Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Box Set]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Box Set]


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Part of the pleasure of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto games is that they create their own world filled with clever, imaginative details, and one of the most obvious and satisfying of those details is the radio stations they create for their GTA games. It's not just that there's a variety of stations covering different genres, it's that the song selection is sharp and endlessly listenable -- which is a big bonus if you're going to spend hours listening to these stations as you complete game missions. San Andreas, their 2004 installment of the series, it the most ambitious yet, recreating the Southern California of the early '90s, starting in a re-creation of Los Angeles and then expanding to variations on Las Vegas and San Francisco. The music to the game is similarly sprawling, not just covering the omnipresent gangsta rap and grunge of 1991/1992, but also classic soul, reggae, classic rock, new jack swing, classic hip-hop, and country. There are many hits here, but what brings these stations to life is that each has some idiosyncratic selections, choosing songs that aren't widely heard on the radio, whether it's such album tracks as David Bowie's "Somebody Up There Likes Me" or such country gems as Jerry Reed's "Amos Moses." Both of these appear in the game, but the accompanying eight-disc box set soundtrack only contains the latter, presumably due to licensing restrictions. There are a few other songs that appear in the game that aren't here, but this isn't a set for music collectors, it's a set for fans of the game who want enough of the highlights from each of the stations so they can re-create the gaming experience in their own, real-life cars (well, at least the driving aspect of it, anyway). On that level, this works tremendously well, since each of the eight discs is well sequenced and well chosen and represents its genre well. Plus, the packaging -- the size of a DVD, not CD, box set -- is very attractive and would fit nicely next to the games on the shelves, making this a cool collector's item for hardcore GTA fanatics.

Product Details

Release Date: 12/07/2004
Label: Interscope Records
UPC: 0602498649039
catalogNumber: 000377302


Disc 1

  1. Playback FM (Intro)
  2. Rebel Without a Pause
  3. Brand Nubian
  4. Children's Story
  5. You're on Playback FM
  6. I Know You Got Soul
  7. It Takes Two
  8. That Was Playback FM
  9. La Raza
  10. It's Funky Enough
  11. Guerillas in Tha Mist
  12. Hood Took Me Under
  13. How I Could Just Kill a Man
  14. I Don't Give a Fuck
  15. Ice Diamonds
  16. Commando Pest Eradication

Disc 2

  1. K-Rose (Intro)
  2. Crazy
  3. Hey Good Lookin'
  4. Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
  5. Bed of Roses
  6. You're on K-Rose
  7. Amos Moses
  8. I Love a Rainy Night
  9. All My Ex's Live in Texas
  10. Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
  11. Always Wanting You
  12. Three Cigarettes in the Ashtray
  13. That Was K-Rose
  14. Logger
  15. Starfish Resort and Casino

Disc 3

  1. Bounce FM (Intro)
  2. Hollywood Swinging
  3. Cold Blooded
  4. You Dropped a Bomb on Me
  5. Candy
  6. West Coast Poplock
  7. You're on Bounce FM
  8. I Can Make You Dance
  9. Let It Whip
  10. Running Away
  11. Funky Worm
  12. Twilight
  13. That Was Bounce FM
  14. Glory Hole Theme Park - Fun With Strangers
  15. Eris Pump Up Shoes

Disc 4

  1. K-DST (Intro)
  2. Barracuda
  3. Strutter
  4. Smokin'
  5. Some Kind of Wonderful
  6. Woman to Woman
  7. Get Down to It
  8. You're on K-DST
  9. A Horse With No Name
  10. Eminence Front
  11. Free Bird
  12. Two Tickets to Paradise
  13. Young Turks
  14. That Was K-DST
  15. Midlife Crisis Center
  16. San Andreas Telephone - New Father

Disc 5

  1. Master Sound 98.3 (Intro)
  2. The Payback
  3. Jungle Fever
  4. Think About It
  5. I Know You Got Soul
  6. Express Yourself
  7. Cross the Tracks (We Better Go Back)
  8. You're on Masters Sounds 98.3
  9. (I Got) So Much Trouble in My Mind
  10. Grunt
  11. Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba
  12. Funky President
  13. Green Onions
  14. That Was Master Sounds 98.3
  15. Cluckin' Bell
  16. Zebra Bar - Fun to Try

Disc 6

  1. CSR 103.9 (Intro)
  2. Groove Me
  3. I Got the Feeling
  4. Don't Be Cruel
  5. My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)
  6. New Jack Swing
  7. Motownphilly
  8. You're on CSR 103.9
  9. Poison
  10. So You Like What You See
  11. I'm So into You
  12. Don't Be Afraid
  13. Sensitivity
  14. That Was CSR 103.9
  15. Renegade Cologne
  16. The Epsilon Program - Covet

Disc 7

  1. K-Jah (Intro)
  2. Chase The Devil
  3. Here I Come
  4. Great Train Robbery
  5. Ring My Bell
  6. Funky Kingston
  7. King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown
  8. You're on K-Jah
  9. Bam Bam
  10. Cocaine in My Brain
  11. Don't Let It Go to Your Head
  12. Drum Pan Sound
  13. Pressure Drop
  14. That Was K-Jah
  15. South Cough Medicine
  16. Wrestling on Weazel

Disc 8

  1. Radio X (Intro)
  2. Rusty Cage
  3. Unsung
  4. Midlife Crisis
  5. Plush
  6. Killing in the Name
  7. You're on Radio X
  8. Cult of Personality
  9. Mother
  10. Personal Jesus
  11. Been Caught Stealing
  12. Pretend We're Dead
  13. That Was Radio X
  14. My Five Uncles
  15. Exsorbeo Handheld Gaming System

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jeff Berlin   Voices
Mike O'Brien   Voices
Allen Anthony   Voices
Annie Curtis   Voices
Alexandria Griffith   Voices
Robin Rush   Voices
Natalie Belcon   Voices
Tom Glynn   Voices
Jonathan Hanst   Voices
Dana Dixon   Vocals
Natalie Johnston   Voices
Jason Sweeney   Voices
Beth Cameron   Voices
Mike Blakeney   Voices
Derek Bosco   Voices
Jodi Brownlea   Vocals
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Michael Dillenberger   Voices
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Ben Krech   Voices
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Kyle McCulloch   Voices
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Andrew Ness   Vocals
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Alana Silvestro   Voices
Chris Silvestro   Voices
Keren Tsigelman   Voices
Eddie Webb   Voices
Ashley Whelan   Voices
John Zurhellen   Voices
Ed McMann   Voices
Maegan Cottone   Voices

Technical Credits

Lowell Fulson   Composer
Jimmy McCracklin   Composer
Ed Bruce   Composer
Merle Haggard   Composer
Willie Nelson   Composer
Eddie Rabbitt   Composer
Jerry Reed   Composer
Barrington Levy   Composer
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Rudolph Taylor   Composer
Tom Scholz   Composer
William Calhoun   Composer
Derek Murphy   Composer

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Box Set] 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
All the songs on this soundtrack are awsome!!! The reason i didn't give it 5 stars was, there wasn't a radio los santos. Probley the best station on the game isn't on the soundtrack!!!! But all the other songs are great. If you loved the music on the game, buy this soundtrack.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great game, great songs. But how can you not have a cd for the station Radio Los Santos--the station that best represents the mood of the game?
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is low!!! It shares a disc with Playback and not that many good tracks except for Children's Story!!! RLS is the best and is what the game is about!!! It doesn't even have every track on San Andreas, not even WCTR!!! Basically: load of cra p!!! Go to and get the San Andreas Radio to create your own San Andreas disc.