GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness

GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness


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Only by understanding the Universe as a vast, holistic system and Earth as units within it can we help restore balance to that unit.

Only by placing Earth and its ecosystems - about which we now understand so much - at the centre of all our thinking can we avert ecological disaster

Only by bringing our thinking back into balance with feeling, intuition and awareness and by grounding ourselves in a sense of the sacred in all things can we achieve a new level of consciousness.

Green spirituality is the key to a new, twenty-first century consciousness. And this book is the most comprehensive ever written on green spirituality.

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ISBN-13: 9781846942907
Publisher: Earth Books
Publication date: 04/25/2010
Pages: 293
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Satish Kumar 1

Introduction Marian Van Eyk McCain 5

Part I Understanding

Understanding the world and our place in it 13

1 Seeing Things Differently Grace Blindell 14

2 Gaia Theory and Deep Ecology Stephan Harding 36

3 What Are Humans For? Brian Swimme 50

4 Falling in Love with Gaia Susan Meeker-Lowry 60

Understanding Ourselves

5 The Crack in Everything Isabel Clarke 63

6 Reclaiming our Animal Body Tania Dolley 76

7 Ecopsychology Sandra White Chris Clarke Don Hills 85

Part II Spiritual Pathways 101

8 The Great Wheel (About Part II) Marian Van Eyk McCain 102

9 The Green '-isms' Michael Colebrook 108

10 The Four Paths Grace Blindell 115

11 Transformation June Raymond 127

12 Something is Amiss in the World of Religion Matthew Fox 130

13 Spirit in East and West Jean Hardy 139

14 On Christ June Raymond 146

15 Green Buddhism Joyce Edmond-Smith 149

16 Green Judaism: Alaskan Salmon Taught Me Bible Rabbi Jamie Korngold 154

17 The Ecology of Heart: A Sufi Journey Neil Douglas-Klotz 158

18 On Devotion and Duty: A Pagan View Emma Restall Orr 164

Part III Greening Our Culture 169

19 The Vital Shift (About Part III) Marian Van Eyk McCain 170

20 Greening Health: Full-Spectrum Wellness John Travis Meryn Callander 172

21 Greening Education (1) The Crisis in Education Matthew Fox 183

22 Greening Education (2) Touching the Earth Ruth Meyers 187

23 Greening the Law Cormac Cullinan 192

24 Greening Economics: The Post-Corporate World David Korten 200

25 Permaculture: Bringing Wisdom Down to Earth Maddy Harland 212

26 Complexity, Form and Design Jean Bee 222

Part IV Walking Our Talk 233

27 Walking the GreenSpirit Way: (About Part IV) Marian Van Eyk McCain 234

28 GreenSpirit in The UK: The Early Years Petra Griffiths 237

29 GreenSpirit Today Marian Van Eyk McCain 246

30 The Theory of Anyway Sharon Astyk Pat Meadows 256

31 Simplicity, Activism and the Fourfold Way Marian Van Eyk McCain 262

About the Contributors 270

Acknowledgments 281

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