God, Our Universal Self: A Primer for Future Christian Metaphysics

God, Our Universal Self: A Primer for Future Christian Metaphysics

by Joseph Adam Pearson Ph.D.


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With the publication of this book, the author has completed his trilogy on Christian metaphysics. (Each of the three books in the series may be used on a stand-alone basis.)

The author's first book, entitled "As I See It: The Nature of Reality by God," is intended to be read first in the series. It is written as a narrative in the first person singular as if God were writing in order to more fully engage readers in their introduction to Christian metaphysics.

The author's second book, entitled "Divine Metaphysics of Human Anatomy," is intended to be read last in the series. After the author wrote it, he recognized the need for a more basic book on Christian metaphysics - a primer of sorts - not for understanding past works on Christian metaphysics by other authors but for future studies on Christian metaphysics that would make it more understandable and practical for students to use during the third millennium of the Christian era.

This current book, entitled "God, Our Universal Self: A Primer for Future Christian Metaphysics," is meant to be read second in the series - after "As I See It: The Nature of Reality by God" but before "Divine Metaphysics of Human Anatomy." Whereas the first book is meant to help students understand how to look at life from the standpoint of Christian metaphysics, this second book is meant to help the reader think metaphysically and solve problems daily using Christian metaphysics. The third book completes the trilogy by presenting a detailed view of the human body from the standpoint of contemporary Christian metaphysics; it is intended for advanced students of Christian metaphysics.

All three books, taken together, will help their readers understand how spiritual reality and physical reality are interwoven. The three books will also enable readers to harmonize mainstream Christianity with Christian metaphysics by helping them to see that the two areas are complementary and not contradictory. Finally, the trilogy will enable readers to harmonize Biblical truth with facts and well-grounded theories from the natural sciences. (The only way to harmonize some aspects of the two is through Christian metaphysics.)

All three books will be useful not only to Christians before the return of Christ Jesus but also to those living during his Millennial rule on earth: At the time of their initial publication, these three books are the only books that have been written intentionally for a readership living during the 1,000 years that Christ Jesus reigns on earth.

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ISBN-13: 9780985772857
Publisher: Christ Evangelical Bible Institute
Publication date: 11/11/2013
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson is a college and university educator with more than forty years of classroom and administrative experience. Dr. Pearson has been the International President and Chief Executive Officer of Christ Evangelical Bible Institute (CEBI) for over twenty years. In this capacity, he still oversees thriving branch campuses of CEBI in India, the Philippines, and Tanzania.

Currently, Dr. Pearson spends the majority of his time developing, designing, and deploying curriculum for Christian education nationally and internationally. And he preaches, teaches, and leads international crusades as well as provides group pastoral training in global mission settings.

During his professional life, Dr. Pearson has also served in the role of Senior Pastor of Healing Waters Ministries in Tempe, Arizona and as Dean of Instruction for Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona, where he was founding instructional dean for its Red Mountain Campus as well as Director of its Extended Campus.

Dr. Pearson believes that after we are saved, and at the same time we are being sanctified, our individual lives and deeds are part of an "application" for the jobs that we will each hold during Christ Jesus' Millennial reign on earth. Dr. Pearson's greatest goal is to be chosen as one of the many committed Christian educators during that period of time.

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