Her Temporary Hero

Her Temporary Hero

by Jennifer Apodaca

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Logan Knight’s last mission as a Marine left him with more than one kind of scar and a dream of helping other veterans dealing with the same pain. He has the money. He has a plan. Now, he just needs his portion of the family’s property. But, years ago, his father made him sign an agreement that the land is only his if he’s married by 30. With just a few months until his birthday, Logan needs a temporary wife.

Becky Holmes and her baby are barely scraping by, on the run from her ex. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her child. When the wealthy, sexy, emotional haunted Logan, offers a solution, it seems like it just may be her only option. It doesn’t hurt that he’s kind and makes her feel wanted in a way she never has.

As they spend more days—and nights—together, Logan wants to make their relationship real. But his attempt to have it all backfires into a betrayal that forces Becky into a heart-wrenching choice no woman should ever have to make.

Each book in the Once a Marine series is STANDALONE:
*The Baby Bargain
*Her Temporary Hero
*Exposing the Heiress

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622667628
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 07/14/2014
Series: Once a Marine , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 242
Sales rank: 6,366
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Award-winning author Jennifer Apodaca grew up in Southern California and met her very own hero at the dog pound. She worked there, he came in on a business, and it was puppy love. They married and had three wonderful sons.

While her husband worked on his master's degree, Jen did the mom thing by day and went to college at night with the intention of perusing a marketing degree. But her true passion was writing. With time at a premium, she had to make a choice.

Choosing writing, she poured herself into her dream. A mere eight years later, she published her first book DATING CAN BE MURDER. In her career, Jen has written a fun and sexy mystery series, a variety of contemporary romances, and a dark, sizzling paranormal series under the name of Jennifer Lyon.

Jen has achieved many of her dreams except for attaining a self-cleaning house, a latte delivery service, and finding the holy grail of nonfattening wine and chocolate. She can live with those disappointments as long as she can keep writing the stories she loves to share with readers.
Find out more about Jen at www.jenniferapodaca.com or https://www.facebook.com/jenniferlyonbooks

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Her Temporary Hero

By Jennifer Apodaca, Alethea Spiridon Hopson, Kate Fall

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Apodaca
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-762-8


"Diapers are expensive, baby girl. What do you think about giving them up?"

Becky Holmes smiled at her daughter perched carefully on her hip, while dropping the precious diapers in the backseat of her weathered Toyota Corolla. Three months of experience had taught her to handle almost any task one-handed. Sophie babbled her answer while Becky secured her in the car seat. The baby's intense hazel eyes flecked with gray were full of mischief.

"Is that a no?" Fixing the shimmering lilac bow on her oh-so-kissable bald head, she laughed. "Then we'd better get home so I can work on that pageant dress, now hadn't we?" Setting a cloth book on Sophie's tummy, she backed out and closed the door. Once they got home, if the baby slept two hours, then she'd be able to finish the dress. With luck, she could deliver it tonight on her way to her cleaning job and —

Her back hit a warm object. Not a car. A man.

Elemental fear shot down her spine. Becky forced herself to breathe and angled her head enough to catch the reflection in the window of her car. Oh God. Fisting her car keys, she spun around and faced the man who'd put her in the hospital a year ago.

"Dylan, you're out." Of prison. This couldn't be happening. He'd taken a plea deal for a hit-and-run accident and been sentenced to a few years in prison. It'd only been five months since he went away. But there he stood, five feet, ten inches of boyish charm, unchecked arrogance, and a carefully cloaked snake-mean streak.

Becky wasn't afraid of snakes.

She was terrified of Dylan.

His sky blue eyes flicked past her to the backseat. "You're such a cliché, a dirt dumb ex-beauty queen. Of course I'm out. I'm a Ridgemont. By this time next year, that conviction will be overturned, and the state of Texas will be paying me for their grave error."

Culture and education flowed through his voice. But he wasn't totally wrong — she had been dirt dumb to believe that son and heir of the Ridgemont Empire had fallen in love with the scholarship girl from the trailer park. Even dumber not to see the signs of his vicious side. But she'd wised up and wasn't letting him hurt her baby.

Their baby.

"Okay." She needed to keep him calm and get away. What did he want? Becky looked around the grocery store parking lot, but there was no one to help. "I don't want to keep you if you're heading into the store. I need to get going."

