Gifts for Your Soul: Simple Healing Techniques for Everyday and Everyone

Gifts for Your Soul: Simple Healing Techniques for Everyday and Everyone

by Doug Buckingham


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This book contains a collection of simple healing techniques that are easy to carry out on an everyday basis and, in some cases, are essential to your ongoing well-being. Some of these techniques may be new to you, while others may be familiar and so may be a welcome reminder for you. All of them are fairly uncomplicated, and all are highly effective. The idea of putting them in one place in a comfortably sized volume is that they are more easily accessible and so easy to remember, use, and integrate on an everyday basis.

I call this book and those techniques Gifts for Your Soul, for that is exactly what they are. As energetic beings, or souls, having a human experience, when we take care of our personality, human self, and energy field, we also care for our soul self. These techniques help us integrate our soul reality into the human experience more easily, and then they can help us live our lives from a bigger picture or soul perspective, which is deeply comforting and infinitely more rewarding than a small-time, one-life perspective.

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ISBN-13: 9781504380171
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

Doug Buckingham is a trainer, therapist, and a talker about all things spiritual and energetic. He is primarily a Past Life and Regression Therapy expert and has run Hypnosis and Regression training programmes in South Africa, Mexico, Scotland, and England, as well as running workshops in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Lithuania and Ireland and various parts of the UK. His main website is and he is also the creator of the App Hypnosis for Transformation which is available at the App Store or on Google Play. Doug is in the very fortunate position of doing what he loves, and loving what he does. He is very privileged to get to meet and work with many amazing people during the course of his work and accompany them on part of their Soul journey through this human experience, and has worked with and trained 1000s of people.

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The Three I's Intention, Imagination & Intuition


"Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The Law creates the world."

Brenna Yovanoff

Probably the most important thing to remember for all of the techniques that are mentioned in this book is that "Intention is everything." Energy flows where your intention (and attention) goes and having wisdom about how you use your energy in that respect is something everyone can benefit from.

One of the laws that govern our universe is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which states that we cannot observe something without changing that which we are observing. According to Heisenberg, there is no such thing as an independent observer. Other principles of quantum physics state the observer influences the experiment - i.e., that our consciousness or more specifically our intention influences what happens in our external reality.

Equally, our intention can affect the degree of success with which energy management and healing techniques succeed. The bottom line when working with energy is always try to keep an open mind, and a positive intention towards the technique that you are working with, and also to yourself.

It is important to have an intention for the energy work or healing exercise that you do. When you do, you are likely to find you achieve much more from the process than you expected. Keep in mind that the overriding intention for any session or exercise is that it is for the highest good (of you or another). When you have this intention, then you are working in line with the Soul perspective of the other or of yourself. In these instances, bear in mind that you may not always get what you as the personality wants, however, you are likely to get what you, as the Soul, needs.

Intention, in more everyday language and for the purposes of this book, can be quite simply thought of as a goal or objective for the particular healing exercise(s) that you are practicing.


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

Albert Einstein

Some of the exercises that you will find in this book refer to the imagination or more specifically ask you to imagine something. Many people like to use the term "visualisation." In my opinion, that is a limiting term for the simple reason that not everyone is primarily visual when they tune into their inner senses. I know and have taught, some very talented healers and therapists who are not visual in any shape or form. Some are kinaesthetic (feeling), others are knowing, or knowers, some auditory, and numerous people tune into their intuition by a combination of the above, rather than solely the visual aspect.

Generally speaking, any form of imagination or visualisation exercise is enhanced by the use of as many of the senses as possible, and even the less obvious ones like smell can be a particularly potent resource within the inner senses. I have not always counted myself as an especially visual person, and I remember that was the case, the first time I experienced a full-length past life regression. As I drifted into a hypnotic trance, I became aware of a particularly pungent smell in my inner world. By tuning into that smell, I knew exactly where I was and more importantly, I knew what the story was. (About 200 years ago in Napoleon's Army, surrounded by dead or dying soldiers on a battlefield, for the curious amongst you.)

When you tune into a regression, meditation experience, shamanic journey, or any process for your inner world, your intention is present at the start of the session. That evokes your imagination (the inner senses and the language of the Soul) to take you into the memories and feelings of that experience within your inner world. You can then allow yourself to be guided in whatever way those inner senses communicate to you so that you flow easily and naturally within your experience.

Equally, when you are visualising or imagining your roots going down into the centre of the Earth (as in the grounding or other exercises that follow), then your imagination works hand in hand with your intention to assist those roots, so they have the maximum "chance" of helping you to ground your energy. Energy follows intention. It is a law of the Universe, Quantum Physics, and it just IS.

