Healing and the Mind

Healing and the Mind

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At last, the paperback edition of the monumental  best-seller (almost half a million copies in  print!) that has changed the way Americans think about  sickness and health — the companion volume to the  landmark PBS series of the same name. In a  remarkably short period of time, Bill Moyers's  Healing And The Mind has become a  touchstone, shaping the debate over alternative medical  treatments and the role of the mind in illness and  recovery in a way that few books have in recent  memory. With almost half a million copies in print,  it is already a classic — the most widely read  and influential book of its kind. In a series of  fascinating interviews with world-renowned experts  and laypeople alike, Bill Moyers explores the new  mind/body medicine. Healing And The  Mind shows how it is being practiced in the  treatment of stress, chronic disease, and neonatal  problems in several American hospitals; examines the  chemical basis of emotions, and their potential  for making us sick (and making us well); explores  the fusion of traditional Chinese medicine with  modern Western practices in contemporary China; and  takes an up-close, personal look at alternative  healing therapies, including a Massachusetts center  that combines Eastern meditation and Western group  therapy, and a California retreat for cancer  patients who help each other even when a cure is  impossible. Combining the incisive yet personal interview  approach that made A World Of Ideas  a feast for the mind and the provocative interplay  of text and art that made The Power Of  Myth a feast for the imagination,  Healing And The Mind is a landmark work.

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ISBN-13: 9780553471342
Publisher: Random House Audio Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/01/1993
Edition description: 4 Cassettes
Product dimensions: 4.36(w) x 7.19(h) x 2.14(d)

About the Author

Bill Moyers was a founding organizer of the Peace Corps, a senior White House assistant (and press secretary) to President Lyndon Johnson from 1963 until 1967, publisher of Newsday, senior news analyst for CBS News, and producer of many of public television’s groundbreaking series. He is the winner of more than 30 Emmy awards and nine Peabody awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television, the Career Achievement Award from the International Documentary Association, and the Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts by the American Film Institute. Among his bestselling books are Listening to AmericaA World of IdeasThe Power of Myth (with Joseph Campbell), and Moyers on America. He serves as the pro-bono president of the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy.

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Healing and the Mind 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sandydog1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was a rather strange format. It is an audio recoding of the actual TV production. One sometimes feels a bit well, blind, while listening. One must picture the Tai Chi demonstrations, the brain surgery under accupuncture, the crying and silence during group therapy sessions. The series is light and a bit; 'motherhood and apple pie. 'Nice warm and fuzzy feelings. 'Not a lot of science.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An excellent book I had originally read in paperback. Now, I have it in my digital library!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an anthology of interviews on the way different people perceive health and healing and the part that the mind plays in the whole picture. Trish New, author of The Thrill of Hope, South State Street Journal, and Memory Flatlined.