Dylan curved the left half of his mouth. "Back to your trailer with the new For Sale sign that your ugly ass dog likes to pee on? Or are you taking my kid to work with you tonight cleaning the Wyatt Medical group offices? You don't go to work until much later, so maybe you're going to your mom's new digs at the cemetery?"

Chills skittered down her spine. Greasy sickness coated her mouth. He knew where she lived, worked, and that her mom had died. "You've been following me." The words spilled out and her fear ratcheted up. And up. Until it pounded in her head with the beat of, run, run, run.

Dylan leaned in, slapping his hand on the roof of her car, lowering his voice to a whisper. "I have people to do whatever I need done. I know exactly where you are at all times in case I want to finish what we started the day you ratted me out to the cops over a useless bum that no one gave two shits about."

"You'll go back to prison if you touch me." Becky leaned against the door to keep baby Sophie safe from her father. That whole terrible night replayed in her brain ...but the worst of it had been his cold callousness after he hit the man with his truck. Dylan had left him on the street in a pool of blood, driving away with Becky screaming in the passenger seat.

No, don't think about that, stay focused.

"Keep telling yourself that." He leaned so close she smelled coffee on his breath. "Oh, and you'd better start saying your good-byes to the brat. I have a team of lawyers working on getting full custody of the kid. You caused me major problems with my family by having it."

What? No! "You won't win." She wrapped her arms around her stomach, desperation hammering up her spine. The thought of Sophie in his care was too much. Too awful. Losing Sophie would kill her, but her real fear was for her child's safety.

"You tried to destroy my life by ratting me out and having that kid after I told you to get rid of it. Payback's a bitch." He turned and strode off.

Becky ran around her car, jumped in, and locked all the doors. Her hands shook so badly she couldn't get the key in the ignition. In the backseat, Sophie gurgled and tried to pick up the book in her fat fists.

Oh God, what to do? Run, but where? How? Her best friend, Ava, lived in a tiny place with two other girls. She couldn't go there. Maybe a shelter? Leave Dallas, or the state of Texas altogether? Finally getting the key in, she started the car and got them on the road. She hurried home, watching her rearview mirror the entire time.

Was Dylan following them? How long had he been watching them? She needed the money from the sale of the trailer to make a new life for her and Sophie. Or pay lawyers if it came to a custody battle.

She'd thought she had more time, but she'd been wrong. She had to find a safe place to stay while selling the trailer. There was only one person Becky could think of who might be able to help — her boss, Lucinda Knight.

* * *

As his truck ate up the last miles toward home, Logan Knight refused to think about his deadline in three months. Or the wife he'd need to acquire to keep his acreage on the family ranch.

All he wanted was to get home, strip, and fall into bed. A couple days of peace and solitude would get his nightmares back under control, and then he'd be ready to tackle that contract with his father that he'd foolishly signed before heading off to boot camp almost twelve years ago.

Turning into the Knight Ranch, the headlights of his truck sliced through the inky darkness blanketing Texas's premier horse ranch. They also had cattle, but their reputation was in their competitive and working Quarter horses. Logan took the road leading north, heading to his land in the most secluded, rustic section. The moonlight poured through the trees, casting long shadows on the finished stables and making the just-framed cabins look like skeleton bones.

In the next three months, Logan was going to turn those bones into a full-fledged retreat for war veterans struggling to cope with PTSD. Camp Warrior Recovery was Logan's way of doing something that mattered. He supposed it was his way of atoning.

Without warning, the present faded away, replaced by the vivid image of those eight young girls, and the baby — oh God, the baby — all dead. Logan stopped his truck on the side of the road and rubbed his face, willing his one horrifying failure as a Marine to the back of his mind.

In seconds, the memory faded. He breathed a sigh of relief and pulled back onto the road. It was just a brief flash brought on by fatigue. Now that he was home, a few days alone and working on his retreat would level him out.

His three-bedroom house came into view, a dim light glowing in the huge front window. His cousin Lucinda was the only one who knew he was coming home. She must have been by to check on the place and stock his fridge. He owed her a steak dinner.

Once in the house, he toed off his boots, the tension melting from his muscles. Lucinda had left the light on beneath his over-the-range microwave, and judging from the illumination pouring down the hallway, his bedroom lamp. That soft glow drew him like a beacon. Striding across the wood floor, he headed down the hallway so ready to grab a shower and —

A low growl from the bedroom erupted into furious barking.

