Health, Healing, Weight Loss And Beauty Guide: Health information Loaded Guide

Health, Healing, Weight Loss And Beauty Guide: Health information Loaded Guide

by Nadia Kandeela


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A comprehensive guide for good health, weight loss and many beauty benefits. Healing power of many food items explained in easy to understand manner.
Innumerable tips for good health and healthy lifestyle by giving day to day examples. More than hundred healthy and interesting recipes of salads, entree, smoothies, desserts, snacks, sandwiches, for breakfast, lunch and dinner of various cuisines have been provided keeping in mind the differences of cultures, likes and dislikes of international community and adapted for world wide better usage.
A ketogenic diet is explained in detail with examples and due consideration to its scientific approach for its best use and better understanding for weight loss and as a treatment for various diseases.
Health and healing power of many food and non food items including coconuts, apple cider vinegar, green tea, olives and olive oil, legumes and lentils, herbs and spices, fish and sea food, fruits and vegetables, dairy and dairy products, and many more have been explained in detail while emphasizing their role in health and health giving factors.
Meaning of Mediterranean diet, what foods are distinguishing factor of this cuisine and how they help us and provide protection from many chronic diseases and common ailments prevalent in many highly developed nations as well as in other parts of the world. Its health benefits due to its highly nutritious constituents and its socialization aspect ignored by many in today's hectic and busy lifestyle and many more have also been included to emphasize its importance for better health choices for families in particular and communities in general.
Many chronic diseases have been explained to give a general idea of how these could be prevented as well as how to keep our hopes high for natural therapies keeping in mind the wide range and variety of audience it caters to. By giving simple scientific reasoning behind several problematic health conditions that need extra dietary guidelines and attention by an experienced and enthusiastic professional dietitian / nutritionist who believes in prevention and cure through natural therapies especially diet therapy.
This book can prove to be of great benefit for people who care for themselves and for people around them and want to gain insight into healthy eating and living eating pattern and gain knowledge of alternative therapies and want to lead and adhere to a life that is close to natural living.
Better life choices made earlier in life helps in providing protection from innumerable chronic diseases later on. These could easily be avoided if a well guided path towards life journey is being followed cautiously and with due consideration to its importance and also through keeping oneself well aware of the real facts.

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Publication date: 04/19/2014
Pages: 364
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