Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

by William Walker Atkinson


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Hatha Yoga is that branch of the Yoga Philosophy which deals with the physical body, its care, its well being, its health, its strength, and all that tends to keep it in its natural and normal state of health. It teaches a natural mode of living and voices the cry which has been taken up by many of the Western world: "Let us get back to Nature," excepting that the Yogi does not have to get back for he is already there, for he has always clung close to nature and her ways, and has not been dazzled and befooled by the mad rush toward externals which has caused the modern civilized races to forget that such a thing as nature existed. Fashions and social ambitions have not reached the Yogi's consciousness, he smiles at these things, and regards them as he does the pretenses of childish games, he has not been lured from nature's arms, but continues to cuddle close up to the bosom of his good mother who has always given him nourishment, warmth and protection.

Hatha Yoga is first, nature; second, nature, and last, nature. When confronted with a choice of methods, plans, theories, etc., apply to them the touchstone: "Which is the natural way," and always choose that which seems to conform the nearest to nature.

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