Gun Control

Gun Control

by Tamara Roleff

Paperback(Older Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781565106628
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/1997
Series: Opposing Viewpoints Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 5.53(w) x 8.54(h) x 0.41(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?     11
Introduction     14
Is Gun Ownership a Threat to Society?
Chapter Preface     19
Guns in the Home Threaten Children's Safety   Jane E. Brody     21
The Threat of Guns in the Home Is Exaggerated   Wayne LaPierre     27
Assault Weapons Are a Threat to Public Safety$dBrady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence     32
Assault Weapons Are Not a Threat to Public Safety   Michael Caswell     38
Laws That Allow Concealed Weapons Protect Society   Michael Huemer     45
Laws That Allow Concealed Weapons Do Not Make Society Safer   Adam Lichtenheld     52
Periodical Bibliography     57
Does the Second Amendment Protect Private Gun Ownership?
Chapter Preface     59
The Individual Right to Bear Arms Is Guaranteed by the Second Amendment   Robert A. Levy     61
The Second Amendment Right Guarantees a Collective Right, Not an Individual Right$dLegal Action Project     71
The Second Amendment Permits Reasonable Regulations on Gun Ownership   Saul Cornell   Scott Vogel     83
Most Regulations on Gun Ownership Are Not Reasonable   Jason Kallini     92
Periodical Bibliography     97
Do GunControl Regulations Reduce Crime and Violence?
Chapter Preface     99
Restricting Gun Ownership Protects Society and Reduces Crime$dBrady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence     101
Restricting Gun Ownership Benefits Criminals   Robert W. Lee     110
.50-Caliber Weapons Should Be Regulated   Eli Kintisch     119
Banning .50-Caliber Weapons Would Not Reduce Gun Violence   James O.E. Norell     127
Gun Control Laws Can Reduce Gun Violence   Ik-Whan G. Kwon   Daniel W. Baack     133
Gun Control Laws Do Not Reduce Gun Violence   John Moorhouse   Mitch Kokai     140
Periodical Bibliography     145
What Measures Would Reduce Gun Violence?
Chapter Preface     147
The "Gun Show Loophole" Should Be Closed$dAmericans for Gun Safety     149
There Are No "Gun Show Loopholes"   Orrin G. Hatch     155
People on Terrorist Watch Lists Should Not Be Allowed to Buy Guns   Steven E. Roberts     161
Banning People on Terrorist Watch Lists from Buying Guns Will Be Ineffective   John R. Lott Jr.   Sonya D. Jones     166
"Stand Your Ground" Laws Are a License to Murder$     171
"Stand Your Ground" Laws Will Protect Crime Victims   David Kopel     176
Periodical Bibliography     182
For Further Discussion     183
Organizations to Contact     186
Bibliography of Books     192
Index     195

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