Golf List Mania!: The Most Authoritative and Opinionated Rankings of the Best and Worst of the Game

Golf List Mania!: The Most Authoritative and Opinionated Rankings of the Best and Worst of the Game

by Len Shapiro, Ed Sherman

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From Best Courses to Biggest Chokes, Most Underrated to Worst-Dressed Golfers, Golf List Mania! includes 120 lists that will inform and entertain. Includes contributions by personalities including Jack Nicklaus, David Feherty, and more, plus a Foreword by Jim Nantz. Why you'll enjoy this book:
5. Contributions from famous golf writers. You'll get the perspective from some of the best in the business.
4. Lists from the greats, including golf's "Big 3": Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player. It doesn't get much better than that.
3. A walk through golf history from Young and Old Tom Morris to Tiger Woods. You'll learn a thing or two along the way.
2. There are no right answers. The fun part of this book is the debates that they spark. I'm sure there will be lists when you go, "That guy is a complete idiot." Isn't that the essence of golf and sports?
1. The next best thing to playing golf is reading about golf. You also make fewer bogeys that way. My good friends, Ed and Len, have compiled more than 100 juicy and interesting lists that are sure to entertain. I hope you enjoy this unique look at the game we all love. --From the Foreword

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ISBN-13: 9780762442300
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Publication date: 04/26/2011
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Leonard Shapiro is a sportswriter for the Washington Post and past president of the Golf Writers Association of America. He lives outside Washington, D.C. Ed Sherman was a sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune for 27 years, has a golf blog on Crain's Chicago Business, and hosts "The Scorecard," on WCSR-AM 670 in Chicago. He lives in Chicago, Illinois

Table of Contents

Foreword Jim Nantz 9

Introduction 13

My Five Most Memorable Golf Shots Arnold Palmer 14

My Five Most Important Victories Arnold Palmer 15

Golf from A to Z 16

Why We (Occasionally) Hate Golf 18

Why We (Occasionally) Love Golf 21

Ten Free-Spirited Favorites 23

Best U.S. Opens 26

The Funny Irishman: David Feherty's Best Lines 28

Your Rights Under the Rules 31

Best Bodies 33

Worst Bodies/Best Golfers 35

Charles and Tiger 37

Fantasy Foursomes 39

Shark Bites 41

Phil's Runner-Up Blues 43

Top Lefties 45

Worst Words in Golf 47

Top Ten Golf Movies 49

Great Caddyshack Pick-up Lines 51

Tuning in to Better Golf on Television Lance Barrow 52

They Have Style 54

Nine Most Underrated Golfers 56

Ten Most Overrated Players 58

Best Players Never to Win a Major 61

Best Players to Win Only a Single Major 63

Want to Bet? 66

My All-Time Favorite Golf Courses Jack Nicklaus 68

My Five Favorite Victories Jack Nicklaus 70

Runner-up Jack 71

Golf's Greatest Traditions 73

Class Acts 76

Eight (Jerks) Is Enough 80

Up Close and Personal Jiyai Shin 82

The South Korean (Women's) Invasion Ron Sirak 84

Golf's No. 1 Enemy: Slow Play 86

Amateur Hour: The Top All-Time Amateurs 88

Hooray for Golf in the Olympics 91

No Gold for Golf 93

The Wit and Wisdom of Lee Trevino 95

Ups and Mostly Splashdowns on 17 97

Best Ryder Cups 100

Best Ryder Cup Players 103

My Top Ten in Golf Fiction John Garrity 106

Greatest Shots of All Time 108

The Best Nicknames 111

Par for a President 113

Your Honor, Mr. President 116

Around the World Dave Kindred 119

Bats and Balls 121

The Numbers John Daly 122

Notable Athlete-Golfers 124

Entertaining Golfers 126

Inspiring Players Ai Miyazato 129

Aussie Rules Ian Baker-Finch 130

Memorable Masters 133

Stuff You Probably Never Knew About the Masters 136

Beyond the Green Jacket 138

Augusta National: The Bad and the Ugly 140

The Case for Women Joining Augusta National 143

Most Exclusive American Golf Clubs 145

The Ten Best Courses You Can Play 148

Fathers and Sons 150

My Ten Favorite Go-To Golfers John Feinstein 153

Dan Jenkins His Own Self Dan Jenkins 156

Hogan's Greatest Triumphs Dan Jenkins 159

Grip It and Sip It 160

Drink and Be Merry 162

Losing It 164

My Ten Commandments of Life Gary Player 167

The Perfect Golfer 169

The Differences Between the Pros and Us 171

The Great Bob Jones Errie Ball 173

The Best Errie Ball 175

Best Ball Strikers 176

Best Short Games 178

Best Putters 180

World Golf Hall of Fame Jack Peter 182

Best British Opens 184

Best Tournament to Cover: British Open Joe Logan 187

Golf Clichés 191

The Top Ten Misused Terms in Golf Travis Lesser 193

Favorite Moments Jim Namtz 195

Yo, Teach 197

Sweetest Swings 199

Surprise Major Winners 201

The Biggest Upsets 204

Biggest Chokes 206

The Ten Greatest Champions Tour Players Vartan Kupelian 210

The Greatest PGA Championships 212

Memorable Interviews Peter Kessler 215

Things We Detest About Golf 218

Best Rounds 220

Tiger 2K 222

Tiger and Marriage 224

Tiger in the Rough 226

Golf Is a Sport 229

Golf Isn't a Sport Greg Couch 231

Golf Would Be Better If 233

Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Play Golf Joe Louis Barrow 235

Top Player-Caddy Teams 237

Fluff Stuff Mike "Fluff" Cowan 240

Annika's Greatest Hits: Annika Sorenstam's Dozen Greatest Golf Moments 243

Best Pro Tournaments Other Than the Majors 249

Nationwide on Their Side 251

The (Sometimes) Honorable Penalty Box 253

Top Ten African American Professional Golfers You Probably Never Heard of Pete McDaniel 256

Oy Vey, Can They Play 258

So Close Yet So Far Away 260

The Odds-Hole-in-One 263

The Odds-Double Eagle 264

Sound with a Little Fury 265

Résumé Gaps 267

Ed's Favorite Memories 269

Len's Favorite Memories 272

The All-Time Top Twenty LPGA Golfers 275

Top Twenty Men Players of All Time 279

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