Got Ideas?: How to Turn Your Ideas into Products People Want to Use

Got Ideas?: How to Turn Your Ideas into Products People Want to Use

by Justin Jones, Scott Waddell


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This concise, easy-to-read manual will walk you through the steps of creating great apps and other digital products. With an unwavering focus on user experience and a commitment to ongoing iteration, the authors break down all the elements and exercises that go into creating products people won’t just buy, but will love to use.

You’ll learn about:

  • The foundation of all great digital products, including finding your vision, mapping your user journey, and always mapping your strategy back to your goals

  • How to conduct lean, mean research without a lot of time or money

  • Which development methodology will work best for you, your product, and your scaling team

  • Why user-centric design is integral to any successful product today

  • The secrets to building a small, effective startup team

  • How to bring your business model to life and attract the right investors at the right time

With hands-on, tactical instruction, you’ll create the building blocks of a great product, including:

  • Your very first proof of concept

  • A value proposition you can commit to

  • A tangible product workflow

  • A feasibility audit

  • Iterative prototypes that react to feedback and lessons learned

  • Your first pitch deck

Got Ideas? turns dreamers into viable entrepreneurs and good ideas into excellent products with great UX.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781949542035
Publisher: Rush Media
Publication date: 09/24/2018
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.69(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authors

Implementation, Your Secret Weapon

How to Read This Book

0.0 Introduction: Got Ideas?

1.0 The Foundation of Every Great Product

  • 1.1 Dig Deep, Find Your Vision
  • 1.2 Quick! Create Your Very First Proof of Concept
  • 1.3 Mind Map Your Product Back to Your Goals
  • 1.4 Diagram Your Product Workflow
  • 1.5 Map Your Users’ Journey
  • 1.6 Now, Translate Your Vision into User-Centric Design
  • 1.7 Bow Down to the Principles of Human-Centric Design
  • 1.8 Align Your Goals to Platforms
  • 1.9 Always Remember That You Are Not the User

2.0 Lean, Mean Research

  • 2.1 Conduct Quick and Dirty Research
  • 2.2 Enter the Almighty Usability Study
  • 2.3 Execute a Feasibility Audit
  • 2.4 Align Every Decision Back to Your Vision
  • 2.5 Use Data to Build Capability

3.0 True North: the Right Development Methodology for You

  • 3.1 Know the Cascading Costs of Waterfall
  • 3. 2 Is Agile Still Relevant?
  • 3.3 Prototype Faster, Learn Better: RAD
  • 3.4 Choose the Methodology for You… As Long as It’s RAD

4.0 The RAD Iterative Build Process

  • 4.1 Make
  • 4.2 Show
  • 4.3 Measure
  • 4.4 Learn
  • 4.5 React

5.0 The Secrets of Effective Teams

  • 5.1 Develop an Integrated Team
  • 5.2 Be a Good Boss
  • 5.3 Stay Small, but Deliver Big
  • 5.4 Hire People Who Get Stuff Done!
  • 5.5 Find Your Sweet Spot with Employee / Contractor Balance
  • 5.6 Lure the Right Developers
  • 5.7 Match Your Developers to Your Tech Stack

6.0 Ideas That Sell on Every Front

  • 6.1 How Valuable Is Your Value Proposition?
  • 6.2 Bring Your Business Model to Life
  • 6.3 Know Your Audience: The Fine Art of Framing
  • 6.4 Create a Pitch-Perfect Pitch
  • 6.5 Make a Meaningful Impression
  • 6.6 Consider Your Odds: To VC or Not to VC

7.0 The Right and Wrong Time to Quit Your Day Job

8.0 Competing with Bureaucrats

9.0 The Miracles of Failure

10.0 The Playbook to Get ‘er Done

11.0 22 Tips to Market Your Product

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