Handbook of Biometrics for Forensic Science

Handbook of Biometrics for Forensic Science

by Massimo Tistarelli, Christophe Champod

NOOK Book1st ed. 2017 (eBook - 1st ed. 2017)

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This comprehensive handbook addresses the sophisticated forensic threats and challenges that have arisen in the modern digital age, and reviews the new computing solutions that have been proposed to tackle them. These include identity-related scenarios which cannot be solved with traditional approaches, such as attacks on security systems and the identification of abnormal/dangerous behaviors from remote cameras. Features: provides an in-depth analysis of the state of the art, together with a broad review of the available technologies and their potential applications; discusses potential future developments in the adoption of advanced technologies for the automated or semi-automated analysis of forensic traces; presents a particular focus on the acquisition and processing of data from real-world forensic cases; offers an holistic perspective, integrating work from different research institutions and combining viewpoints from both biometric technologies and forensic science.

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ISBN-13: 9783319506739
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2017
Series: Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 369
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

Dr. Massimo Tistarelli is a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Communication Science and Information Technology at the University of Sassari, Italy.

Dr. Christophe Champod is a Professor of Forensic Science in the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Table of Contents

Biometric Technologies for Forensic Science and Policing: State of the Art
Christophe Champod and Massimo Tistarelli

Part I: Analysis of Fingerprints and Fingermarks

Capture and Analysis of Latent Marks
Mario Hildebrandt, Jana Dittmann, and Claus Vielhauer

Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems: From Fingerprints to Fingermarks
Davide Maltoni, Raffaele Cappelli, and Didier Meuwly

Challenges for Fingerprint Recognition: Spoofing, Skin Diseases and Environmental Effects
Martin Drahansky, Ondřej Kanich, and Eva Březinová

Altered Fingerprint Detection
John Ellingsgaard and Christoph Busch

Part II: Face and Video Analysis

Face Sketch Recognition via Data-Driven Synthesis
Nannan Wang, Shengchuan Zhang, Chunlei Peng, Jie Li, and Xinbo Gao

Recent Developments in Video-Based Face Recognition
Jingxiao Zheng, Vishal M. Patel, and Rama Chellappa

Face Recognition Technologies for Evidential Evaluation of Video Traces
Xingjie Wei and Chang-Tsun Li

Human Factors in Forensic Face Identification
David White, Kristine Norell, P. Jonathon Phillips, and Alice J. O'Toole

Part III: Human Motion, Speech and Behavioral Analysis

Biometric Evidence in Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition
Andzrej Drygajlo and Rudolf Haraksim

On Using Soft Biometrics in Forensic Investigation
Paulo Lobato Correia, Peter K. Larsen, Abdenour Hadid, Martin Sandau, and Miguel Almeida

Locating People in Surveillance Video Using Soft Biometric Traits
Simon Denman, Michael Halstead, Clinton Fookes, and Sridha Sridharan

Contact-Free Heartbeat Signal for Human Identification and Forensics
Kamal Nasrollahi, Mohammad A. Haque, Ramin Irani, and Thomas B. Moeslund

Part IV: Statistical Analysis of Forensic Biometric Data

From Biometric Scores to Forensic Likelihood Ratios
Daniel Ramos, Ram P. Krish, Julian Fierrez, and Didier Meuwly

Dynamic Signatures as Forensic Evidence: A New Expert Tool Including Population Statistics
Ruben Vera-Rodriguez, Julian Fierrez, and Javier Ortega-Garcia

Part V: Ethical and Legal Issues

Ethics and Policy of Forensic Biometrics
Emilio Mordini

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