The hairs on the back of his neck sprang up. Adrenaline powered through him. What the hell was a dog doing in his house?

Quickly securing his weapon from his duffle bag, he swung into the doorway of his bedroom just as a something short and squat came barreling out. A set of determined teeth latched onto his jeans at his ankle, whipping back and forth. Ignoring the dog, he zeroed in on a woman scrambling off his bed. For a second, all he saw was long toned legs, then the tail of a blue shirt sliding around a luscious set of thighs. Dragging his gaze higher, the top buttons of the shirt were undone, gaping open to reveal full, ripe curves.

"Get out! I'm calling 911!"

Her voice snapped him out of his lust fog enough to see that she had a kid, a baby, cradled against her shoulder. Jesus, he had his gun in his hand; he could have shot them both. Fury rippled down his spine. "Do it. Tell the cops you're squatting in my house with a kid." He dragged in a breath to get control. "You're damned lucky I didn't shoot you."

The woman fumbled the phone, her eyes locked on the gun and color drained from her face. "Oh God. We have permission to be here. Don't shoot."

He hardened himself against the shades of terror building in her eyes. There was no legal explanation for the woman to be in his home. "That pretty little liar routine doesn't work on me." The dog tugged on his leg, his toenails scrabbling on the wood floor as he tried to yank Logan from the room. He shook off the animal.

The squat creature snorted with indignation and growled.

"Don't hurt him! Jiggy, come."

"Enough. You," he glared at the woman, determinedly keeping his eyes off the baby. "Don't move." He had to be sure no one else was in the house, waiting for the chance to jump him. Quickly he searched the bathroom and closet. He glanced at the woman; she looked too scared to run. Slipping into the hall, he checked the last two bedrooms and bathroom.


Returning the gun to the duffle, Logan stepped over the dog growling in the doorway of the bedroom. Steeling himself to keep his gaze off that kid, he focused on the woman. Should he have her arrested? Probably, but she had a baby, damn it.

The dog plopped his fat butt down between him and his uninvited guests. Logan mentally noted the dog's position out of habit, but he kept his focus on his target.

"I'm not a liar." She bit down on her bottom lip while rubbing the whimpering kid's back. "Lucinda said the owner, Logan, is traveling on business and wouldn't mind if we stayed a few days."

Logan jerked at his cousin's name. Either the woman had done a lot of research or she wasn't lying after all. "You know Lucinda?"

A glimmer of hope seemed to ease her shoulders as she soothed her baby. "I work for her. I ran into a bit of trouble and needed a place to stay in a hurry." Her voice cracked and she put one bare foot over the other, drawing in on herself. "Obviously, you're Logan. We don't have anywhere else to go. Not tonight."

Damn it. This had to be one of Luce's schemes. "What's your name?"

"Becky Holmes. This is Sophie, my daughter, and this is our dog, Jiggy."

"Jiggy? Never mind." What did he care if the oversize rat with pop-up ears had a dumbass name?

"He's a French bulldog."

"Honey, that's not a dog." Logan jerked his cell from his bag, scrolled his contacts, and hit call.

"I can explain." Luce fired the words in her I'm so busted tone.

"You've got ten seconds."

"Becky needs a place to stay for a few days. Her trailer isn't safe, and she has a baby. Her mother just died, and there's no one else."

Refusing to let sympathy color his thinking, he remained firm. "We'll be at your place in twenty." He'd drop the troublesome trio off and be done.

"I don't have an extra bedroom. I live in a small condo. It has to be you."

"Luce —"

"Logan, I need you to do this until I find something else for her."

He glanced at Becky's worried brown eyes; the way she bit her lip and curved her body around her kid ... he was toast. No way could he throw them out. "Damn it, Luce." The snarl broke from his throat.

The baby jerked and started to cry in earnest. In mere seconds, she arched her back, balled her fists, and wailed.

"She's hungry," Becky said.

"Feed her." He didn't see the problem. Just make the kid stop crying. The sound brought out every protective instinct he had. He so didn't need this.

Becky sank down on the bed, turning away from him and settled the baby to her breast.

The baby latched on, filling the room with sucking sounds.


