Guys and Dolls [1992 Broadway Revival Cast]

Guys and Dolls [1992 Broadway Revival Cast]


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By the 1990s, with ticket prices skyrocketing and the number of new musicals dropping, revivals had gained added importance on Broadway. There seemed to be two basic approaches to them. One was to revamp the vintage show, attempting to bring it up to date in terms of sound, staging, and social attitudes. The other was to faithfully recreate the original. The producers of the second Broadway revival of the 1950 musical Guys and Dolls (following an unsuccessful all-black version in 1976) largely opted for the latter approach, and looking at the material, it's easy to see why. The show, based on Damon Runyan's tales and lowlife urban characters, is not one that would respond well to an encounter with political correctness, and Frank Loesser's songs, full of street argot, were period pieces originally, so giving them new interpretations would be pointless. The 1992 Guys and Dolls wisely repeated the best of the original. At the same time, there were minor changes. The production was bigger and more exaggerated, the characterizations more cartoonish. Musically, however, very little changed. Michael Starobin added occasional touches to George Bassman and Ted Royal's original orchestrations, but mostly recreated them. And the show benefited from outstanding casting, beginning with Faith Prince in the key role of Adelaide, the longtime fiancée of gambler Nathan Detroit. Prince, part of a long line of comic Broadway actresses that includes Judy Holliday and the original Adelaide, Vivian Blaine, nailed the part and won a Tony Award for her trouble. Equally impressive was Nathan Lane as Nathan Detroit, though it must be admitted that little of his performance made it to the cast album. Guys and Dolls is sometimes referred to as a "perfect" musical, but one of its imperfections is that it was written around the vocal limitations of Sam Levene, who created the role of Nathan Detroit. Levene was tone-deaf, and thus was given very little to do in the musical numbers. Lane is a much better singer, but the part is still musically bereft. On his one major song, essentially providing patter to Prince on "Sue Me," you can hear him turning his part into more of a singing one, but he just isn't on the record very much. Happily, Peter Gallagher, an actor not much known for singing, does well with Sky Masterson, who gets the big male songs like "Luck Be a Lady." The cast album adds a couple of instrumental dance pieces ("Havana," "The Crapshooters' Dance") and a few bits of dialogue. But like the onstage production, it is essentially similar to the original. No wonder, then, that the revival, which opened on April 14, 1992, ran 1,144 performances, almost as long as the original, and no wonder that the revival cast album is almost as good as the original, too.

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Release Date: 07/14/1992
Label: Rca Victor Broadway
UPC: 0090266131723
catalogNumber: 61317

Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Nadien   Violin
Kamau Adilifu   Trumpet
Sanford Allen   Violin
Dennis Anderson   Woodwind
Melainie Baker   Violin
Julien Barber   Viola
Raymond Beckenstein   Woodwind
Joseph Bongiorno   Bass
Bruce Bonvissuto   Trombone
Glenn Drewes   Trumpet
Katsuko Esaki   Violin
Barry Finclair   Violin
David Gale   Trumpet
Juliet Haffner   Viola
Eric Kivnick   Percussion
Scott Kuney   Guitar
Robert Lawrence   Violin
Jesse Levine   Viola
Roy Lewis   Violin
Charles McCracken   Cello
Earl McIntyre   Trombone
Brian O'Flaherty   Trumpet
Stan Page   Vocals
Seymour Red Press   Woodwind
Faith Prince   Vocals,Track Performer
Jim Pugh   Trombone
Clay Ruede   Cello
Glenn Rhian   Percussion
Robert Steen   Woodwind
Edward Strauss   Conductor
Marti Sweet   Violin
Jeffrey Szabo   Cello
Mitsue Takayama   Viola
Roger Wendt   French Horn
Masako Yanagita   Violin
Lawrence Yurman   Conductor
Wally Kane   Woodwind
Nathan Lane   Vocals,Track Performer
Ernie Sabella   Vocals
Peter Gallagher   Vocals,Track Performer
Walter Bobbie   Vocals,Track Performer
Denise Faye   Vocals,Track Performer
Greta Martin   Vocals,Track Performer
J.K. Simmons   Vocals,Track Performer
Victoria Clark   Vocals,Track Performer
Timothy Shew   Vocals,Track Performer
Nancy Lemenager   Vocals,Track Performer
JoAnn M. Hunter   Vocals,Track Performer
Ruth Williamson   Vocals
Leslie Feagan   Vocals,Track Performer
Josie DeGuzman   Track Performer
Tina Marie DeLeone   Track Performer
Eleanor Glockner   Vocals,Track Performer
Pascale Faye   Vocals
John Carpenter   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Mark Hummel   Dance Arrangement
Frank Loesser   Lyricist
Paul Goodman   Engineer
James Nichols   Engineer
Teddy Royal   Orchestration
Jay David Saks   Producer
Michael Starobin   Orchestration
Edward Strauss   Music Direction
George Bassman   Orchestration
Abe Burrows   Book
Roxanne Slimak   Art Direction
Frank Rich   Author
James P. Nichols   Engineer

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