Hello, I'm Red Simpson

Hello, I'm Red Simpson

by Red SimpsonRed Simpson


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Red Simpson never drove a truck but he sang plenty of songs about big rigs. No less than 27 of the 165 songs on Bear Family's 2012 box Hello, I'm Red Simpson -- a five-disc set containing all of his Capitol recordings, along with his early singles and a wisely curated selection of latter-day recordings stretching into the early '80s plus several unreleased acoustic songwriter demos -- contain the word "truck" in their titles, and that count excludes tunes with "Wheels" or "Road" in the titles, or other truck-driving classics like "Give Me Forty Acres" and "Nitro Express." Simpson certainly didn't spark the truck-driving country phenomenon of the '60s -- in fact, he received his recording contract with Capitol solely because its president, Ken Nelson, wanted to cash in on the craze, figuring Red Simpson looked the part of a weathered long-distance trucker -- but he wound up defining it, his electrified Bakersfield twang sounding tougher and more road-ready than the steady-rolling rhythms of Dave Dudley or Dick Curless. Simpson's records were designed for the long haul -- they felt like the open road -- but it wasn't just sonics that made Red superior to other truck-driving singers: he was a sharp songwriter, author of such West Coast country classics as "Close Up the Honky Tonks," "Gonna Have Love," "You Don't Have Very Far to Go," and "Sam's Place," a skill that came in handy when he was tasked with cutting collections of songs about truckers or policemen, as he did on his Man Behind the Badge album. On the surface, all these songs about trucks and patrolmen seem like nothing more than novelties, and while Red certainly had a taste for the silly -- stretching all the way back to his second single "The Big Bank Robbery," a lark written in the style of Dallas Frazier -- Simpson's eye for small, telling details meant he found songs where others couldn't. A great deal of the pleasure of Hello, I'm Red Simpson is hearing these tales of the road, running all the way down to crafting an entertaining truck-driving Christmas album, something only a master craftsman could do. Simpson's sturdy workmanship wasn't limited to his writing; his deceptively casual delivery camouflaged how reliably sturdy his music and singing were, how he managed to hit a sweet spot with ease. Simpson wound up being limited by commercial constraints -- a reason he cut so many songs about trucks is that they were the only thing of his that sold, and when they stopped shifting units, he left Capitol and whiled away the rest of the '70s and early '80s re-recording hits and a few new songs for tiny budget labels. Bear Family chose to include only his newly composed tunes and covers from this period -- but that is no reflection of the quality of his music, which was consistently and thoroughly satisfying. And that's why the five discs of Hello, I'm Red Simpson are by no means overkill: through its seven hours there are no dead spots, the music is always moving forward, always the perfect soundtrack for long treks on the wide-open highway.

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Release Date: 04/10/2012
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127169440
catalogNumber: 16944
Rank: 77133


Disc 1

  1. Sweet Love
  2. Dolly Blues
  3. Big Bank Robbery
  4. Big Bank Robbery, Pt. 2
  5. One Day With My Baby
  6. Dippy Daddle Love
  7. Jeannie with the Light Brown Cadillac
  8. George For a Day
  9. I've Just Lost You
  10. Ukulele Bailey
  11. Truck Drivin' Man
  12. Truck Driver's Blues
  13. Six Days On the Road
  14. Give Me Forty Acres
  15. Nitro Express
  16. My Baby's Waitin'
  17. Motivatin' Man
  18. Highway Man
  19. Big Mack
  20. Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver
  21. Runaway Truck
  22. Roll Truck Roll
  23. The Highway Patrol
  24. The City Police
  25. Sidewalk Patrol
  26. Rules of the Road
  27. Dreams Are Made For Fools
  28. I Fell In Love With You
  29. I'm Gonna Write Momma For Money
  30. I'm Actin' Like My Old Self Again
  31. I Just Cry a Little
  32. It's My Last Night In Town
  33. There Ain't Nothin' Happenin' To Me
  34. The Big Bank Robbery

Disc 2

  1. You're Under Arrest
  2. County Sheriff
  3. Workin' For the Highway Patrol
  4. Johnny Law
  5. Sheriff Sam
  6. Bad Man Highway Patrol
  7. I'm Turnin' In My Star
  8. 25 Years On Patrol
  9. Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
  10. Black Smoke a-Blowin' Over 18 Wheels (That's Home Sweet Home)
  11. Truck Daddy
  12. I'll Be Goin' Home To Momma
  13. A Tombstone Every Mile
  14. Piggyback Blues
  15. Take Me Home
  16. Born To Be a Trucker
  17. Jacknife
  18. Truck Drivin' Fool
  19. Sleeper, Five-By-Two
  20. Old Sam
  21. He Reminds Me a Whole Lot of Me
  22. Party Girl
  23. Mini-Skirt Minnie
  24. Honky Tonk Women
  25. The Lonely Old House
  26. Happy Travelin' Man
  27. I'm a Truck
  28. Where Love Used To Be
  29. Knights of the Road
  30. Drugstore Truck Driver
  31. Road Rhythm
  32. Motel Joe

Disc 3

  1. Good Old Truckin' Girl
  2. Truckin' Man
  3. Just Kept On Truckin'
  4. Gas, Food and Lodging
  5. Lady of the Road
  6. Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer
  7. You're the First
  8. Truckin' On Down the Road
  9. Ole Ben
  10. Hold on Ma'am (You Got Yourself a Honker)
  11. Fur Coats and Fancy Clothes
  12. Certainly
  13. The Ballad of Billy Jones
  14. Those Forgotten Trains
  15. You're All Over My Mind
  16. Jericho Jones
  17. Milesaver Man
  18. Awful Lot To Learn About Truck Drivin'
  19. You Still Got a Hold On Me
  20. Gas, Food and Lodging
  21. Feelin' Like Tarzan
  22. Truckin' Trees For Christmas
  23. Blue Blue Christmas (For This Truck Drivin' Man)
  24. Christmas Wheels
  25. The Old Christmas Truck
  26. Toys For Tots
  27. Santa's Comin' In a Big Ol' Truck
  28. Dad Will Be Home For Christmas
  29. Little Toy Trucks
  30. Gone Home For Christmas
  31. Out On the Road For Christmas

Disc 4

  1. Bill Woods From Bakersfield
  2. Bull-Shippers
  3. I'm a Pretty Good Man
  4. Blackboard of My Heart
  5. Honky Tonk Ladies Loverman
  6. Squirmin'
  7. Yip Yip
  8. If the World Ran Out of Diesel
  9. Gordon's Grocery Store
  10. Truck Drivin' Man and Wife
  11. Your Truck Drivin' Man's Comin' Home
  12. Streakin' the Opryland Park
  13. Love Has Never Done a Lot For Me
  14. Bull-Shippers
  15. Message From Home
  16. Inflation
  17. It Ain't Even Halloween
  18. Truck Driver's Heaven
  19. The Flying Saucer Man and the Truck Driver
  20. I Miss You a Little
  21. Longest Run
  22. Benny and Me
  23. Sam's Place
  24. Take Me Into Your World
  25. The World Keeps Turning Around
  26. We're Back To Strangers Again
  27. Gonna Have Love
  28. Ain't It Something
  29. Close All the Honky Tonks
  30. We Split the Blanket
  31. I Had a Girl Like Her One Time
  32. Kansas City Romeo

Disc 5

  1. Just Call Me Texas
  2. Trophies
  3. Buffalo Beauty
  4. Don't Touch My Hat
  5. Lady Lookin' For Love
  6. Me and Ole Cb
  7. Looking At the World Through a Windshield
  8. I'll Have Another Cup of Coffee (Then I'll Go)
  9. Movin' On
  10. 18 Wheels Hummin' Home Sweet Home
  11. Truck Drivin' Son of a Gun
  12. Drivin' My Life Away
  13. Dear Mr. President
  14. Ronnie, Baby
  15. Lucky Ole Colorado
  16. Time Changes Everything
  17. The Flying Saucer Man and the Truck Driver
  18. Lady of the Road
  19. A Little Bit of Her
  20. You Put My World Back Together
  21. Living For You
  22. World Full of Love
  23. You're a Better Man Than Me
  24. Poco
  25. The Lonely G.I.
  26. Ship of Love
  27. I Ain't Found Me One
  28. Play the Guitar Softly
  29. Honky Tonks and Heartaches
  30. Walkin' Out Backwards
  31. If I Have To Live Without You
  32. I'm Gettin' Over a Heartache
  33. Here Again, Gone Again
  34. I Don't Think I Will
  35. Here Today Gone Tomorrow Daddy
  36. She Belongs To You

