19 What Good Is This Thing Called Intelligence and Why Bother to Measure It? Asa G. Hilliard 227

Chapter 20 Addressing Underrepresentation of Gifted Minority Children Using the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) Jack A. Naglieri Donna Y. Ford 243

Chapter 21 Nondiscriminatory Assessment: Considerations for Gifted Education Laurice M. Joseph Donna Y. Ford 253

Section VI Recruitment and Retention of Black Students in Gifted Education Donna Y. Ford Tarek C. Grantham Malik S. Henfield 271

Chapter 22 The Underrepresentation of Minority Students in Gifted Education: Problems and Promises in Recruitment and Retention Donna Y Ford 273

Chapter 23 Recruitment Is Not Enough: Retaining African American Students in Gifted Education James L. Moore III Donna Y. Ford H. Richard Milner 295

Chapter 24 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Gifted Education: Recruitment and Retention Issues Donna Y. Ford Tarek C. Grantham Gilman W. Whiting 323

Section VII The Future of Gifted Education for Black Students Donna Y. Ford Tarek C. Grantham Malik S. Henfield 349

Chapter 25 Underrepresentation in Gifted Education: How Did We Get Here and What Needs to Change? Straight Talk on the Issue of Underrepresentation: An Interview Mary M. Frasier Tarek C. Grantham 351

Chapter 26 African American Experiences Conducting Cross-Cultural Research: Controversy, Cautions, Concerns, and Considerations Donna Y. Ford James L. Moore III Gilman W. Whiting Tarek C. Grantham 357

Epilogue Tarek C. Grantham Donna Y. Ford Malik S. Henfield 377

About the Editors 381

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