Hear Me Now

Hear Me Now

by Secondhand SerenadeSecondhand Serenade


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Talking to Billboard Magazine in early 2010, John Vesely promised that Secondhand Serenade's third album would be "more upbeat" than those preceding it. Released several months later, Hear Me Now does include some sprightly tempos, with the energetic "So Long" taking the cake. The album balances its optimism with lyrics about heartbreak and defeatist attitudes, though, aligning Secondhand Serenade with other broken-heart-on-sleeve acts like Dashboard Confessional.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/03/2010
Label: Glass Note Records
UPC: 0075597978827
catalogNumber: 524615
Rank: 14920

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Secondhand Serenade   Primary Artist
Dan Rothchild   Bass
Zac Rae   Keyboards
Aaron Johnson   Guitar
Tom Breyfogle   Drums
John Vesely   Bass,Guitar,Glockenspiel,Keyboards,Vocals
Lukas Vesely   Bass
Juliet Simms   Vocals
Dave Levitta   Guitar
Dave Wilder   Bass

Technical Credits

Phil Allen   Recording Assistant
Warren Huart   Engineer
Aaron Johnson   Producer
Robin Holden   Engineer,Recording Assistant
Tom Breyfogle   Producer,Engineer,drum programming
John Vesely   Composer,Producer,String Arrangements
Eric Brengle   Recording Assistant
Jay Clifford   String Arrangements
Steve Shebby   Engineer
Nathan Johnson   Art Direction,Layout
Ryan Cook   Engineer
Marke Johnson   Art Direction,Layout
Joey Florence   Engineer
Davie Dunkeith   Engineer

Customer Reviews

Hear Me Now 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Manchops More than 1 year ago
If you've missed Secondhand Serenade, then you've missing something. In fact, the only reason why vocalist John Vesely isn't a household name is because his best work bares an overwhelming sense of `sameness.' With his phenomenal voice, he crafts stunning refrains that cry out for a stadium. Yes, it's just that good. There's a hint of evolution from his previous album, A Twist In My Story, but not much, and that's probably his only stumble. What creativity there is is worth the effort. It'll possibly take another album to crystallize & show where he's heading as an evolving artist. For the uninitiated, mark my words: the refrains are stellar. If you're not pulled in & engulfed in these tracks, then you're a robot. Like a master, Vesely tugs at heartstrings. Sure, you may hear pieces of one track reflected in another, but that may be more a result of the impact of the vocals than intended by the artist. 1. Distance ***** From the start, Vesely sets the tone with one of the best tracks on the album. "I hate myself when I'm away from you." Maybe it's too emo, but this is what Secondhand Serenade has done extremely well from its inception. 2. Something More *** "There must be something more ..." I just wish that there were more to this song. Either you get the message or you don't. I can only predict it's probably not a message I'm receiving. 3. Stay Away *** Another attempt at variety backed by a driving drumbeat. If anything, Vesely's attempt at more `desperate' lyrics just doesn't fit his established style. 4. You & I **** There's safety in shared sacrifice. No one's ever truly alone. We've all experienced some of the same heartache & heartbreak. A bit long but a solid refrain. 5. Is There Anybody Out There ***** A signature tune if every there were. Uniquely, this is what Vesely does best. 6. Reach for the Sky ** Generic tune on inspiration as the way to achieving one's dreams & finding one's way. It's the most forgettable track here, which isn't to say that it's bad ... it's just there. 7. Only Hope *** Bares more than a passing similarity to territory (and music) already explored before. Passable, but only by an inch. 8. So Long ***** A genuinely different sound for Vesely - a welcome creative stretch - and he accomplishes it with great aplomb. Upbeat, almost sassy in a way. 9. World Turns ***** "A change is coming my way but I still feel the same." Sometimes, simplicity works best. This one is the best track on here. Explore it first. 10. Nightmares **** "I'll scream just to get your attention." Quality track, a little unpredictable for Vesely's standards. "I can't tell truth from lies." Relationships aren't always what they're cracked up to be, real or imagined. 11. Hear Me Now ***** A terrific close to the disc (though some retailers carry a bonus track). Again, this is what Vesely does like a Jedi master. 12. The bonus track, "Run for Cover," is another hint of a creative stretch, but, it feels mostly out of place. What should end up being celebrated - musical diversity - gets lost in the shuffle. With his appeal is nestled comfortably between alternative & pop rock, Vesely's makes some noise. The only drawback is the fact that it all blends together - few track doesn't significantly distinguish themselves from the rest. It's a quality spin, only you may find yourself wanting a bit more.