Handbook of Pictorial Symbols

Handbook of Pictorial Symbols

by Rudolf Modley




Pictorial symbols furnish travelers and motorists with important information at airports and on highways and are frequently used on packages, clothing, and appliances from around the world. The international use of these symbols is steadily increasing, and this handbook brings together 3,250 examples from numerous sources.
Here are symbols that represent children and young adults, teachers, family groups, women, men, airplanes, cars and other vehicles, farmers, crime, money and finance, government and politics, clothing, machinery, entertainment, and many other symbolic categories. Then come two sections of public symbols for telephone, restroom, coffee shops, and 32 other basic facilities, arranged first by service or facility and then by system — Department of Transportation, Netherlands Railroad, Tokyo Olympic Games, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Montreal Expo, and 20 others. Also included are symbols from additional systems, such as European Road signs, U.S. Weather Bureau Cloud Code Charts, and the Netherlands Statistical Foundation Symbols by G. Arntz. A detailed table of contents and an index direct users to specific symbols.
Unequaled for its breadth and ease of use, this comprehensive sourcebook is a necessity for anyone working in the field of pictography. It is also a primary source for graphic artists who must convey information to an international audience. Anyone interested in the development of universal graphic symbols will find this book a treasury of essential material.

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ISBN-13: 9780486233574
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 11/17/2011
Series: Dover Pictorial Archive Series
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Part One: Pictorial Symbols
Section I: Pictograph Corporation Symbols
Children, Youths
Children, Youths, Boy Scouts, Sports
Teachers, Students, Education
Family Groups
Immigrants and National Historical Types
Races, Nationalities, Religion
Soldiers, Sailors, Aviators
Military Equipment Insignia
Naval Vessels
Merchant Vessels
Railroad Trains and Tracks
Autos and other Vehicles
Sickness, Suicide, Death
Meetings, Conferences
Labor, Strikes
Farm Machinery, Land Use
Farm Products, Food, Beverages, Tobacco
Time, Jewelry and Miscellaneous Symbols
Money, Finance
Government and Politics
Government Buildings, Banks, Schools
Buildings (General), Homes of Worship, Houses, Stores
Clothing, Toilet Articles
Household Equipment, Tools, Containers
Machinery, Materials, Products, Factories
Entertainment, Communication, Recreation
Animals, Insects
Section II: Netherlands Statistical Foundation Symbols by G. Arntz
Part Two: Public Symbols
Section III: Arranged by Facility
Currency Exchange
First Aid
Lost and Found
Baggage Lockers
Toilets, Men
Toilets, Women
Hotel Information
Ground Transportation
Rail Transportation
Air Transportation
Water Transportation
Car Rental
Coffee Shop
Baggage Check-in
Ticket Purchase
Baggage Claim
No Smoking
No Parking
No Entry
Section IV: Arranged by System
ADCA, Australian Department of Civil Aviation
ADV, German Airport Authority
ATA, Air Transport Association
BAA, British Airports Authority
D/FW, Dallas-Fort Worth
DOT '74, Department of Transportation, 1974
IATA, International Air Transport Association
ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization
KFAI Sweden
LVA, Las Vegas Airport
NPS, National Park Service
NRR, Netherlands Railroad
O '64, Olympic Games, Tokyo, 1964
O '68, Olympic Games, Mexico, 1968
O '72, Olympic Games, Munich, 1972
Pg, Picto'grafics
Port, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
SP, Swedish Standard Recreation Symbols
S/TA, Seattle-Tacoma Airport
TA, Tokyo Airport
TC, Transport Canada, Airports
UIC, International Union of Railways
WO '72, Winter Olympic Games, Sapporo, 1972
X '67, Expo 67, Montreal
X '70, Expo 70, Osaka
Section V: Additional Systems
Grenoble Winter Olympics, 1968
Nova Scotia Department of Tourism
European Road Signs
United States Road Signs
D.O.T. Hazard Labels
U.S. Weather Bureau: Cloud Code Charts

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