Greatest Hits from Outer Space

Greatest Hits from Outer Space


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A concept so clever it's rather stunning it's never been used before, Ace's 2013 compilation Greatest Hits from Outer Space features 24 songs about the great starry sky. The bulk of these songs were cut between 1953 and 1970, a period that was the peak of pop culture Sci-Fi (the ringer is I-Roy's "Space Flight," from the late date of 1972), and there are certainly some shared images and sounds here. Flying saucers buzz by rockets to the moon, astronauts stare down little green men, Theremins vie with analog synthesizers on this spacious soundscape -- there are enough similarities to make this seem samey on paper, but this is hardly just dedicated to futuristic pop. Rockabilly wildman Billy Riley sings his frenzied ode to "Flying Saucers Rock & Roll," Lightnin' Hopkins salutes one of the first men in space with "Happy Blues for John Glenn," Moon Mullican lays down boogie woogie, and Vernon Green & the Medallions sing street corner harmonies about rocket ships, while the Ames Brothers cheerfully sing about the moon. As this suggests, part of the appeal of Greatest Hits from Outer Space is how it's not confined to any category: the disc flips between easy listening, soul, and rock & roll, spending as much time with Hollywood pizzaz as it does with backwoods fantasy. Some of the usual suspects are here -- it opens up with the theme from 2001; David Bowie's "Space Oddity," and the Byrds' "Mr. Spaceman" are both heard, as is the theme to Dr Who -- and sometimes there are fun spins on the familiar, as when Leonard Nimoy's "Theme from Star Trek" is substituted for the original, but the fun of this collection is hearing all the weird, buried rock & roll and soul that may not sound spacy but certainly are about the great unknown. It's a terrific pop cultural artifact.

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Release Date: 07/02/2013
Label: Ace Records Import
UPC: 0029667054720
catalogNumber: 6705472

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Karl Bohm   Conductor
Samuel J. Hoffman   Theremin

Technical Credits

Richard Strauss   Composer
John Stewart   Composer
Baxter   Arranger
David Bowie   Composer,Producer
Bobby Womack   Producer
Dick Hyman   Arranger
Sy Oliver   Arranger
Andy Badale   Composer
Joe Meek   Composer,Producer
Johnny Harris   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Jimmy Webb   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Norrie Paramor   Composer,Producer
Sam Hopkins   Composer
Ron Grainer   Composer
Gershon Kingsley   Arranger,Producer
Roger Armstrong   Memorabilia
Dave Burke   Memorabilia
Alexander Courage   Composer
Delia Derbyshire   Producer
Milt Gabler   Producer
Henry Glover   Composer
Kenneth S. Goldstein   Producer
Charles Randolph Grean   Producer
Jimmie Haskell   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Jonathan King   Composer
Mike Leech   Producer
Marty Manning   Composer
Mack McCormick   Producer
Roger McGuinn   Composer
Chips Moman   Producer
Lee "Scratch" Perry   Producer
Bob Reisdorff   Producer
Gene Roddenberry   Composer
David Rose   Composer
Daniel Secunda   Producer
Glen Spreen   String Arrangements
Allen Stanton   Producer
Creed Taylor   Producer
Jean-Jacques Perrey   Composer,Producer
Lee Gillette   Producer
Tony Rounce   Liner Notes,Memorabilia
Sam Phillips   Producer
Syd Nathan   Producer
Ray Scott   Composer
Milton Subotsky   Composer
Dootsie Williams   Composer,Producer
Harry Revel   Composer
Marvin Fisher   Composer
Lois Mann   Composer
Roy Alfred   Composer
Steve Venet   Producer
Michael DeKoningh   Memorabilia
Arthur Pitt   Composer
Wolfgang Lohse   Producer
Rainford Perry   Composer
Richard Hyman   Composer
Nicholas Nayfack   Producer
Cheryl Palweski   Memorabilia

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