He clamped his jaw at Luce's voice, having forgotten his cousin on the phone. Worse, he was staring at Becky like a pervert. He was a total and complete ass. He'd been thinking she'd give the kid a bottle or ... hell he hadn't thought it out. Turning away to give her privacy like he should have done the second he realized what she meant by feeding the baby, he answered, "What?"

"I think the two of you can help each other. Becky needs a safe place to stay for a while and you need a wife."

That last word exploded in his brain. Wife? Marry a woman he didn't even know? Worse, one with a kid? "You've been sniffing too much household cleaner and fried your brain." He didn't need to turn around to picture the woman sitting on his bed, cradling her daughter to her breast. "I can't, Luce."

"Really? Has Uncle Brian accepted your alternative offers? Or is he holding you to the contract, insisting you be married by your birthday in three months?"

Hot rage at his father had him gripping the phone tighter. "You know the answer."

"Then Becky might be your only chance to secure your land." She took a breath. "Talk to her, Logan. Find out her story. She needs a temporary hero and you need a short term wife." Luce hung up.

He was no one's hero. Frustration clawed at him as he shoved the phone in his bag. Unable to stop himself, he turned.

"I'm sorry." Becky's eyes were too big in her pale face. "We'll leave in the morning, but don't blame Lucinda. She was only trying to help me."

Logan was too damned tired for this and it was taking all his concentration to pull his gaze from her. "How are you going to leave? I didn't see a car." He scooped up his duffle bag. Since she already had all her stuff in his room, including a bed for the baby, he'd bunk in the guest room.

"I have one. I parked it in the shadows of the stables and walked here. I didn't want to be found."

She hid her car. The hairs on his neck went up. Every instinct screamed that this woman was in serious trouble. "What are you running from?"

"My own stupidity, but Sophie isn't paying for that. I won't let her."

And just like that, the lasso wrapped around him and pulled tight. He couldn't walk away from a woman in trouble. That's what made him so good at his job at Once a Marine Security Agency.

But this woman? She was breaking his one hard and fast rule — the one that kept him as close to sane as he was going to get — no kids. He didn't take jobs with kids. But one look into those pleading brown eyes ... and his rule vanished.

"You'll be safe here. I'll sleep in the other room."


Becky stared at the text on her phone, and reminded herself that she couldn't kill her boss.

Trust me. You and Sophie are safer with Logan than anywhere else. This is for the best, even if Logan doesn't realize it yet.

She didn't have much of a choice tonight. Plus, Lucinda had found a lawyer who would see her for a free consultation tomorrow. She really was helping. But Becky still wanted to yell at her. That scene with Logan had scared, embarrassed, and humiliated her. The man didn't want her in his house. Even worse, she was in the master bedroom. Shame added to the stew of discomfort.

After burping her sleeping daughter, Becky laid her in the second-hand, portable crib next to the massive wood framed bed. The room was a combination of rustic charm with beamed ceilings, warm-toned walls, and a stone fireplace that contrasted with the contemporary feel of huge windows lining one wall. Guilt banded around her lungs. She'd chosen the room because it had a nice area for Sophie's bed.

She'd not only invaded Logan's house, but she'd taken his room.

They couldn't stay in this room. It wasn't right. She dragged on some shorts; she'd embarrassed herself enough for one night. At the door, she glanced back at Jiggy plopped down on the floor by Sophie's bed. "Stay." Then she went into the hallway and closed the door.


