The Healing Power of Creative Mourning

The Healing Power of Creative Mourning


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The poems in this collection deal with the universal themes of coping with illness, death, grief, loss, and bereavement. From the Preface by Fred Yager and Jan Yager: "…Creativity can help to fill the emotional void caused by a loss. It empowers you as you take that loss, whether it's because of terminal illness, death, or separation, and create something from it…But whether or not you write your own poetry, there is a cathartic benefit to reading the poems of others. They're also meant to entertain, like a good blues ballad…"

The collection also includes an Epilogue on coping with grief, including selected references and a list of resources for information or direct help, including web site addresses. Topics dealt with in this original collection include: coping with a miscarriage, illness and death of a father; death of a mother, a brother, a grandfather, a friend, a therapist, and John F. Kennedy, Jr.; the holidays after a loved one dies; death during the Vietnam War; and more.

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ISBN-13: 9781889262475
Publisher: Hannacroix Creek Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/20/2000
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

Table of Contents

Part ICoping With Illness, Death, and Grief1
Daddy, Don't Die3
My Daddy Died Today7
Getting Used to Life Without My Daddy15
I Saved a Moth Today20
Missing You22
Holidays Are Hard29
Trying to Get Along with Mom35
My Late Brother's Son Turns Thirty Today40
Goodbye, Dr. Leeds, My Psychological Guru45
A Post-Grief (and Angry) Second Goodbye53
Farewell, John, John Brave Little Boy, Man-Hero to Millions59
Ode to My Unborn Child65
Part IICoping With War69
Silenced By a Bomb71
Cold Day in Summer72
We Won't Go75
Part IIIMourning77
An Odd Elegy for My Mom79
Part IVUntitled83
A Poem
Part VCoping with the Loss of a Grandparent93
A Poem
When Grandpa Came Over95
Epilogue: Coping With Grief97
Selected Bibliography102
About the Authors108

What People are Saying About This

John G. Murphy

John G. Murphy, Ph.D., Executive Director, Friends of Karen, Inc.
A truly wonderful book escorting the reader into the emotional lives of those who grieve. The authors invite the reader into the very private world of their own mourning. In the process we discover the common ground of our own mourning-and the ties that can I invite us all through the creative sharing of grief.

Kathrine Peterson

Kathrine Peterson, Director/Producer, After the Tears: A Gentle Guide to Help Children Understand Death
Anyone who has lost someone they love will be drawn emotionally into the poems of The Healing Power of Creative Mourning. Reading these poems touched my heart as I realized we all share a common bond and we are not alone when we feel lost, helpless, left behind, sad or lonely. Jan Yager offers guidance on ways to ease the pain of loss through prayer or activities that lead to positive steps toward healing. Fred Yager writes a vivid account of Vietnam through his poignant poems of war. Priscilla Orr shares her poems from Jugglers and Tides. The profound poem of Seth Alan Barkas, a young author who tragically died at 23 years old, was especially heart rendering. His look at the loss of a young friend not knowing that he himself would die young makes this brilliant poem invaluable. Scott Yager's tribute to his grandfather in 'When Grandpa Came Over' will touch your heart. Once I began reading this book I couldn't put it down. I truly enjoyed this book and find I reread the poems over and over again. Beautiful work! Well done.

Eva Shaw

Grief doesn't follow a set pattern; only the foolish think that the traditional steps of the healing process are sequential. Without creative outlets, as the authors have so beautifully suggested, reconciliation may never come about. In The Healing Power of Creative Mourning you'll quickly discover words written with logic that seems to touch the heart in ways that logic can't explain. I highly recommend this lovely book of poetry.
—(Eva Shaw, Ph.D., author of Shovel It: Nature's Health Plan, What To Do When A Loved One Dies, and other self?help titles)

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