Another example of your imagination working wonderfully well is when you daydream, reflect, or muse about the future. At the heart of your consciousness, you are a creative being, and when you project your energy into the near or distant future, then you are starting to create a possible situation which may well come to fruition if you give it enough energy (imagination and intention in this case) on a regular basis.

A negative example of this is 'worry'. When you worry about something, then you project that energy, which in this case is fear of what might happen, into your future. In doing this, you may well negatively impact your own nervous system, and especially so if you are a consistent worrier. Furthermore, you may also increase the chances of actually creating the situation you are worrying about, which is what you do not want of course.

A positive example of this is something called "future creation" which I use a lot in hypnosis. Here, the client imagines future scenarios based on their goal for therapy while they are in trance. For example, a client whose intention is to become a more confident public speaker might have an actual speaking engagement to perform a month or so in the future. In a comfortable state of relaxation, which is what hypnosis is, they imagine that future scenario with whatever senses work best for them. Very importantly, they also connect with the emotions of that future image of themselves and feel that "future" emotion flowing through them now. Future creation is an extremely powerful and useful process, especially when you are working with hypnosis and doing it repetitively, and even more especially when you connect with the positive emotions that are associated with achieving your objective.

One of the reasons why this technique works so well is that the subconscious mind does not differentiate between what we refer to as reality and the imagined reality. Consequently, it starts to generate positive energy, thoughts, and feelings based on that future possibility, and that then heightens the possibility of that future becoming a reality.

The concept that your thoughts and positive emotions are able to significantly change your reality is something that a lot of scientists starting to experiment in the spiritual arena are catching onto in a big way at the moment, and this knowledge is, fortunately, becoming much more mainstream. Remember, when you harness the potential of your imagination in a positive way, then it can bring highly beneficial experiences into your reality.


"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

Steve Jobs

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about intuition is that everyone is born intuitive. Some people might seem naturally more intuitive than others. The truth is, though, that intuition is a natural ability that we all have. Whether you choose to call that intuition, instinct, gut feeling or something else does not really matter, as it all part of the same thing.

Many people forget about their intuitive abilities, some have it conditioned out of them by other people's or society's beliefs systems and some even deliberately let it go, in case it gets them into "trouble." Whatever the circumstances though, it never disappears completely. You could think of your intuition like a muscle, and the more you acknowledge that you have it and the more you use it, then the stronger and more reliable it becomes. If, however, you do not use it very often, then it is likely to be weaker and might well be in need of a little work-out. Often those people that are highly intuitive are generally those that have practiced and learnt to trust their intuition as a result of that practice.

One of the things that many people do in the spiritual world is go to others for guidance or readings. If you are doing that to help validate or work with your own intuitions, then that is wonderful, as there are many great readers out there who can complement what you are thinking, or feeling, or perhaps slightly unsure about. Then again, if you are doing that instead of trying to listen to your intuition, then think about the message you are sending to yourself - which is essentially "I do not trust myself enough" or "I am not intuitive (good?) enough" or something similar. There are, of course, times when you need a second opinion, or some external guidance, to help you along the journey in life, and it is important to recognise that and then reach out for help. However, I suggest that you do that from a point of empowerment and avoid letting it be at the expense of your own sense of self-worth.

Intuition is for you — as it is short for "inner-tuition" — so that is you teaching yourself. Trusting your own intuition is of paramount importance, and it tends to be more of a process than an event with most people. It can take time to trust that inner voice, especially when trusting it often involves going against what may present itself as logic.

I am fortunate to have been blessed with a strong inner knowing in this life. I have not always actively listened to it though, and so re-learning my intuition when I began a more overtly spiritual journey in my life became a passion for me. I remember one particular morning I got up to go to work, which was over an hour's journey by public transport to the other side of London. My normal journey was by River Boat, followed by underground and it was straight-forward and got me to work with ten minutes to spare when everything flowed. That morning my intuitive knowing said 'catch the bus, then the underground, change trains and go via the centre of London.'

The route my intuitive voice was suggesting actually made no logical sense as the journey would take considerably longer this way. However, at the time I was on a mission to listen to my intuition, and so that is what I did. In the centre of London, I found my way to a spiritual bookshop which was just opening for the day. There I found a leaflet advertising a holistic therapy room which I ended up renting for the next year and a half. Had I followed my logic, it is unlikely that would have happened.

Curiously, I made it to work still with five minutes to spare, even by the much longer route. I have countless examples of similar events and anecdotes in my own life, and I am sure you probably have one or two too. When you can start to remember these in a positive light, and when you learn and yearn to trust yourself even more, then you will. Trust in your intuition is a wonderful asset to have in any walk of life, and you can grow it with simple everyday activities if you choose to. You can read more about that in Chapter 18.