Excerpted from Her Temporary Hero by Jennifer Apodaca, Alethea Spiridon Hopson, Kate Fall. Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Apodaca. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Her Temporary Hero (a Once a Marine Series book) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## This book is STUNNING. I loved it from beginning to end. I adored both hero and heroine which I can so rarely say. The heroine was strong, beautiful and so loving and the hero was...well...yummy comes to mind. They had an amazing connection throughout the book. You could just feel it with every page. Do yourself a favor and buy this book; a must read. I hope there are more stories to come in this series. I will be reading this book again and again (apprx 170 pages).
CaryMorganFrates More than 1 year ago
Yummy? Oh, yes indeed. Becky Holmes will do whatever it takes to protect her baby – too bad she doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. She is in a world of hurt, and with an evil ex storming back into her life, “worse to come” is all she can see on her horizon.  Logan Knight is a war vet dealing with PTSD. Too bad he has a father who thinks real men don’t get PTSD. With a deadline of an ancient ultimatum looming, Justin is stuck if he can’t produce a wife. And Becky may be forced to give up custody of her child, unless she can prove she is providing a steady, safe home for the child.  Thankfully, both have good-hearted meddlers for friends. The story is wonderfully written, and the baby might actually steal the show. Tender, funny, endearing, and at times teeth-grinding, Her Temporary Hero will satisfy that itch for the perfect summertime read. Very Well Done. 
tiggeruoSO 9 days ago
So whenever I get a chance to read a new author, I am never sure what I am going to get. This author is new to me and I can say I was not disappointed. She has away of grabbing your attention in the beginning and keeping you drawn into the book till the end. The emotions were just jumping off the pages and the author had a way of making the reading really feeling the emotions. I felt I was reading a letter from a really good friend not a story of fiction. I really like what a fighter Becky was she will fight till the end and take no prisoners. I really liked the relationship with Logan and his sister Pam and how she looked up to him and he was willing to fight for those he loved as well. This book flew by, this book does have some strong language and sex in it so it may not be for all readers. But if you are looking for a fun read that just seems to fly this book is well worth the read. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinion
Anonymous 3 months ago
Cheryl-S 6 months ago
4.5 Stars This is book 2 in the Once a Marine series and it features Logan and Becky. I really liked how this author didn’t sugar coat Logan’s PTSD issues. They were what they were and he was slowly dealing with them. What is better than seeing how fiercely a woman protects her baby girl! Becky is vulnerable but tough at the same time. The steam factor was off-the-charts HOT! Logan and Becky were a sizzling match made in heaven, that just needed a little bit of work to get there. It was all the outside forces they had to fight just to survive. I love this story and all its characters so much, that I wish I could have stayed in their world just a little while longer.
Lori-Gonzo 6 months ago
Oh how I loved the fierceness both Logan and Becky displayed in their protection over Sophie and each other. They had such an immediate connection, not only physical but also of belonging. Becky was such a strong and mature female character even at such a young age where most females are just beginning their self discovery. How she protected, provided for, loved, and put her baby first. That made Logan more intrigued by her. Then there was the way she brought him peace. I loved how he was just drawn to her and then in his worst fears, he overcame struggles and fell for little Sophie. She was a little ham! For such a young baby, she had quite the personality. I loved the scenes involving her. In the end, Logan made the best choice for his family and it was such a great transformation. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
mamalovestoread22 6 months ago
For Becky Holmes the term "happily ever after" no longer exists, at one point and time she thought she was on the cusp of finding it, then her abusive ex-boyfriend destroyed her hopes of having it. Now she is raising her child on her own, struggling to make ends meet, and is as happy as one can expect to be. Then her happy little world is turned upside down when her ex shows up on her doorstep, after serving only a few months of his sentence. He is trying to lay claim to the child they created, but honestly wants nothing to do with it. Now to keep her child safe and out of his clutches she decides her only choice is to run... which takes her to a secluded cabin that belongs to a friend of her bosses. And directly into his protective arms... Her Temporary Hero is a thrilling little page-turner brimming with action and heat, these two had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I really enjoyed this one, it had sweet and tender moments that squeezed the heart, steamy passionate moments to curl the toes, and dangerous action packed moments to keep me engaged. It made for a nice little afternoon escape from reality, highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, via NetGalley request, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
linda quick 7 months ago
