Gifts of Mother Earth: Earth Energies, Vortexes, Lines, and Grids

Gifts of Mother Earth: Earth Energies, Vortexes, Lines, and Grids

by Jaap van Etten


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Join the author on a powerful journey of discovery, remembering, and reconnecting.

We live in a sea of energies. These energies are all part of Earth. Our ancestors knew these gifts of Mother Earth and used them to support their lives and spirituality in many ways. Contemporary man has mostly forgotten that these energies exist, let alone that these energies hold such wonderful gifts.

The author has spent twenty years extensively studying many different Earth energies. This has enabled him to describe the qualities of these energies and how they flow on the earth.


Energies that help us to balance and align our meridians and chakras

Energies that support and help expand of our consciousness and awareness

Crystalline energies that form the support of life on Earth

Morphogenetic fields that determine our potential

The heritage of the ancestors

Our human history seen from a consciousness point of view

His studies also show the tendency of humankind to move into higher levels of consciousness, confirming what many feel is happening: a shift.

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ISBN-13: 9781891824869
Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2011
Pages: 249
Sales rank: 640,448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction xv

How to Read This Book xvi

Why I Wrote This Book xvi

Metaphysical Ecology xviii

The Explicate Order and the Implicate Order xix

Everything is Interconnected xx

Endnotes xxii

1 An Introduction to Metaphysical Ecology 1

We are in a Time of Scientific Materialism 2

Natural and Artificial Energies 3

Electromagnetic Energies 4

The Role of the Brain 6

Brain Waves and Brain States 6

The Schumann Resonance Frequencies 9

The Role of the Heart 10

Comparing the Heart and the Brain 11

Subtle Energies 13

The Three Components of All Subtle Energy Systems 14

An Overview of What's to Come 15

Endnotes 17

2 How to Connect with Earth Energies 19

Preparing to Connect: a Meditation 21

Vortex Vibrational Essences 24

Protecting Your Energies during Meditation 26

Endnotes 28

3 Lower-Frequency Subtle Energy Systems of Earth 29

The Hartmann Grid 30

The Curry Grid 32

The Benker Grid 33

How Harmful are Hartmann, Curry, and Benker Grids? 34

How to Transform Disturbed Energies 37

Basic Yin and Yang Grids 37

Use Thought to Change the Energy of the Grid System 41

Endnotes 43

4 Higher Subtle Earth Energies 1: Earth Meridian Lines and Vortexes 45

The Human Meridian System 45

The Twelve Major Meridians 47

A Description of the Functions of the Twelve Meridians 49

The Meridian Flow 51

Acupuncture/Acupressure Points 52

The Earth Meridian System 53

Personal Experiences with Meridians 57

The Twelve Earth Meridians Promote Physical Well-Being 58

Endnotes 59

5 Higher Subtle Earth Energies 2: Earth Chakra Lines and Vortexes 61

The Seven Human Body Chakras 62

A Chakra is a Vortex 63

The Chakra Pairs 64

Chakras and Our Personal Development 66

Developing the First Chakra (1 to 7) 67

Developing Personal Relationships (8 to 14) 68

Developing Self-Worth (15 to 21) 69

Changing Conditional Love into Unconditional love (22 to 28) 70

Expressing Who We are (29 to 35) 70

Developing Intuition (36 to 42) 71

Connecting with Our Souls (43 to 49) 71

The Seven Body Chakras 72

The Spiritual Triangle of the Subtle Energy Bodies 74

The Five Subtle Energy Bodies as Related to the Twelve Chakras 77

The Twelve Chakra System 80

The Earth Chakra System 81

Earth Chakras on Surface Lines 82

Earth Chakra Vortexes versus Human Chakras 83

Personal Experiences 86

The Earth Chakra System Provides Balance 87

Endnotes 88

6 Human Third-Dimensional Collective Consciousness Grids: The Twelve Triad System 89

Consciousness and Awareness 90

The State of "Isness" 92

Mind and Brain 93

The Triad System 96

The Twelve Triad System 98

The One Triad Grid: A Tree Grid 100

The Two Triad, Three Triad, and Four Triad Grids 101

The Five Triad Grid 102

The Six Triad and Seven Triad Grids 103

The Eight Triad, Nine Triad, and Ten Triad Grids 105

The Eleven Triad and Twelve Triad Grids 105

Lines and Vortexes with One and Twelve Different Frequencies 106

Connecting with Triad Vortexes 106

A Shift in Consciousness 108

Better Understanding of the Relationship Between Chakras and Consciousness 109

Endnotes 110

7 Christ/Unity Consciousness Grids 111

Research Results 115

The Evolution of Human Consciousness 120

Endnotes 121

8 Communication Lines 123

Communication Lines Appear Between Similar Structures 124

When the Ancients Built Sacred Spaces 125

The Sedona Landscape Temple 128

Communication Lines Are a Source of Information 131

Ancestral Energies 131

Ancestral Energies and Communication Lines of Atlantis and Lemuria 132

"United States" of Lemuria 135

Atlantis in Mallorca 138

The Communication Lines of the Sacred Geometry People 142

Communication Lines and the White-Robed People 144

Ancestral Energies in the Sedona Area 148

The Modern Settlers 149

The Yavapai Apaches 149

The Sinagua 150

Archaic Hunter-Gatherers 151

Paleo-Americans and Paleo-Indians 152

Lemurians 152

Sacred Geometry People and the White-Robed People 152

The Energies of Our Ancestors 153

Endnotes 154

9 Other Consciousness Grids: Dolphin, Whale, and White Buffalo 155

Dolphins 156

The Different Dolphin Species and Their Roles 158

Whales 159

Whale Species and Their Roles 159

White Buffalo 160

Many Animals Offer Energy Consciousness Now 162

Endnotes 163

10 Crystalline Grids 165

A Dynamic and Incomplete System 166

Development of the Crystalline Grid 167

Etheric Crystalline Structures 168

Crystalline Grids as Mentioned by Others 170

Stone Structures 172

The Crystalline Grid Must Be Activated through Human Activity 173

Endnotes 174

11 Morphogenetic Fields and Grids 175

Research into the Morphogenetic Grid 178

The Morphogenetic Grid of Mother Nature 180

Morphogenetic Grids of Elementals, Fairies, and Devas 183

Elemental Grids 184

The Devic Grids 186

The Importance of Morphogenetic Fields and Grids 188

Endnotes 190

12 Portals 191

We Create Portals 192

Portals to Parallel Realities or Other Dimensions of Earth 195

Portals that Lead to Other Places and Dimensions in the Universe 196

Portal Networks and Single Portals 198

Endnotes 200

13 Effects of Human Activities on the Different Grid Systems 201

Our Effects on Earth Meridian, Earth Chakra, and Triad Grids 201

Large-Scale and Small-Scale Effects 205

Human Effects on Other Grids 207

Endnotes 208

14 How Earth Energies Support Human Evolution 209

The Creation of Different Realities 211

My Own Spiritual Devolution and Evolution 212

The Devolution and Evolution of Earth and Humankind 212

What Happens When We Shift Human Reality? 214

Circles and the New Earth 216

Human Evolution in the Now 216

Morphogenetic Grids and Human Evolution 217

The New Children 218

The Shift, 2012, and Human Spiritual Evolution 221

Endnotes 223

Bibliography 225

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