Intention, Imagination & Intuition

Working with the three I's needs to become second-nature to you when you are developing yourself in the energy world. In the same way that mirror-signal-manoeuvre becomes an instinctive and automatically remembered process when you been driving a car for a while, then positively using your intention, listening to your imagination, and trusting your intention are key skills along your energetic management and spiritual development road.


Sacred Space and Time

"Sacred space is another way of saying with intention"

S Kelley Harrell

Sacred Space

Having a sacred or special place for you in which to practice some of the ideas and techniques in this book is very valuable. That does not necessarily mean that you must have a dedicated room, though if you do, that is perfect. Creating a space or spot in your living area where you come to get in touch with yourself and your Soul has meaning, for it sends a message to all parts of you that are making the effort. And making that effort is in some ways more important than the actual result.

If you have a flat or house, you might like to dedicate a room or section of it to your practice. If you have only have one room in which you live or limited space, then you might choose to dedicate a corner or small area of it to be a sacred space for you. If possible, try and be consistent in the actual space that you use, i.e. avoid changing rooms or corners every couple of days. Strange as it might sound, the more you actually use that same space for carrying out your energy management practice, then the more that space will respond to you.

Objects which you value and consider sacred can be placed in this area. The choice is obviously yours, though perhaps a candle, incense, totem of some description, pictures, crystals, or anything else which you consider meaningful will help to create the ideal energy in this space for you. Some people like to have representations of the four elements in their space: for example air=incense, candle=fire, crystal=earth, and a glass of water or whatever takes your fancy for the water element. This is a lovely way to invoke the positive energy of the natural world into your sacred space, and it can be tremendously helpful for your overall well-being to honour the elements in this way. If you would like to go a step further, then you might like to place air pointing east in your space, fire to the south, water to the west and earth to the north, and honour the four directions as well as the four elements. When creating your sacred space remember that the quality or amount of space that you have to practice in and the quality of the objects that you put into it are both secondary to the intention that you put into your space.

Please note that if your space is part of an area that you have to share with others, then it is worth speaking to those whom you share it with, and asking them to acknowledge and respect what it means for you. If that is something that is genuinely unachievable, then start thinking about looking for a different space, where you can maintain your own energetic integrity more comfortably and easily.

Sacred Time

Just as valuable as sacred space is sacred time. Reflect for a moment on what a wonderful message you are sending to yourself if you make the decision to spend five or even fifteen quality minutes each morning practicing some simple, yet highly beneficial techniques that enhance your energy, and thus brighten up your day and your prospects for that day and each day that follows it.

When you can make regular time for yourself each day, then you are reinforcing a powerful and positive message to yourself. You might be able to do this as soon as you get out of bed, though if not, any time is perfectly good. The amount of time is of secondary importance to the value and intention that you put into what time you actually have available to you. If you only have five minutes in the morning because of important commitments, then use that time wisely and with a good, clear focus and intention. If though, you only have five minutes because you cannot be bothered to get out of bed each day, then you probably are not approaching your time with yourself with the best of intentions.

By the way, it is entirely possible to use some of the suggestions in this book while lying comfortably in bed. It is perhaps not the perfect spot, though nonetheless they still work wherever you are with a good intention behind them.

Remember when making your time sacred, that intention is key. When you do things by rote, or out of some form of halfhearted obligation, then that also reflects into the intention of whatever it is that you are doing. So, when you are making some of your valuable time available to practice energy techniques, then I suggest that you do them with a good level of enthusiasm and positivity in order to maximise the effect that you might get out of them. Otherwise, why are you bothering?


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Table of Contents

Foreword, vii,
Preface, ix,
Introduction, xv,
Chapter 1 The Three I's Intention, Imagination & Intuition, 1,
Chapter 2 Sacred Space and Time, 9,
Chapter 3 Synchronicity, 13,
Chapter 4 Grounding, 17,
Chapter 5 Energy Protection, 31,
Chapter 6 Clearing Your Energy, 48,
Chapter 7 Putting It All Together, 54,
Chapter 8 Cutting Cords, 58,
Chapter 9 Relaxing With the Breath, 67,
Chapter 10 Meditation, 74,
Chapter 11 Reflection and Journaling, 80,
Chapter 12 Gratitude, 86,
Chapter 13 Positive Self-Talk, 93,
Chapter 14 Affirmations, 98,
Chapter 15 Ho'Oponopono, 109,
Chapter 16 The Inner Smile, 115,
Chapter 17 Mantra, 120,
Chapter 18 Intuitive Answers, 125,
Chapter 19 Clutter Clearing, 133,
Chapter 20 Love Your Self, 141,
Chapter 21 Routine is the Route In, 155,
Chapter 22 Essential Basics, 159,
Footnote, 163,
Appendix A, 165,
The Main Chakras, 165,
Appendix B, 171,
Exercises in this Book, 171,
Appendix C, 173,
Available Audio Recordings, 173,
About the Author, 175,

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