Giving Behaviours and Social Cohesion: How People Who 'Give' Make Better Communities

Giving Behaviours and Social Cohesion: How People Who 'Give' Make Better Communities

by Lorna Zischka




Relationships between people are known to impact our quality of life, and the cohesive nature of those relationships can be evaluated by the time and money that people put into them. In this book, Lorna Zischka explores ways in which a person’s willingness to ‘give’ both reflects and generates social cohesion.

Zischka draws together two distinct bodies of literature; on social capital and on generosity, as well as analysing UK data to reveal the strong links between ‘giving’ patterns and community cohesion. Reacting to the needs and interests of others brings communities together, building positive relationships and enabling people to work together more effectively.

Welfare policy can be improved by directing attention to the relationships that underlie ‘giving’, and as such this book is an important read for community development practitioners and policy makers. Finding out if a programme stimulates more people to ‘give’ represents a measurable goal that has a tangible impact on social cohesion. This is also a valuable read for social science scholars wishing to explore the feedback loops between thriving communities and the act of ‘giving’.

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ISBN-13: 9781788114196
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Publication date: 03/29/2019
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Lorna Zischka, University of Reading, UK

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface 1. Why ‘interpersonal relationships’ need to be included in measures of wellbeing 2. Social capital: a framework for understanding interpersonal relationships 3. Joining the dots between ‘cohesive relationships’ and ‘generosity’ 4. Evidence of links between prosocial motivation, giving behaviours and welfare 5. The trustworthiness of other people and personal inclination: two distinct drivers of giving 6. The impact of a cohesive social environment on giving behaviours 7. The impact of giving behaviours on a cohesive social environment 8. People who ‘give’ make better communities: summary and implications A non-technical note on the interpretation of the regression tables Acknowledgements References and Data Index

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