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Red Simpson   Primary Artist,Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Bobby Durham   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Casey   Guitar
Bill Woods   Guitar
Earl Ball   Piano
Eddie Bayers   Drums
Gene Breeden   Bass,Guitar,Steel Guitar
Dennis Burnside   Keyboards
Mark Casstevens   Guitar
Doug Clements   Choir, Chorus
Glenn Keener   Guitar
Melvin King   Drums
Leo LeBlanc   Steel Guitar
Jay Dee Maness   Steel Guitar
Bob Morris   Bass
Larry Muhoberac   Keyboards,Leader
Roy Nichols   Guitar
Bonnie Owens   Vocals
Larry Sasser   Steel Guitar
Donna Sheridan   Choir, Chorus
Lewis Talley   Bass
Karen Taylor   Choir, Chorus
Don Turner   Guitar
Scotty Turner   Guitar
Paul Worley   Guitar
Mark Yeary   Piano,Keyboards
Billy Mize   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Ward   Bass
Doyle Holly   Guitar
Jelly Sanders   Fiddle,Guitar
Jim Alley   Guitar
Dennis Payne   Bass
Billy Walker   Guitar
Ivy J. "Jimmy" Bryant   Fiddle,Guitar
Mel King   Drums
David Dixon   Guitar,Drums
George French   Piano
David Dison   Guitar
Ronnie Tutt   Drums
Helen Thompson   Guitar
Gene Brown   Steel Guitar
Tommy Ash   Drums
Melvin Lee "Mel" King   Drums
Oscar Whittington   Fiddle
Ellis Miller   Banjo,Bass
Joe Osborne   Bass
Ron Stephens   Steel Guitar
Henson   Choir, Chorus
Eugene Moles   Guitar
Larry Petree   Steel Guitar
Sonny Garish   Steel Guitar
Gene "Denver" Moles   Guitar
Keynotes Choral Group   Background Vocals
Ray Salter   Bass,Guitar
Mel Lawrence   Bass
Lorraine Walden   Vocals
Joe Lewellen   Drums
Jimmy Gene Smith   Guitar
Jeremiah Ott   Bass
Jimmy Phillips   Drums
Jack Jackson   Bass
Gene "Geno Keys" Lanholm   Piano
Ernie Kelly   Piano
Danny Sneed   Steel Guitar
Glen Ayers   Drums
Dan Breeden   Drums
Burno   Guitar

Technical Credits

Dave Dudley   Composer
Merle Haggard   Composer
Buck Owens   Composer
Eddie Rabbitt   Composer
Hank Thompson   Composer
Frank Morgan   Composer
Tommy Collins   Composer
Curtis Leach   Composer
Ned Miller   Composer
Red Simpson   Composer,Producer,Illustrations
Eddie Dean   Composer
Bill Woods   Composer
Gene Breeden   Composer,Producer
Tommy Duncan   Composer
Terry Fell   Composer
Archie Francis   Composer
Lyle Gaston   Composer
Ray King   Composer
David Malloy   Composer
Larry Muhoberac   Arranger
Ken Nelson   Composer,Producer
Don Rich   Composer
Ray Rush   Composer
Even Stevens   Composer
Lewis Talley   Producer
David Thompson   Producer
Scotty Turner   Composer
Ted Daffan   Composer
Chick Rains   Composer
Billy Mize   Composer
Fuzzy Owen   Producer
Doyle Holly   Composer
Jim Alley   Composer
Cliff Crofford   Composer
Gene Moles   Composer
Dennis Payne   Composer
Steve Graham   Composer
Richard Weize   Tape Research
Mike Hoyer   Composer
Jack Rivers   Producer
Bob Stanton   Composer
Roy Baham   Composer
June Davis   Composer
Dixie Deen   Composer
Jim Fagan   Composer
Hal Southern   Composer
Bill Smith   Composer
Carl Montgomery   Composer
Earl Green   Composer
Alex Harvey   Composer
Ed James   Composer
Mohns Mohnssen   Illustrations
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Carl Moore   Composer
Dan Fulkerson   Composer
Mitch Johnson   Composer
Buddy Mize   Composer
Randall Rogers   Composer
Glen Goza   Composer
Gene Keys   Composer
Gene Brown   Composer
Mychael Gerstenberger   Artwork
Steve Stone   Producer
Cal Martin   Composer
Pete Beck   Composer
Bill Brock   Composer
Sam Malbuch   Photo Restoration
Walt Woodward   Composer
Scott B. Bomar   Reissue Producer,Tape Research,Biographical Notes
Oran Reeves   Composer
Norman "Smiley Monroe" Mongold   Composer
Lorraine Walden   Composer,Duet
Lloyd E. Martin   Composer
Lillian Richardson   Producer
John Greene   Composer
John Cunningham   Composer
Jimmy Simpson   Composer
Jim Thornton   Composer
Jerry Chestnut   Composer
Jack Jackson   Producer
Earle Greene   Composer
Doc Cunningham   Composer
David Bell   Producer
Darrel Reed   Composer
Glen Ayers   Composer
Chris Roberts   Composer
Bernadine Simpson   Composer

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