Sexy and hot, Logan is a former marine and perfect hero. Logan needs to be married to receive his land as inheritance. Becky is a single mom who is fighting for her daughter's safety from an abusive ex who thinks he's above the law. When Becky and Logan enter into an unusual arrangement to meet each of their needs. Together they work towards their goals, but along the way, they each begin to feel more for each other. I loved this book! I can't believe I've never heard of this author before this, but I'm going to read all of her prior books and add her to my must read authors' list. If you enjoy the genre, you will love this book. Put it at the top of your TBR list.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Believable characters, from the H and h, through the family and friends who support them - or attack them - to the villains who hate and hurt them. The characters grow and change in believable ways. The plotline is strong and believable, and the action moves at a good pace. The writing is good, without those irritating editing failures that are becoming much too common in the online publishing world. The only unpleasant thing about this book is that the author has chosen to stop at three stories. If she chooses to continue the Once a Marine series beyond the three stand alone books, I will gladly continue to buy them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book. Very engaging
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was okay. Short sweet story. I guess I'm greedy. I want more meat to a story. It's almost as if the books these days are just rushed together. Just enough to get you interested then either, there's the cliff hanger that wants you to pay another $4 for the next 100pgs or the short story that just over 100pgs for $4+ that leaves you wishing there was more to the story. Everybody out for the payday but not as much quality these days. It's depressing. Ughh...all that said it was still sweet. Like a story a friend would tell you about someone they knew. Short, sweet, to the point. Not to much detail but enough tou get the jest of it. s.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this fast easy read. It was cute.
krb45 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this - kept me interested and involved. Just bought the story of Adam and it also is good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
HER TEMPORARY HERO is the second instalment in Jennifer Apodaca’s (aka Jennifer Lyon) adult, contemporary Once A Marine romance series focusing on a group of ex-Marines and the women that they love. This is Becky Holmes and Logan Knight’s storyline.  Becky is a single mother on the run from her ex boyfriend. Logan is a man who needs a wife before he turns thirty otherwise the land that was promised to him, reverts back to his father.  When Logan’s cousin Luce finds a temporary home for Becky and her daughter, she has knowingly pushed the couple into one another’s arms-for better or for worse. As Logan’s dream for setting up a rehab centre for recovering veterans begins to materialize, someone from Logan’s past brings everything to a halt when the truth is finally revealed. The relationship between Becky and Logan begins as a mutual agreement but soon turns to something more. Becky and Logan marry and for all intents and purposes they are husband and wife-for three months. But life has other plans as Logan begins to fall in love with Becky and her daughter knowing that without his little family life would not be worth living. When Becky’s ex finally tracks her down, everything begins to fall apart when lives are threatened and Logan’s family believes that Becky has taken everyone for a ride. Logan’s family has lots of money and Becky is the perfect excuse to control Logan from the other side. Jennifer pulls the reader into a romantic story where two people brought together out of necessity remain together out of love. The secondary characters include Logan’s family including half-sisters, step-mother and dad. Logan’s dad is a piece of work, one that doesn’t go unnoticed by his family or Logan’s wife.  HER TEMPORARY HERO is a sweet, romantic and seductive storyline. There is a little bit of cowboy in our hero-a former marine who needs the open spaces and land as much as the recovering soldiers-and in this, we are pulled into the nightmares and memories of war that is still claiming too many heroes and loved ones.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely a must read
BottlesAndBooksReviewsJA More than 1 year ago
With a baby girl, only a few months old, and an ex hellbent on revenge, Becky Holmes is a single mom in need of a hero and a safe haven.  Logan Knight, an ex-Marine working security, is trying to escape his own demons and make a life for himself and help those who have suffered PTSD. According to his father's rules he needs a wife in order to secure his land. When Becky walks into his life unexpectedly this may be the perfect solution for them both. He can help her and in return he receives his land.  When these two come together, they will turn up the heat, but what happens when they realize their marriage means more to them than land and safety? I absolutely love Her Temporary Hero. Prior to reading Her Temporary Hero, I had never heard of the Once A Marine series, and now I need more! Apodaca's writing is tremendous and has you immersed in the story before you even turn to the second page. The characters in Her Temporary Hero come right off the page and to life. Logan has his demons, but seems to have them under control for the most part. As much as he would like to be gruff, he comes off as sweet and as much as he wants to steer clear of Becky's daughter, she ends up wrapping Logan around her tiny little finger. The moments between Logan and Becky's daughter are very sweet and heartwarming.  From beginning to end I was drawn into Logan and Becky's story hoping for the happy ending. I loved Her Temporary Hero and the only complaint I would have to make is that sometimes the baby acted a lot older and more aware than a three month old usually is. Other than that minor detail Her Temporary Hero was a great read that I highly recommend. I give Her Temporary Hero 5 stars!
