Going Beyond the Pairs: The Coincidence of Opposites in German Romanticism, Zen, and Deconstruction

Going Beyond the Pairs: The Coincidence of Opposites in German Romanticism, Zen, and Deconstruction

by Dennis McCort

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In Going beyond the Pairs, Dennis McCort examines the theme of the coincidentia oppositorum-the tendency of a thing or relationship to turn, under certain conditions, into its own opposite-as it is expressed in German Romanticism, Zen Buddhism, and deconstruction. McCort argues that the coincidentia can be useful for understanding and comparing a variety of cultural forms, including systems of myth, religions ancient and modern, laws of social organization, speculative philosophies East and West, psychological theories and therapeutic practices, and dynamic organizing principles of music, art, and literature. The book touches on a variety of Western and Eastern writers and thinkers, including Thomas Merton, Jacques Derrida, Nishida Kitaro, Rainer Maria Rilke, Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Franz Kafka, Novalis, Renzai Zen, J. D. Salinger, and the mysterious, doughnut-loving editor of the medieval Chinese koan collection, Mumonkan.

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ISBN-13: 9780791490419
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 09/18/2009
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About the Author

Dennis McCort is Associate Professor of German at Syracuse University and the author of States of Unconsciousness in Three Tales by C. F. Meyer and Perspectives on Music in German Fiction: The Music-Fiction of Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl.

Table of Contents



1. Figure: What Is German Romanticism (noch einmal), or The Limits of Scholarship

2. Merton's “Rilke,” Rilke's “Merton”: From an Unpublished Notebook

3. Killing Kafka Koans: West Meets East

4. Interface: Identity/Difference/Prestidigitation

5. East Meets West: Zen and Rilke in Salinger's Catcher

6. Without an Object, without a Subject: The Consciousness of Franklin Merrell-Wolff

7. Ground: German Romanticism, Zen, and Deconstruction



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