Grandpa Takes Me Fishing

Grandpa Takes Me Fishing

by John G. Desroches


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This book is the first in a series called Grandpa and Grandma. Both will deal with their grandchildren, their involvements in their lives and the love they have for their grandchildren.

There is Toby who is 7 years old and the apple in the Grandfathers eyes. Grandpa enjoys his company and loves to take him on adventurous outings. In this first book, Toby is going on a fishing trip with Grandpa. Toby loves to ride in Grandpa's Red Pickup truck and loves it when Grandpa blows the horn, it goes TOOT- TOOT.

And off course you will hear about the big one that got away and how Toby gets a surprised splashing in the river. So read on to the adventure of Toby as Grandpa takes him on a fishing excursion.

Watch for book 2, Grandma's Birthday Present to 6 year old Martha, Toby's little sister. Grandma has a big surprise for Martha on her special day.

Other titles to follow in the Grandpa series. Grandpa Shows Me the Farm;

Grandpa and I go Camping; Grandpa, Daddy and Me; Grandpa and I Garden; Grandpa's Bird House; Grandpa and I play Soccer; Grandpa in the Parade; Grandpa Takes me to School.

In the Grandma series: Grandma and I bake Cookies; Grandma Helps Me with Homework; Grandma, Mommy and I go on a Trip; Grandma and I go Shopping; Sleep Over at Grandma's ;Grandma takes me on a Picnic; Grandma and I work her Flower Garden; Grandma and I milk the Cow and Grandma Knits my puppy some Booties.

Hope you get to enjoy reading this series with your grandchildren or your grandchildren reading to you or to Mommy and Daddy even to their friends, as Grandma and Grandpa share in the lives of their grandchildren.

John G. Desroches

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ISBN-13: 9781434376411
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/16/2008
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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