VivianaEnchantressofBooks More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for the next book in the "Once A Marine Series" for a while and oh so worth the wait! Couldn't put it down. It had me intrigued the entire time! Jennifer does a fantastic job of writing characters you are not only going to fall in love with but root for them! This is a great series that I highly recommend! Logan is oh so yummy and to die for! He is just enough Alpha Male without coming across as an ass! LOL He fought for his country and now as a continues to protect and serve. He suffers from PTSD but works through it, acknowledges that he has it and wants to help other soldiers as well. This makes me love him even more! Becky is a single mother who would do anything to keep her daughter safe! She has put her dreams on hold to raise her daughter as any good mother would do! Unfortunately, she has had a string of bad luck up until meeting Logan. The two make a great couple! While the time they spend together is short, they do get to know each other and do fall into that "we're friends" mode but you know there's more. Each take the time to learn one another and find out whats important. Overall a great and quick read! Looking forward to reading more in the series.
blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
Her Temporary Hero is the second book in Jennifer Apodaca’s Once a Marine series.  We met Logan in the first book, but this is our first exposure to Becky.  Logan has moved back to his ranch in Texas three months before his 30th birthday.  If he doesn’t have a wife by his birthday his land reverts back to his father.  Becky is a single mom whose baby-daddy has returned to harass her.  A marriage of convenience is born when Logan’s cousin suggests Becky move in with Logan while she figures things out.  Logan is immediately protective of Becky and her daughter, but never quite lets her all the way in.  His residual PTSD from his tours in Iraq prevent him from totally letting go with Becky and her daughter.  When he finally realizes she is the best thing that ever happened to him he does everything to win her back, including standing up to his father.  The letting go and learning to trust aspect of the HEA make it well worth the time and effort to get there.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love these charactors Becky &Logan. They had me from the very start. I am becoming a huge fan of the author and her writing style. I love that while reading her books I catch myself feeling the charactors emotions...blushing when Becky blushes, smiling when Logan catches himself falling for Becky and her baby, and laughing out loud at baby Sophies love for jiggy and the horses. Even though this is second in the series, its definitely a stand alone story, and I can't wait to go back and read the first book. A great read....couldn't put it down!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This was a really fun and incredibly exciting romantic suspense novel. While it is number two in a series, it does very well as a stand alone, so don't let the fact that you haven't read book one stop you.  Becky was an interesting combination for a character. As a former beauty queen she knows all the tricks - how to walk, how to smile, how to make her hair do that really cool blowing in the wind thing (even when there isn't wind) - and it drives Logan crazy. But what drives him crazier is her attitude. She's a tough cookie that will do anything to protect the very little family she has left, her baby. When an ex threatens her she finds herself thrown in with Logan in a very unusual way, but it may just work out well for both of them.  Logan has a strange past as well, and it wraps up with a contract saying he has to be married by the time he's 30 to inherit the land his father promised him. That's a problem until Becky shows up and a plan begins to form in his mind. She needs protection, he needs a wife - perfect - until they start to fall for each other (it is a romance after all).  What I liked best was that neither of them fell too hard or too fast. They both held back and they did get to know each other a little before diving into a more serious "real" relationship. I also enjoyed Becky's little girl - she's a doll and I can just see her come to life in every scene.  *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If I could I would give so many more than 5 stars on this. I loved the characters and how the author made the hero a real person instead of the stereotypical male hero. Logan was the perfect example of someone who goes through something and is affected in a large way, but doesn't let it change him. Becky, well i loved how real she felt. I could feel the emotions of the characters and I could see how special each was in their own way. I really loved this book, it was funny and at the same time shed light on a real issue. This author is one of my favorites, and she writes in a way that lets you feel what the characters feel, and think like they think. I could see it all as a movie in my head, and I can't wait for more!
My_Writing_Self_ More than 1 year ago
Becky Holmes is a down on her luck woman with a three month old baby. Running from her abusive ex-boyfriend, she needs a place to hide. Her boss offers her temporary shelter at her cousin's house, Logan Knight. Logan has no time for a woman, and least of all one with a baby. But this could work in his favor and he strikes a deal  with Becky. She can marry him so that he can get the land his father promised him,  and he will let her stay providing a home for her daughter and protection from her ex-boyfriend.  Easy enough, except neither of them counted on having a strong attraction for each other, and the pretense to convince everyone that there marriage is real becomes a bit too overwhelming.  Can Logan overcome his hidden fears,  stand up to his domineering father and risk losing his land, in the name of love? Is Becky safe from her ex-boyfriend, or will he stop at nothing to get rid of her and the baby?    Jennifer Apodaca does a great job in weaving the tale of these two likeable characters who are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to protect what they love.This is a fast moving, engaging page turner. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago