Hidden History of Napa Valley

Hidden History of Napa Valley

by Alexandria Brown


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Napa Valley is known for its wine and winemakers, but just beneath the fertile soil lies another, more complex version of its history. Uncover the story of Napa's first Chinatown--once home to nearly five hundred immigrants--that dwindled to fewer than seventeen residents before the last buildings were razed in the early twentieth century. Meet the small but determined group of African American farmers and barbers who called Napa home and the indomitable May Howard, a successful businesswoman and brothel owner. Learn about the Bracero Program that kept many of Napa's wineries, including Krug, Beaulieu and Stag's Leap, thriving during World War II. Join author Alexandria Brown as she explores these lesser-known stories of the ordinary people who helped shape modern-day wine country.

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ISBN-13: 9781467138994
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC
Publication date: 03/04/2019
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 656,309
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Alexandria Brown grew up in Napa and attended Mills College, San José State University and Adams State University. She has a MS in library and information science and an MA in U.S. history. She was the head of the Research Library at the Napa County Historical Society and is currently on the board. She is a high school librarian and writes for Tor.com. In everything she does, diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront. Alexandria lives in the North Bay with her pet rats and ever-increasing piles of books. She can be found on Twitter (@QueenOfRats) and on her blog (www.bookjockeyalex.com).

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 9

Preface 11

Part I First People

1 Talahalusi 15

2 Invasion 20

3 Resurgence 26

Part II Alta California

4 Ranchos and Revolt 31

5 Cayetano and María Juárez 39

Part III Struggle & Progress

6 Resistance 47

7 Reconstruction 50

8 Resolve 54

9 Recession 59

10 Rise Up 63

Part IV Strangers in a Strange Land

11 Gumshan 69

12 Exploitation 73

13 Chinatown 76

14 Exclusion 81

15 Acculturation 86

Part V The Bracero Program

16 Migrants and Settlers 91

17 Braceros 93

18 Making a Home 97

Part VI Women's Work

19 Caterina Corda Nichelini 105

20 May Howard 111

Part VII Industry

21 John Patchett 119

22 Sawyer Tanning Company 123

Part VIII Innovation

23 Magnavox Loudspeaker 133

24 Boysenberry 139

Part IX Lost and Gone

25 Ghost Town 147

26 Taking the Waters 154

Bibliography 161

Index 185

About the Author 192

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