Girl Monster

Girl Monster


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Conceived as a mix album tying Chicks on Speed's music to likeminded artists of the past and present, Girl Monster also works as a loving history of underground music made mostly by women from the '70s to the 2000s. This sprawling, three-disc collection spans 61 songs from acts that are too fierce or too weird to conform to the airbrushed, mainstream image of female pop stars, or "fembots," as they're wittily described in "Girl Monster Intro." Since Chicks on Speed's main influences are punk and electronic music, those are the sounds that are most represented on Girl Monster, usually fused together, as on Le Tigre's shout-out track "Hot Topic" and Kevin Blechdom's saucy "Me Saw Me Momma." And while most of the songs here lean toward the energetic and emphatic, there are plenty of quiet, pretty moments, such as Barbara Morgenstern's "Mountain Place," Pam Hogg's "Honeyland," and Hanayo's "Pita Pata" that provide thoughtful respites from the more uptempo tracks. The collection's roster of artists reads like a "who's who" of forward-thinking rock and electronic performers: Hanin Elias, Ana Da Silva, Tina Weymouth, the Slits, Delta 5, Björk, Liliput, and the Raincoats are just the beginning. However, Girl Monster's most exciting moments come from discovering the "who's that?" artists, and the sheer number of performers represented ends up emphasizing the creative spirit that they have in common. Girl Monster's only flaw, if it can be called that, is that the collection doesn't offer more detailed historical information on the artists included here, especially since enough of these acts -- both historical and current -- might not be well known to even the hippest audiences. However, the essays and photo collages in the liner notes, which include pieces by the Raincoats' Shirley O'Loughlin and www.Perfect Sound's Jason Gross, evoke the spirit of rebellion, fun, expression, and subversive glamour that the music embodies. Girl Monster celebrates all of these qualities and more; even better, you don't have to be a girl to appreciate how great this collection is.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/31/2006
Label: Chicks On Speed
UPC: 0880918103327
catalogNumber: 33
Rank: 72703

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Robert Wyatt   Percussion
Keith Levene   Guitar
Viv Albertine   Guitar,Vocals
Vicki Aspinall   Violin
Steve Beresford   Toy Piano,Musician
Dorit Chrysler   Hammond Organ,Theremin,Vocals
Tessa Pollitt   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Thomas Wydler   Drums
Andy Caine   Guitar,Vocals
Lady Miss Kier   Vocals
Carl Oesterhelt   Synthesizer
Tobi Vail   Drums,Vocals
Bill Karren   Bass
Vivien Goldman   Vocals
Wonderful Cindy   Rap
Ariane Forster   Vocals
John Hoy Taylor   Sounds
Lex Vaughn   Drums
Michaela Melián   Guitar,Cello,Melodica
Sarah Adorable   Rap
Christian Heiß   electronics
George Levi "Oban"   Bass,Percussion
Keeley Nova   Background Vocals
Shooz   Drums
Wolf   Guitar
Bruce Smith   Drums

Technical Credits

David Bowie   Composer
Bryan Ferry   Composer
Phil Manzanera   Composer
Raincoats   Composer
Keith Levene   Producer
Delta 5   Producer
Björk   Composer
Dorit Chrysler   Composer
Ana Da Silva   Composer,Producer
Brian Eno   Composer
John Lydon   Producer
Bethan Peters   Composer
Johnny Thunders   Composer
Ingrid Weiss   Composer
Adam Kidron   Producer
Nick Raphael   Producer
Juliette Lewis   Composer,Producer
Rob Warr   Producer
Cristian Vogel   Producer
Susanne Brokesch   Producer
Carl Oesterhelt   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Gudrun Gut   Composer,Producer
Pam Hogg   Composer
Shirley O'Loughlin   Liner Notes
Marc Collin   Composer,Producer
Todd Morse   Composer
Potuznik   Producer
Hanin Elias   Composer,Producer
Alan Riggs   Composer
Chicks on Speed   Composer
Chris Carter   Producer
Eric D. Clark   Audio Production
Cobra Killer   Composer
Joe "Flip" Wilson   Producer
Vivien Goldman   Composer,Producer
Vicki Bennett   Composer,Producer
Brezel Göring   Producer
Cat5   Producer
Kathleen Hanna   Composer
Sue Denim   Composer
Jason Gross   Liner Notes
Chris Corner   Producer
Kelvin Knight   Composer
Alex Murray-Leslie   Concept
Cem Oral   Producer
Chris Sutton   Producer,Engineer
Sadie Benning   Composer
Johanna Fateman   Composer
Hanayo   Composer
Erase Errata   Composer
Kevin Blechdom   Composer
Barbara Morgenstern   Composer,Producer
Pete Doherty   Art Direction
Brian Hock   Composer
Valerie Trebeljahr   Composer
Catriona Shaw   Producer
Scott Fairbrother   Art Direction
Ariane Forster   Composer,Producer
Mignon Baer   Composer,Producer
Jason Buckle   Composer,Producer
Boyskout   Composer
Randy Funke   Engineer
Alexis Marsh   Producer
Pauline Boudry   Composer,Producer
Lesbians on Ecstasy   Producer
Michaela Melián   Producer
Vicki Churchill   Producer,Engineer
Kemble Walters   Composer
Paul Ill   Composer
Katastrophe   Composer
Buck Snow   Engineer
Planningtorock   Composer
Alice Daquet   Producer
Jeffrey Saltzman   Producer,Engineer
Joe Robinson   Producer
Vincent Thierion   Composer
Bettina Köster   Composer
Ben Adorable   Producer
Sarah Adorable   Composer
Ella Bandita   Composer,Producer
Joey Casio   Producer
Cherry Sunkist   Producer
Cobra Kille   Producer
Creatures   Producer
Marcel Degaz   Producer
Leonard DeLeonard   Producer
Disc O Dell   Producer
Adam Eve   Producer
Marika Gauci   Composer,Producer
Eva Jantschitsch   Producer
Kids on TV   Producer
Susanne Kirchmayr   Composer,Producer
Joem Kronstaedter   drum programming
Miss Pain   Producer
Susanne Oberbeck   Composer,Producer
Lucy O'Brien   Liner Notes
Physician   Producer,Engineer
Pil Galia Kollctiv   Collage
Richard the   Producer
Christine Robertson   Management
A. Scholar   Producer,Engineer
Andre Tietze   Producer
Nicky Intl Veld   Producer
Wölfel   Producer
Jason Morris   Composer
John Caffery   Composer
Simon Best   Composer
Cindy Wonderful   Composer
Leila Arab   Composer
Dominic "Mocky" Salole   Composer
Scott Kerr   beats

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