Green Innovations and IPR Management

Green Innovations and IPR Management

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There can no longer be any doubt that promoting green innovations is essential if we are to meet the challenges of sustainable development, climate change, and intergenerational equity. With the maturity of this crucial awareness has come full recognition of the intellectual property rights of green innovators – an area of international law that has drawn a host of initiatives not only from lawyers and legal scholars but also from highly knowledgeable and well-placed authorities such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Patent Office, the United Nations Environment Program, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, the European Commission, and national environmental agencies. In this first-ever survey and analysis of the current and emerging state of the field, twenty-two outstanding practitioners, academics, policymakers, and officials describe the relevant work of all of these groups. Among the array of topics covered are the following: vast diversity of products, services, and processes; legacy IP measures from R&D in computers and semiconductors; role of green technology’s moral underpinning; wide-open startup vs. exorbitant up-front cost; and licensing issues in technology transfer. Although primarily intended for professionals concerned with the legal aspects of green technology – lawyers, policymakers, agency officials, academics – this book will also be of great value to inventors and technology companies as a guide to mechanisms for managing and sharing intellectual property rights in the context of green innovations. It is sure to engage a wide audience for years to come.

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Publication date: 03/01/2013
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Part I: Green Intellectual Property Rights. A. Green Patents. 1. Legal Aspects of Green Patents; E. L. Lane. B. Green Trademarks. 2. Legal Aspects of Green Trademarks; I. Kirchner-Freis, A. Kirchner. 3. Best Practice: Eco-Label with Brand Character: Reliable Product Labelling of Type I According to ISO; S. Heutling, I. Oehme. 4. Nordic Ecolabelling: An Introduction; R. Unge. C. Green Designs / Eco-Design. 5. Legal Aspects of Designs; M. Schötelburg, J. Pinkowski. 6. Best Practice: Developing Environmentally Friendly Products: Potentials and Challenges of Eco-Design; S. Zhao, K. Rath, H. Birkhofer. Part II: Exploiting Green Innovations. A. Technology Transfer and Licensing. 7. Technology Transfer and Licensing; I. Kirchner-Freis, A. Kirchner. B. IPR Management. 8. IP Charta as a Guideline for a Sustainable IPR Management; K. Uckel . 9. IPR Management and Technology Transfer; G. Caratti, H. Kebapci. 10. Alternative Approaches to IPR Management; I. Kirchner-Freis, A. Kirchner. Part III: Green Economy. 11. Resource Regimes and Resource-Monitoring as New Instruments of a Sustainable Resource Management; G.Müller-Christ. 12. International Climate Change and Technology Transfer: General Framework and Recent Developments; L. Schiano di Pepe. 13. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships and Technology Transfer; X. Hinrichs Oyarce. 14. Green IT; I. Richter. Part IV: Initiatives to Support Green Innovations. 15. UNEP-EPO-ICTSD Patents and Clean Energy Technology Project; B. Simmons, A. Abdel Latif, K. Karachalios. 16. WIPO Green: The Sustainable Technology Exchange; A. von der Ropp .

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